Practical results of Koltsov's FSC application. Experience of doctors

Planet of Regions pays great attention to the formation of evidence base. Every year, the Company holds Scientific and Practical Conferences, during which specialists in various fields of science and medicine share the results of using products, present new methods of health improvement and prevention, and give recommendations on the integrated use of products. Every year there are new topics for discussion at the conference, but, of course, the functional state correctors always remain the central topic.

Candidates of medical, historical, veterinary sciences; doctors of medical and biological sciences; specialists in the field of oncology, gynecology, valeology; practicing therapists, osteopaths, neurologists, psychologists, physiotherapists; teachers of medical schools; experts in various types of testing; doctors of alternative medicine; The Company's lecturers shared the results of using the Planet of Regions products, spoke about new methods of rehabilitation and prevention, gave recommendations on the complex use of products, and presented the Company's promising products.

This section presents practical results and recommendations for the use of CPS.