Proofreader Koltsov No. 24 "Insight". Gold Series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC №24 is intended for release from all kinds of zombies and programming..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Gold" series

The Mayan channel Schoppol, plus a set of channels from the classical cosmoenergy "Solar Spectrum" was recorded at FSC No. 24 "Insight".

Designed to free you from all kinds of zombies and programming.

Zombification is the introduction of alien programs into the human mind, emotional reactions that are not characteristic of him, worldview reactions that suppress his internal settings, change his attitude to the world and make him obedient to one or another doctrine, one or another philosophical direction, religion, and etc. That is, one's own Self, one's own consciousness, one's own desires are suppressed. Zombies include lapels, love spells, attitudes to drugs and alcohol, to leaving the family. Zombifying techniques are now widely used in marketing and political technologies. Zombifying technologies rely on some existing weakness, it is stimulated until a person completely becomes dependent on the “master”. Selfishness, pride, the desire for forbidden pleasures contribute to falling under external influence.

Corrector Koltsov No. 23 opens a person's eyes to such situations, takes them out of them. Its action can be compared with FSC No. 11, but "Insight" is much stronger. The Mayan channel Skhopl is strengthened by a set of cosmic energy channels under the collective name "Solar Spectrum", the set includes the channels Perun, Ar, Ra. In this corrector, they work to stimulate the eyes, restore organs, transform disharmonious electromagnetic radiation into harmonious, that is, for health, rejuvenation; spiritual transformation of the planet - that is, the development of the spiritual, to the liberation and protection of human consciousness from darkness. Because zombies and any encodings are darkness.

FSC Koltsov's plate No. 24 "Insight":

  • Destroys coding and zombie programs, including love spells, lapel, alcohol, leaving the family, and so on. Zombification is the process of introducing into the mind of a person given emotional reactions and worldview principles that completely determine his external activity and internal mental state. Zombification, in fact, means the destruction of the old personality and the introduction into a person of a ready-made template for all his mental and emotional processes..
  • FSC is strengthened by cosmic-energetic channels of the solar spectrum in the mode of enlightenment: Perun, the spirit of the sun Ar, the god of the Sun Ra; the solar spectrum is the formula for pure light. The channels of the solar spectrum also work to restore internal organs, stimulate the eyes, transform any electromagnetic radiation that affects health, promote spiritual development and rejuvenation.

All FSCs of the "golden" series are adaptive, they adapt to a specific user. Channels are launched independently, it is enough to take the necessary Corrector in your hands. The energy of GRATITUDE is not required.

In the FSC of the "golden" series, a dosed effect is provided at a time. This means that you do not need to track the operation of the channel: when to open, when to close. The principle is taken as a basis: “Better less, but better”. Channels are launched in 3-5-10 minutes, and they work individually - from several minutes to several hours, and sometimes days. It all depends on the degree of the user's problem.

FSC of the “golden” series can be used in any usual way, they are perfectly combined with Correctors of other series according to the principle of matching pairs.


Method of working with FSC "Golden" series:

To start the channels recorded on the FSC of the golden series, it is enough to hold it in your hands for 15-20 minutes, or sit on it (place it under the coccyx). You can sit for 10 minutes and put on the crown chakra (top of the head) for 10 minutes. If desired, you can do this several times a day. It is not necessary to keep the golden FSC permanently on the body. If it is on the body, then if necessary, the channel can be restarted. Unlike the lilac series, thanksgiving energy is not required here, and visualization is not required either. At the same time, S. V. Koltsov warns that one should not use golden FSCs in a troubled state of mind, in a negative mood, all these plates reflect their emotional mood onto the user. The principle of positive feedback works. Channels launched with the help of FSC amplify your own thoughts. Use them in a calm, even frame of mind.

Drinking structured water is not the main way to use golden FSCs. Koltsov S.V. says that before taking FSC, you can drink a glass of water structured on it, it will be like a preliminary channel setting.

Koltsov made it so that the Mayan channels start automatically, while adapting to the specific problems of a particular person, having worked out, they close themselves..The launch of channels can occur in the time interval from several minutes to three hours. As a rule, the user does not feel the operation of the channel. Thanks to the adaptive operation of the channels, golden FSCs work gently, without aggravations.

Hold the FSC for 15-20 minutes, you can pass it on to another person. The other user will open channels according to his problems, the work will proceed independently.

With FSC of the golden series, you can work from a photograph, it is even better to put a bundle of cut hair on the FSC - a DNA sample. When working remotely, remember to get permission from the person you are going to work with.

It should be remembered that the golden series was created to disband the causes of the disease on a subtle plane, while golden plates do not have healing properties. On the problem itself, you need to work with the help of the blue and lilac series. One does not replace the other.

Golden FSCs are narrowly specialized and poorly combined with each other, that is, we use them one by one. They can be combined with any other FSCs without restrictions. In order to determine which gold will help solve your problem, it is better to contact a person who owns diagnostics or dowsing.

Koltsov S.V. Says that you can use everyone in turn, one to two weeks with each plate (at the same time, No. 21 will complete the cycle), and then use each of them periodically to clean up what we pick up daily.< /p>

An exception in incompatibility is made for numbers 18-20-24, these three FSCs have a related effect. After you have worked with each of the plates separately, you can start using them together, after agreeing. Make sure that in all three cases, the inner plates lie the same, the hologram on the inner plate is under the hologram on the case.

Lay out three plates in a row, and turn the middle one over. You can sit on this "design" - it provides a quick "charge" for the day. There is no need to repeat during the day.


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