"EVOchlorophyll" - innovative products for restoring health

In the innovative line of EVOchlorophyll products, the Planet of Regions Company implements several directions for systemic effects on the body for the purpose of healing: oxygenation of tissues, restoration of acid-base balance, detoxification of the body, activation of immunocompetent cells. The products of the line are recommended for prevention, adjunctive therapy, as well as for supporting the functional activity of a number of organs and systems within the physiological limits.

The main active ingredient is released water-soluble chlorophyll in the form of chlorophyllin sodium salt. "EVOchlorophyll" contains as an active principle a soluble form of chlorophyll obtained from the alfalfa plant using an exclusive innovative technology.

The purpose of creating the line "EVOchlorophyll" is to strengthen the adaptive capabilities of the body, the removal of toxic substances from the body. It has been proven that chlorophyllin neutralizes oxidative stress caused by chemical and radiation factors. Chlorophyllin also contributes to the inhibition of the nonspecific activity of cytochrome P450, which is important in the prevention of neoplasms of various origins.

The line of products with the active ingredient "EVOchlorophyll", patented by the Planet of Regions Company, is presented in the form of four products that use different concentrations of the Active Water-Soluble Element Chlorophyll (WEC):

“EVOchlorophyll” is a water-soluble element of alfalfa chlorophyll (WEC) that acts in the human body according to the PDT principle (photodynamic therapy) and has a whole range of useful properties: it saves a person from viral and bacterial infections, normalizes metabolism and hormonal status, increases potency , fights chronic diseases, dissolves neoplasms.

In its structure and composition, "EVOchlorophyll" is close to human blood hemoglobin, which allows it to be "own" in the body. When it enters the blood, VEC penetrates deep into the diseased cell, into viruses, helminths, bacteria, is activated under the influence of solar energy, its own heat or special LED devices and releases singlet oxygen, which is the most powerful oxidizing agent and “purifier” of the body. VEC almost instantly brings oxygen and an easily digestible set of carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids into each cell with the blood flow. This allows you to start the process of detoxification and removal of toxic substances from the body in a few minutes.

Today, doctors, medical clinics and consumers have accumulated vast experience in the use of products with active substances of chlorophyll. The main goal of introducing effective natural products of the EVOchlorophyll line is the general improvement of the nation. Timely use of the preventive possibilities of PDT gives many people a chance for a full recovery.

What do you gain thanks to the EVOchlorophyll line:

  • Strong immunity. "EVOchlorophyll" has an immunomodulatory effect, increases the absolute number of immune cells by 30-40%, significantly increasing their activity. With its help, your immune system recovers on its own and begins to fight chronic diseases.
  • Protection against oxygen starvation. "EVOchlorophyll" saturates tissues with oxygen, thereby protecting against the dangerous effects of hypoxia (oxygen starvation).
  • Cancer prevention. "EVOchlorophyll" contributes to the prevention of neoplasms of various origins.
  • I feel great. "EVOchlorophyll" eliminates viral and bacterial infections, fights chronic diseases, normalizes metabolism and hormonal status, improves the functional activity of the leading organs and body systems.
  • Youth and longevity.."EVOchlorophyll" promotes the death of dysfunctional cells, which has the effect of tissue rejuvenation.

Why choose EVOchlorophyll?

  • “EVOchlorophyll” contains as an active principle a soluble form of chlorophyll, obtained from the alfalfa plant using an exclusive innovative technology, which ensures its good absorption, digestibility, stability and precise transportation to target cells. This is the only product on the market with such an effective composition!
  • In terms of its structure and composition, EVOchlorophyll is close to human blood hemoglobin, which allows it to be "its own" in the body and successfully cope with the tasks of restoring and maintaining health
  • "EVOchlorophyll" is perfectly combined with other products of the Company, it can be used in complex programs of rehabilitation and prevention
  • "EVOchlorophyll" is completely non-toxic, natural, non-addictive, compatible with all medications and procedures

How to use EVOchlorophyll products

"EVOchlorophyll-R" - liquid form.

Adults take 5-6 ml (recommended daily dosage, equivalent to one teaspoon) 40 minutes before meals, once a day. The duration of admission is 1 month.

"EVOchlorophyll-K" - capsule form.

For the first week, take 1 capsule daily, then 2 capsules. You can divide the intake into two times: one capsule in the morning, the second - in the afternoon or evening. The duration of admission is 1 month.

"EVOchlorophyll-C" - candles.

Apply 1 suppository at night every other day. Inject deep into the vagina or into the rectum after emptying it. On critical days, it is not recommended to use suppositories intravaginally. The duration of admission is 1 month.

You need to start with taking "EVOchlorophyll-R" (solution). Then, without interruption, take "EVOchlorophyll-K" (capsules). After that, also without taking breaks, you need to start a monthly course of taking "EVOchlorophyll-C" (candles).

In cases of multiple chronic diseases, with oncological processes, it is necessary to consult a doctor and draw up an individual program.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding..

Basic recommendations for taking the EVOchlorophyll line

  • The intake of the liquid form of "EVOchlorophyll-R" must be started with drops under the tongue, or licked from a spoon in small portions and distributed evenly with the tongue over the oral mucosa. In the presence of many chronic diseases, individual characteristics, high weight, in the age group over 70 years, it is recommended to start taking 3-5 drops 1 time per day 40 minutes before meals. Every five days, add 2-3 drops, eventually bringing to a volume of 5-6 ml (recommended daily dosage, equivalent to one teaspoon).
  • "EVOchlorophyll-K" - capsule form - is taken for the first week, 1 capsule per day, then 2 capsules. You can divide the intake into two times: one capsule in the morning, the second - in the afternoon or evening.
  • Candles "EVOchlorophyll-S" are initially used 1 time at night every other day, then you can switch to daily use. The candle can be administered rectally or vaginally (to address issues related to the prevention and hygiene of the intimate sphere).
  • EVOchlorophyll liquid and capsule forms should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, 40 minutes before meals. If you feel dizzy, weak and drowsy, especially in summer, drink before dinner or in the evening, no later than 19 hours, or reduce the dosage.
  • “EVOchlorophyll-R” and “EVOchlorophyll-K” must be taken with plenty of water (1.5-2 glasses) in several doses, preferably with warm alkaline mineral water, with a sulfate content of 800-1000 units (available at a pharmacy) or milk. Mineral water is quickly absorbed and alkalizes acidified blood. Milk can be diluted with water.
  • It is not recommended to consume citrus fruits, sour drinks, tea with lemon within 5 hours after taking products with VEC, since all acids act destructively on the active component of EVOchlorophyll.
  • It is not recommended to drink strong alcohol while taking EVOchlorophyll! Possible acute intoxication and severe hangover!