The use of CFS in the complex treatment of cholelithiasis

Introduction. Gallstone disease (GSD) is a complex pathology, one of the signs of which is the presence of stones of various biochemical composition in the cavity of the gallbladder and in the bile ducts. A change in metabolism and, as a result, a change in the composition and density of bile is most often a response to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, food quality and stress.

Cholelithiasis is not only a medical problem, but also a social one. The consequences of this disease can be very sad. When the condition is neglected, the disease leads to the fact that stones get stuck in the bile duct. This is accompanied by severe pain, which can lead to perforation and biliary peritonitis.

In this case, there is only one treatment - surgical removal of the gallbladder along with stones.

After the operation, the cause of stone formation remains, and sand continues to form in the smallest tubules of the liver. In addition to this, the most severe postcholecystectomy syndrome often joins, which few people know about, and patients do not have time to warn about this before the operation. Often patients end up in the operating room with acute pain, and there are no options for choosing treatment tactics.

Relevance. Our report is mostly addressed to those who are going to have a planned operation for gallstones, to those who are convinced that these stones can never be dissolved by anything, and to those who do not want to replenish the risk group for cholelithiasis.

Our medical experience speaks about the effectiveness of the treatment and prevention of cholelithiasis. The treatment process is long and requires the patient's determination and discipline to follow all recommendations. In the case of a complete cure and dissolution of the stones, the patient must continue a healthy lifestyle and diet, otherwise the stones will begin to form again.

The basis of our treatment is a holistic approach to the body. We understand that all biological changes occur simultaneously at the level of emotions, the brain and the physical body (for example, at the level of an organ - the formation of a stone). In addition, all organs and systems are interconnected. Sometimes, in order to act on a diseased organ, it is necessary to start treatment from another, less damaged organ.

As an example, let's imagine a chain of pathological processes. If there is little glucose in the brain cells, then the body needs to increase the flow of nutrition to the brain. This is due to vasospasm, which leads to an increase in blood pressure..During treatment, we try to improve the function of the pancreas, which is responsible for the metabolism of sugar in the body, while improving brain nutrition and lowering blood pressure.

When influence on one organ leads to changes in another, this is reflexology. In this case, exposure to various methods is possible: massage, acupuncture, medicines, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, etc.

The entire digestive system depends on the function and composition of bile. Functions of bile: digestive (bile contains substances that break down fats and are involved in the process of digestion after bile enters the duodenum) and transport (transfer from the liver of waste that is formed in the liver cells from its own metabolic products, and toxins that come from outside through the mouth ).

The composition of bile determines its fluidity, viscosity, ability to crystallize (formation of sand and stones). For the formation of stones in bile, there must be little water and a lot of bile acids or bilirubin or cholesterol. From the predominance of these substances, stones are formed: bile, bilirubin or cholesterol. The main reason for the violation of the composition of bile is malnutrition.

The purpose of the study. To prove that with the help of a diet and Correctors of the functional state, it is possible to reverse the development of cholelithiasis and the complete disappearance of stones from bile.

Tasks. Make a plan for the treatment of cholelithiasis using diet, FSC and prove its effectiveness.

Influence methods:

  • Food and meal selection
  • Additional medications to aid digestion
  • Drinking water regime and selection of CPS to change the structure of water
  • Energy pumping with individually selected Correctors
  • Water treatments - Wraps with FSC-structured water

Methods of treatment control:

  • Ultrasound examination (ultrasound) of the liver and gallbladder
  • Biochemical blood tests
  • Objective and subjective clinical signs (enlargement of the liver, tenderness on palpation, complaints of pain)
  • Changes in the gallbladder and liver, recorded on the device Medical Expert Complex (MME)
  • Change in the energy characteristics of the body by chakras and energy channels recorded on the LME apparatus

Here are two clinical cases.

Man, 55 years old. Complaints of frequent aching pains in the right hypochondrium..Objectively: the liver is enlarged 2 cm below the costal arch, painful on palpation, especially in the gallbladder area. Biochemical blood test: total bilirubin 27.0 mmol/l (at a rate of up to 18.0 mmol/l); liver enzymes ALT 36.0 U/l (at a rate of up to 40.0 U/l), AST 45.0 U/l (at a rate of up to 40.0 U/l). Ultrasound of the liver in the gallbladder found four stones ranging in size from 5 to 20 mm.


