Proofreader Koltsov "Alive". Collection series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Zhiva" promotes antiparasitic cleansing of the body, elimination of stagnation and normalization of the circulation of lymphatic fluid

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Collector" series

FSC Koltsov's plate "ALIVE"

  • Promotes a powerful antiparasitic cleansing of the body (from various types of helminths, protozoa and other various pathogens)
  • It helps to eliminate congestion and normalize the circulation of the lymphatic fluid (which leads to the full functioning of cells - the intake of nutrients and the removal of waste), as well as the removal of the inflammatory process in the focus of inflammation
  • Promotes the restoration of the body's defenses and all phases of immune reactions, and thus ensures the physiological functioning of the immune system
  • Promotes the restoration of blood circulation in all vital systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal tract, urinary, reproductive, endocrine)
  • Promotes the restoration and normalization of all types of metabolic processes in the body
  • Promotes the healing and prevention of disorders of the endocrine system (pancreas, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, gonads)

The polarization of a spring near one of the camps of nomads (Mongolia) was registered at the FSC "ZHIVA".

FSC "ZHIVA" shown:

  • When conducting a course of detoxification of the body, incl. antiparasitic
  • To normalize the circulation of lymphatic fluid, relieve swelling
  • To regulate the physiological functioning of the work of organ systems, incl. endocrine system

​The time of water structuring at FSC "ZHIVA" is at least 25 minutes.

Recommendations for the use of FSC "ZHIVA":

  • Efficiently interacts with FSCs №1, 2, 3, 4, 16, 20, "NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC", "LIFE WATER", "AMARANT", "HEALING", "HEALING-2", "DANILOVO LAKE", " OLGIR
  • Admission of FSC-structured water in an amount of at least 2 liters per day
  • For maximum detoxification effect, the use of modern enterosorbents

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