Corrector Koltsov No. 10 "Healthy joints". Series Cosmoenergetics

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FSC №10 is intended for restoration and regeneration of all your joints in case of arthritis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis..

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Lilac" series

FSC №10 - "Healthy Joints" is primarily intended for the restoration and regeneration of all your joints with arthritis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis. That is, it accelerates regenerative processes, helps regulate the function and formation of intra-articular fluid, stimulates the excretion of salts - these are diseases such as osteochondrosis and gout.

Helps in the treatment and restoration of the spine, including intervertebral discs, restoration of the vertebral bodies, dissolution of intervertebral hernias, straightening of the spine, restoration of posture, disintegration of the hump. Allows you to work on the disintegration of excess bone formations - these are spurs, calluses, traumatic outgrowths of bones.

Dissolution of calcifications. Stones in any organs. Here, in general, it is better to work with visualization, that is, imagine what you have, and bring this situation with your bones, joints, and heels to a normal anatomical state with inner vision. visualization speeds up work.

FSC Koltsov plate №10 "Healthy joints":

  • Regulates the composition and functions of cerebrospinal fluid, joint fluid, restores tissue regeneration processes;
  • Stimulates the processes of joint regeneration, restores blood circulation;
  • Increases the adaptive capacity of the joints to physical stress;
  • Prevents the occurrence of various inflammatory processes associated with the joints;
  • Increases the strength of bone tissue, restores the composition of trace elements;
  • Prevents changes in cartilage tissue;
  • It helps to remove toxins from the body, excess salts (for osteochondrosis and gout), dissolve stones and remove sand;
  • Promotes the restoration of the digestive tract;
  • Regulates blood pressure, restores the blood formula;
  • Straightens and restores the spine, promotes the dissolution of intervertebral hernias, restores intervertebral discs;
  • Contribute to the burning of negative programs, restore the aura, removes from borderline states such as fainting;
  • Dissolves "extra" bone formations (calcaneal spurs, calluses) (in active mode with visualization of the process).

At FSC №10 "Healthy Joints" channels are registered: Holy Jesus, Farun Buddha, Firast, Shaon, Holy Buddha..A group of digital code channels has been added to prevent and prevent various inflammatory processes associated with the joints. Added polarization of plants: horsetail, alfalfa, skullcap; polarization of minerals: rose quartz, turquoise, agate, rock crystal.

On the updated version of FSC No. 10 with the 5th element, the channel of Cosmic Theurgy "MAYA" BAGAN is registered - for the correction of diseases of the musculoskeletal system of various etiologies. Additionally, the channel can be used in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, sciatica, intervertebral hernias.


Proofreaders can be applied in two modes:

  1. Active Mode is triggered by the energy of THANK YOU! To do this, it is important to briefly formulate the ultimate goal, visualize, tune in and sincerely thank. Hold the Corrector in front of you 20-40 cm between the 4th and 5th energy centers, and tune in for 2 minutes. Then say the phrase "THANK YOU for..." and imagine the desired mental image for a few minutes.
  2. Passive mode is used if the person is irritable, depressed or depressed, if they do not understand and cannot pronounce the phrase to start the active mode. One FSC is recommended to be placed between the 4th and 5th energy centers - on the projection of the thymus gland, the other - on the crown of the head. Keep FSC for 15-20 minutes. It is important to have a neutral or benevolent attitude towards the process, then the cosmic energy channels will open and work with the FSC will begin.

Working with purple FSCs

Working with lilac FSCs involves the active participation of the user's consciousness, only with such work it is possible to realize their capabilities. You can work with FSCs of the "lilac" series in two modes: active and passive.

The user can connect his own consciousness to the work of the channels, for this it is necessary to express gratitude to the channels for the discovery and the action taken, and indicate the desired result - verbal / mental formulation or visualization - image. Such work with lilac FSCs is called "active mode". If you know which channels you need to use to solve your problem, you can name them, if not, you can simply say (or mentally) the following formula “Thanks to FSC No. ... for opening all your channels.” That is, when working with FSC, a simplified formulation of channel opening is used. If you took the FSC in your hands or put it on your body and said or thought to yourself the formula with “thank you for”, then by doing this you opened the cosmic energy channels.

An important point when referring to channels is the actual statement of the problem. Mentally imagine that a vivid image works best, or say what result you want to get, moreover, as if this result has already been obtained - the organ is healed, the journey is successfully completed, the negative is disbanded, the purification is done..

It is difficult to say in advance how long it will take, it all depends on the problem and on your desire to get rid of this or that disease. How many sessions per day - regulate yourself. Especially beginners should remember that the wording should be clear, when it is pronounced one time like this, and the other time the program goes astray, it is even better to write your own wording on paper.

