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FSC “Reboot. Cleansing” is a paired FSC, used in conjunction with FSC “Reboot. Filling". It serves to remove blocks and programs of the past, "reset", the beginning of a new path from a "blank slate"..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Exclusive" Series

FSC “Reboot. Cleansing" and "Reboot. Filling” - paired FSC – are bought as a set and used sequentially and interconnected with each other. Both plates reproduce the energies of the same place of power - this is the Path of the Ancestors or, in other words, the Path of Shamans in Khakassia, but specifically from different grottoes through which people walking along this path climb. Moreover, it is believed that a person must overcome these grottoes on their own, it is forbidden to help, this one is like a kind of exam for “permission”. Koltsov later said at the event that “a disabled person may pass, or a trained athlete may not pass.” The first grotto is the cleansing of the entire subtle plane, including the programs imposed by society and upbringing. And the second grotto is filled with pure creative energies of the Universe. Walking along the Path of the Ancestors restores the connection of a person with his family and helps to discover the purpose in life.

This is how young shamans are led along this path before they begin their training, so that a person understands whether he needs to come here.

FSC Koltsov's plate “Reboot. Purification" is:

  • Removal of blocks and programs of the past, "zeroing", the beginning of a new path from a "clean slate";
  • Symbolic transformation - "death" and "birth" of a person - physical and spiritual;
  • Cleansing from negativity, unauthorized intrusion into the human energy field, energy-information programs;
  • Discovery of the inner source of strength.

FSC "Reboot" - "Reboot. Cleansing" and "Reboot. Filling" are paired FSCs, applied sequentially and interconnected with each other.

At first, it is recommended to use only FSC “Reboot. Cleansing”, and then go to the plate “Reboot. Filling". Luzginova S. V. Recommends an interesting technique - after preliminary work with "Cleansing" put both plates under the feet - to do such a pumping.


  1. The main purpose of FSC is to change the structure of aqueous solutions. It is recommended to drink several glasses of water structured on any FSC, bringing its total volume, excluding other drinks, to 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day.
  2. To increase efficiency, it is recommended to periodically perform various pumping through the energy centers, you can find more details about the techniques in the brochure "Methods of using FSC". Below is a simple technique using 2 FSCs to pump the skeletal system: put one of them under the left leg, take the second in the right hand for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Change the position of the FSC, i.e. shift the first FSC under the right leg, and take the second one in the left hand. Duration - similar to paragraph 1 (3-5 minutes). You can start with the right leg and left hand (p. 1) with the transition to the left leg and right hand (p. 2).
  4. Place one FSC under the coccyx, hold the other one on the cervical region for 3-5 minutes. It is advisable to repeat this procedure in the morning and evening. Additionally, paragraph 3 can be repeated throughout the day.
  5. For skin lesions, it is recommended to structure solutions, creams and gels once for external lubrication of the lesions.
  6. When applying FSC, the water in the stream is structured instantly. Therefore, the FSC can be attached to the faucet/shower head by wrapping it in a plastic bag.
  7. It is necessary to structure water with FSC AFTER boiling and/or heating.
  8. In order to increase the life of the device, a sudden change in temperature is not recommended.
  9. If a FSC has a special structuring time, then it is indicated in the description of a specific FSC. We would like to note that this structurization time is indicated for water previously poured into the container. If you want to speed up this process, then use the FSC as a stand under the container where you pour water, and then create the so-called "vortex flow" with a spoon. Then the structuring of water will take only 1-3 minutes.

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