The use of CFS in the complex treatment of infertility

O. B. Chuprina, Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, PhD, Moscow
Poltavsky L.I., physician, Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad region

Introduction. According to WHO initial estimates, more than 5% of the population is infertile for various reasons, such as anatomical, genetic, endocrine and immunological. There are about 45 million infertile couples in the world. At the same time, not enough attention is paid to the psychological and emotional causes of this pathology.

Officially, infertility means the absence of a child from a couple within 5 years without the use of contraceptive methods. Russian statistics are somewhat different from the world. For example, secondary infertility in women aged 20-44 in most regions of Russia is 3.2%, and in the USA 1%. In regions with a high birth rate, secondary infertility reaches a maximum of 18%.

Relevance. The problem of infertility exists both at the level of a particular family with its personal tragedy, and at the state level in terms of demographic policy. The way to solve the problem through IVF (in vitro fertilization) is unacceptable for many families for religious, ethical or material reasons.

Medicine solves only those problems that are associated with infection, immunity or some anatomical features. She deals with healing only on the physical plane. Infertility is often the result of some kind of psycho-emotional shock.

FSC affect both the physical and psycho-emotional, energy levels. Exposure to Correctors helps to get patients out of depression caused by infertility, and to improve the psycho-emotional background, the functioning of physical organs without any side changes that occur during treatment with hormones and other drugs.

Goals. Show the effectiveness of the use of functional state correctors in the treatment of infertility in men and women, as well as the impossibility of replacing them with other methods.

Tasks. Include CFS in the treatment of infertility, prove their effectiveness, compatibility with other methods in the complex treatment of pathology.

Prove the need for individual selection of Correctors and other types of influence..

Methods of treatment:

  • Energy pumping with FSC
  • Water regime and drinking water structured on FSC
  • Water treatments (wraps according to Sebastian Kneipp) with FSC structured water
  • Medicated treatment (if necessary)

Methods of treatment control:

  • Computed tomography of the head
  • Hardware diagnostics at the medical expert complex (MME)
  • Lab research
  • Clinical observations


  • Pregnancy after 3-6 months of treatment
  • Disappearance of pathological foci in the control images of computed tomography in the corresponding areas of the brain
  • In the follow-up examination of sperm in the course of treatment - an increase in the number and motility of spermatozoa
  • Normalization of hormonal levels in men and women during immunochemical blood tests
  • In the study on the LME apparatus - improvement of energy indicators in chakras, meridians and somatic indicators

LME allows you to remove information from the body, and thanks to multidimensional analysis, it provides information about the biochemical composition of blood, bile and other intercellular and intracellular fluids. Shows the presence of stones in organs, salts of heavy metals, viral, fungal or bacterial load.

Comparative characteristics of laboratory studies and data obtained at the CME allow us to conclude that the use of FSC is effective in treating reproductive system disorders in men and women. Here are two clinical cases.

Male, 46 years old, primary infertility. Suspected cause - psycho-emotional experience (prolonged intense stress) and toxic effects.

The analysis of semen revealed a sharp decrease in the number of spermatozoa.

The amount in the ejaculate was less than 1 million, while the norm was more than 40 million. Normal active-motile spermatozoa were less than 5%, while the norm was more than 25%. Concomitant disease - urolithiasis. Presence of large urate crystals on microscopy of urine..


  • Energy pumping of FSC No. 2 from bottom to top, from 2 to 6 chakras, 5 minutes each, sitting on FSC No. 1 (daily procedures for 7 days, a month later the course was repeated twice)
  • Water wrap, structured on FSC No. 1 (daily for a month, then a break for 1 month and another course)
  • Drinking water structured on FSC No. 2 from spring No. 3 of Valerik village (daily for 3 months)
  • Drug treatment to improve pancreas, liver, and kidney function
  • Changing the mode and nature of nutrition

This married couple has not had children for more than 5 years, was examined and treated in clinics in Rostov and Moscow by traditional methods, but there was no positive dynamics.