There are several recommendations on how to hold the lilac FSC while working in the active mode. Marina Zaporozhets recommends that you take the FSC in your hands at the level of your face, point the narrow end at yourself or at the person you are working with, and pronounce the affirmations as if into a microphone. She also has a recommendation to place the FSC on the so-called "space center" - it is located between the fourth and fifth chakras. You can finally just pick up the plate and hold it.

Lilac FSCs can be used without opening channels, like regular blue or green FSCs, this mode of use is called passive. It is used, in particular, to perform pumping. Water can be structured both in active and passive mode.

You can open the cosmic energy channels of the plate to a container of water and thank the channels for the fact that the water has acquired the desired properties.

Channels can be opened both for yourself and for other people. At the same time, when saying affirmations, add "y \ for full name, year of birth." You can imagine the image of this person, mentally place him in the flow of the channel. Generally speaking, lilac FSCs work great remotely. It is important that the patient with whom you are going to work remotely makes a request in any form to be worked with. Otherwise, for the Cosmos it will be "considered" an unauthorized interference in someone else's information field, it will be a violation of the law of balance. You can work with your children, parents, spouse, with seriously ill people in an unconscious state (implicit request for help), and even then it is desirable that a person makes a request for help, in other cases strictly upon request.

Water structuring on lilac FSCs

The structuring of water on lilac FSCs has the following features: a container with water can be placed on a plate, on its flat part, or placed in front of a narrow end. The peculiarity of the assembly of lilac plates is such that energy flows come out of the narrow ends..If you just put water on the plate or in front of its narrow end, then this will be a passive mode. If at the same time you say any affirmations aloud or mentally, or open the channels on the plate and visualize the desired result, and thank you for getting it, then this will be structuring in an active mode. You can make a "sun" - expand the existing plates around a vessel with water, so that they are directed to the vessel with narrow ends. All plates will work.

There is an interesting way to enhance the work of the blue plates with the help of lilac ones. A container of water is placed on a blue plate, a lilac one is placed in such a way that its narrow end is directed to the wide side of the blue plate, the distance between the plates is about 5 cm. At the same time, plates similar in purpose are selected. For example, for anti-parasitic work, combine No. 1 and 13 or 14, 16..

Affirmations for working with FSC No. 9 Healthy Heart

  • Thank you for opening all your channels;

Next, we pronounce the following settings (choose what you need):

  • Thank you for my normalized blood pressure (name, or name of whom we ask for);
  • Thank you for the normalized work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Thank you for the healed veins and capillaries (of the brain, arms, legs);
  • Thank you for preventing my stroke (or ask for a name);
  • Thank you for recovering from a stroke condition with me (or the name of whom we ask for);
  • Thank you for the resolution of glaucoma \ disbanded glaucoma;
  • Thank you for curing my glaucoma (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the dissolved cataract I have (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the healed cataract I have (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for restoring my vision (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the purified subtle bodies, the physical body, blood vessels, capillaries, my cardiovascular system (or who we ask for a name);
  • Thank you for the restored veins in me (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the restored uterus for me (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for my restored ovaries (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the dissolved stones in my gallbladder (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the restored acid-base balance;
  • Thank you for the restored gastrointestinal tract for me (or the name of whom we ask);
  • I am grateful for the burned and disbanded (any) negative programs in my body (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for a harmonious relationship with relatives (names), people around (names) and children (names) with me (or we ask for a name);
  • Thank you for my normalized blood pressure (name, or name of whom we ask); (if you need to add "quickly", but quickly - it takes 20 minutes);
  • Thank you for the completely restored heart, all the muscles, all the supply vessels, all the valves I have (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for my normalized intracranial pressure (name, or name of whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the dissolved stones in the gallbladder and their gentle removal and dissolution of the remnants from me (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • I thank for the healed vessels of the brain with me (or we ask for the name of whom);
  • Thank you for my improved hearing (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the resorption of the cyst \ disbanded cyst on the kidney;
  • Thank you for the normalized hemoglobin in my blood (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for relieving a headache \ disbanded headache (Pain is an accumulation of negative energy) with me (name, or name for whom we ask);
  • Thank you for the resorption of tumors \ disbanded tumor;

In a number of cases, for brevity, I omit the ending “I have (or the name of whom we ask for)”, this ending is always present..That is, you pronounce your full name, year of birth - this is necessary as a “target designation”, specification. Categorically avoid using the particle NOT, only positive wording! As specific as possible and as if the desired has already been achieved!

It is necessary to work out 30 sessions in a full course and wait 3 days for the channels to close automatically. Or close the channels after each session, this is important if you want to combine the use of the nine with other FSCs. They opened it, gave it an hour and a half to work and close "Thank you (channel name or just the CFS number), I close the channel (s)". It is important to close the channels when using the lilac series together with FSCs of other series.


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