Harmonization of intimate life with the help of FSC

Merzlyakova E.M., lecturer of the Planet of Regions Company, Abakan

My lectures are mainly aimed at making people not only healthy, but also happy. Health is the foundation of an active life, and sex is an important part of life. In counseling, I often hear from women that they don't want sex. Everything seems to be fine, next to a man who does not beat or drink, brings money home. But I don't want to be close to this person. Most women consider themselves guilty, sick, inferior, flawed. Such self-image is very destructive. Then the psyche will destroy the body. Diseases will appear here and there, and there will be no talk of any happiness in the full sense of the word. All this prompted me to talk about such a delicate topic as sex. And not about the technical part, but about the energy.

The energy of men and women is different. It follows from this that actions, deeds, behavior, emotions will also be different. In men, the ascending current dominates, that is, the 1st (root) chakra is most active. In women, the downward flow of energy dominates and the 6th chakra is the most active. Energy is arranged in such a way that men and women, exchanging energy flows, balance each other. Balance is a process of both giving and receiving. A man has “giving” chakras: 1, 3, 5. And a woman has 6, 4, 2 giving ones. Energy is manifested in emotions and actions. These are not just speculative streams of light, heat, etc.

1 chakra - courage

2 chakra - tenderness

3 chakra - generosity

4 chakra - kindness

5 chakra - truthfulness

6 chakra - calmness

Thus, it can be understood that men have courage, generosity and truthfulness, while women have calmness, kindness and tenderness. If we take into account that the upward flow of energy dominates in men, then courage is the main quality. From courage comes generosity, from generosity comes truthfulness.

For women, the downward flow works in such a way that the main feminine quality is calmness. Kindness is born only from calmness, tenderness is born from kindness. These qualities are manifested in speech, actions, goals, ways to achieve goals..It is important that balance is maintained!

In life, this energy exchange ideally looks like this: a man creates with his care, his control of everyone and everything, who and what is next to his woman and family members, a space in which a woman is protected, provided and trusts a man, that is receives from a man the energy of 1, 3 and 5 chakras. The man, in turn, receives a calm, affectionate, gentle woman, that is, he receives the energy of 6, 4 and 2 chakras from a woman.

Sex is an important part of life. The energy of pleasure is born on the 2nd chakra of a woman and is transferred to a man during intercourse. From the 2nd chakra of a man, this energy rises to the 3rd chakra - the chakra of generosity and money! In order for a woman to have this energy on the 2nd chakra, she must receive energy on the 1st chakra, and this energy comes from a man in the form of care, protection, and provision with everything necessary. In a man, energy is born on the 3rd chakra, and it manifests itself in career growth, status, money. Greed puts a block, as a result, the social position, work, business, respect of others collapses. And generosity towards the woman and the world increases the flow. The principle of operation is like that of a well: if water is not taken from it, the well becomes shallow, silted up; if they are taken, even more water arrives. Giving gifts is a wonderful way to increase the flow of energy!

Our psyche, its unconscious part, constantly carefully evaluates the actions, words and any movements of the partner and, evaluating, puts “dangerous” and “safe” on the shelves. When a man pays for housing, buys food, clothes, takes care of the safety of all family members - he plays the role of "breadwinner and protector", the woman's psyche puts all this on the shelf "safely". Then the energy of male actions fills the 1st chakra, rises to the 2nd chakra and a transformation takes place - the energy of care turns into the energy of pleasure.

Sometimes a man behaves like a "son". A woman controls everything herself, takes care of everything and everyone. And the man just brings the money and lies down on the couch. The unconscious part of the psyche scans his behavior, there is no energy, the woman turns on the colossally energy-consuming “mommy” mode in relation to her husband. And this means that when a man wants to fulfill his conjugal duty, the woman’s psyche will give her body a signal: “No! "son"! And here is the reluctance to have sex, when everything seems to be fine..

The energy regime of "mommy" is dangerous for a woman if she does not have a child under 14 years old. In this mode, the energy comes from above. When a child turns 14, this mother-supporting flow ends. In the case when a woman does not receive energy on 1 chakra from a man, she is forced to pump it up herself, and this leads to the depletion of those chakras that are giving: 6 (calmness), 4 (kindness), 2 (tenderness). Accordingly, the balance in the pair is disturbed.

Another scenario is when a man does not even try to stand on the platform of the head of the family, but immediately moves from his mother's arms to his wife's arms, entrusting her with all the cares of the family. Instead of the behavior of a man, the female psyche recognizes the behavior of a “boy”. And when the “boy” wants sex, the psyche of the female body gives a signal: “No! "boy"! But she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t beat ... And the woman plunges into the abyss of self-criticism, which is fraught with the development of various ailments: gynecology, breasts 4 and 2 chakras, problems with blood pressure (6 chakras), with lower back, veins, various kinds of neuralgia, cervical chondrosis, etc.

Men have their own problems: impotence, infertility (chakra 1), problems with the intestines, liver (chakra 3), etc.

We have lost our understanding of the importance of social roles. Unisex fashion, unisex behavior, work requires masculine qualities from women, a comfortable life relaxes men at home to the state of an “adult child”. But it is actions that are the energy exchange that creates balance, harmony. You can't fool your mind. Everything will be seen, heard, analyzed and placed on its shelf, somewhere deep in the unconscious. And, like a jack-in-the-box, it will jump out at the most seemingly inopportune moment. And this is the very mood of irritation, dissatisfaction, anxiety, resentment, anger towards each other, it is not clear where it came from. Women acting like men and men acting like women. Drama, tragedy and a lot of pain, mental and physical.

It is extremely important for a man to see a woman calm and contented. It is extremely important for a woman to see a man brave and generous. This is the harmony!

FSC are devices that correct the energy component, using them, you can help yourself..

For women, the following FSCs are most important: with a calming effect (No. 1, “LONGEVITY”); contributing to the "erasing" of traumatic memory (No. 24, "ANTI-CATACLISM"); giving a positive emotional state (No. 15, "YOUNGING APPLE"); providing energy protection ("FEMALE CHARM", No. 14, No. 16, No. 20, No. 21); supporting a healthy state of female energy (№3, "LOVE").

For men, the most important FSCs: №4, "SUCCESS", "BLACK MOUNTAIN" - 1 chakra; No. 5, "SPRING OF SHAMBALA", No. 11, No. 19 - 3 chakra; giving peace - "HARMONY"; FSCs are important, contributing to the “erasing” of fears and traumatic memory – “ANTICATACLISM”, No. 24; protective FSC - No. 14, No. 16, No. 20, No. 21, "MALE CHARM".


Pay attention to the recommendations for the use of these Concealers. It is necessary not only to engage in “recharging” with their help, but most importantly, to understand how we use energy, whether we are wasting it in vain, whether we can give in the right form and are able to receive.

To do this, you need to understand yourself! I advise you to write down on a piece of paper all your diagnoses, places of discomfort, and from the books of Louise Hay, opposite each entry, write out those subconscious mindsets that signal through the body about their existence. From the resulting picture you can see the real you! Distribute these psychological attitudes in such a way as to understand which chakras are out of balance. And focus your attention on what you are giving. By understanding what comes from you, you can understand what comes to you in response. I am sure that amazing discoveries await everyone.