After three months of using FSC according to the above scheme, the number of spermatozoa increased to 8 million, the percentage of mobile-active ones rose to 54. After another 6 months, we were informed about the long-awaited pregnancy.

A 38-year-old woman, secondary infertility. I have a 10-year-old child from my first marriage. In the second - 7 years trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. There have been no periods for the last year.

In a laboratory blood test, sex hormones had the following figures: luteinizing hormone (LH) - 18.0 U / l at a rate of up to 8.8 U / l; follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) - 35.0 U/l at a rate of up to 11.8 U/l; estradiol (E2) - 41.0 pg / ml at a rate of 43.8-211 pg / ml; progesterone - 1.5 nmol / l, at a rate of 5.3-86.4 nmol / l.

These indicators correspond to early menopause, but are not typical for a woman of childbearing age.

Treatment (the course took 6 months):

  • Customized Diet
  • Drug treatment in the form of hepatoprotectors, pancreatic enzymes, sanitation of the genitourinary system
  • LME (twelve procedures)
  • Drinking water structured on FSC #1 and #2 and pumping FSC #1, #2, #5, #11 for three months
  • In the next three months, the nature of the influence of the Correctors was changed: pumping the head of the FSC “DANILOVO LAKE”, “SECRET LAKE” and “YOUNGING APPLE”, and the FSC “FORTUNA” through the chakras; drinking water was alternated at the FSC "DANILOVO LAKE" and "SECRET LAKE"

Six months later, hormonal levels returned to normal, and a regular cycle was restored.

Conclusions.. The impact of FSC on the energy and subtle bodies of a person through the central structures of the brain leads to changes in the physical body, which can be fixed using laboratory diagnostic methods, radiography (CT) of the brain and clinical changes.

The use of FSC for men and women with infertility proves to be effective not only in prevention, but also in treatment. An individual selection of FSC and treatment methods is necessary, since all cases have their own characteristics.

In example #1, the emphasis in treatment was on removing toxins and relieving psychological stress. In example No. 2, a greater impact was directed to the brain, and through its influence on the peripheral sex glands.

An example of energy pumping: place under the second cervical vertebra FSC “YOUNGING APPLE”, on the right near the ear – “DANILOVO LAKE”, on the left near the ear – “HIDDEN LAKE”; for chakras – FSC “FORTUNA” (chakras 4-3-2-5-6), 3 minutes each.

Concealers effective for infertility:

  • Pyramid of three FSCs: №2, "BEAUTY FACTOR", "FLORA AND FAUNA"
  • “Kidney” pumping of FSC #2 and #1
  • "HEALTHY GENERATION" normalizes the cycle, eliminates primary infertility
  • "CLEAR VIEW-2" increases the number of spermatozoa, prolongs the childbearing age of a woman
  • "DANILOVO LAKE" normalizes the cycle, eliminates primary hormonal infertility, enhances lactation
  • "HEALING" removes blood stasis in the pelvis, eliminates female infertility by normalizing ovulation, improves the quality and increases the number of sperm
  • "LOVE" increases the level of testosterone in men and estradiol in women, normalizes the level of FSH of the pituitary gland; a good helper in preparing for pregnancy
  • "GOLDEN SAND" in men improves erection and increases libido; eliminates secondary infertility caused by stress in women and has a beneficial effect on hormonal deficiency
  • “FLORA AND FAUNA” affects spermatogenesis, increases the number and mobility of cells (pumping from the 5th to the 2nd chakra, with an edge towards you, for 2 minutes, and on the 4th chakra - 4 minutes, a course of 7 days)
  • Leveling of the FSC “SECRET LAKE” from the 6th to the 2nd chakra (you can do the leveling with one Corrector, but it is better to carry out this procedure while sitting on the FSC “DANILOVO LAKE”, and keep the “YOUNGING APPLE” on the seventh cervical vertebra)