  • Bile thinning diet with customized food choices
  • Meals - 4-5 times a day in small portions of 200-250 ml, regularly with breaks of no more than 4 hours
  • Removing heat-treated vegetable oil, margarine, fresh baked goods from food
  • Daily consumption of water porridge and vegetable soup
  • Every evening - a sandwich with lard (up to 30 gr.)
  • Drink in the morning on an empty stomach water structured on FSC No. 2, in the afternoon until 4 p.m. - on FSC No. 1, in the evening - on FSC No. 2
  • Pumping through the FSC chakras #1, 2, 5
  • Water wrap at FSC №2 daily (1 month, 1 month break, 1 more month daily)
  • Enzymes - Pancreatin, hepatoprotector - Hepatrin
  • Three months later, the method of applying the Correctors changed: to drink water structured on the FSC "HIDDEN LAKE" and "DANILOV LAKE", according to the scheme of FSC No. 1 and No. 2
  • For body wraps - "HEALING-2"
  • “SOURCE OF LIFE” – pumping through the chakras, FSC No. 5 – on the liver (1 month)
  • Next: 1 week only to drink water structured on the FSC "RELOAD". PURIFICATION"; then 1 week to do FSC pumping “RELOAD. CLEANSING" through the chakras from the bottom up; For 1 more week, pump through the FSC chakras “RELOAD. CLEANING", then after 15 minutes. FSC “RELOAD. FILLING»
  • After that, for another 1 month, again drink water structured on the FSC "HIDDEN LAKE" and "DANILOVO LAKE"

6 months after the start of treatment, no stones were found on ultrasound. Biochemical parameters are normal.

After moving to Moscow, the nature of nutrition and water quality changed, after 2 weeks stone formation began again. There were complaints of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, sand was found in the gallbladder on ultrasound.

I had to urgently restore nutrition, work with FSC and body wraps.

After another 2 months, no sand was found on ultrasound. He continues to drink water only with FSC, periodically does body wraps, keeps to a diet.

Male, 43 years old. Leads a healthy lifestyle..He goes in for sports, refused to drink alcohol. Great psychological stress, flights across time zones, meals in restaurants. Complaints of pain in the upper abdomen. Doctors regarded the changes on ultrasound as a gallbladder polyp against the background of multiple small stones.


  • Bile thinner diet and diet
  • Leveling FSC "SOURCE OF LIFE", "HEALING-2", №11
  • Drinking water structured on FSC "DANILOVO LAKE" and "SECRET LAKE"
  • Water wrap at FSC "SOURCE OF LIFE"
  • Medication as needed

The treatment was carried out for 3 months. About a month later, with a second ultrasound examination, there were no traces of stones left, signs of a gallbladder polyp also disappeared.

Conclusions. With the help of diet and functional state correctors, it is possible to cure gallstone disease.

CPS affecting the prevention and treatment of gallstone disease:

  • "HIDDEN LAKE" prevents the development of cholelithiasis, restores disturbed metabolism
  • "DANILOVO LAKE" prevents stone formation, dissolves bilirubin stones
  • "HEALTHY GENERATION" dilutes bile
  • "HEALING" relieves spasms like papaverine
  • "HEALING-2" reduces bile acids, bilirubin, cholesterol in bile
  • "SPRING OF SHAMBALA" helps prevent the development of cholelithiasis
  • "CLEAR LOOK" relieves spasms of the biliary tract
  • "CLEAR VIEW-2" increases enzymes, reduces bilirubin, destroys stones
  • FSC No. 11 and No. 11 prevent stone formation and relieve spasm of the sphincter of Oddi.
  • "SOURCE OF LIFE" improves the quality of bile, dissolves bilirubin stones
  • "LOVE" increases the amount of water in bile
  • "RELOAD. CLEANING" and "REBOOT. FILLING» dilute bile, normalize enzymes
  • FSC №5 dissolves stones, normalizes the composition of bile
  • “FEMALE CHARM” dissolves gallstones and helps prevent their formation, improving the quality of bile
  • SUCCESS reduces bilirubin, blood cholesterol and bile
  • FSC No. 16 increases the amount of water in bile, dissolves stones and removes sand