Solution "EVOchlorophyll - R"

“EVOchlorophyll-R” (solution) - the liquid form of the product is designed to adapt the body to the effects of VEC at the cellular level.

“EVOchlorophyll” restores almost all types of immune imbalances, ensures the body’s resistance to seasonal viral infections, eliminates defects in the antitumor immune response, quickly relieves inflammation and rejuvenates tissues and organs at the cellular level.

Ingredients: purified water, EVOchlorophyll, lecithin, apple pectin, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate. Without the use of chemical emulsifiers, thickeners, dyes and stabilizers.

The content of VEC is 340 mg per 100 ml, in a daily dose of 5 ml - 17 mg.

  • Prevention of oxygen starvation
  • Reduces intoxication of the body caused by both external and internal factors
  • It paralyzes the growth of neoplasms, has an immunomodulatory effect on cellular and humoral immunity
  • Accumulates only in pathological cells, stimulates apoptosis, has anti-inflammatory properties, is not a synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic
  • It is a natural antioxidant and antiseptic, it has a cleansing, deodorizing and regenerating effect
  • It has a powerful preventive effect and correction of age-related changes
  • Recommended for the prevention and correction of diseases, improving the functional activity of all the leading organs and systems of the body
  • It has a regenerating, antifungal and antiparasitic effect

Usage and dosage: Adults take 1 scoop (5-6 ml) per day 30-40 minutes before meals, 1 time per day. In the presence of many chronic diseases, individual characteristics, high weight, in the age group over 70 years, it is recommended to start taking 3-5 drops 1 time per day 40 minutes before meals, gradually increasing the dose by 1-2 drops, bringing within a month to volume 5-6 ml (recommended daily dosage). It is recommended to drink plenty of water (1.5-2 glasses) in several doses, preferably warm alkaline mineral water (with a sulfate content of 800-1000 units) or milk. It is not recommended to consume citrus fruits, sour drinks, tea with lemon within 5 hours after taking products with VEC.

It is very important to follow the recommended dosage!

Special instructions: can be used in complex therapy with other dietary supplements and drugs..

"EVOchlorophyll" and other dietary supplements must be taken at different times, with an interval of at least 2 hours.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Store in a place protected from direct sunlight, out of the reach of children, at a temperature of 0°C to +8°C. After opening, store only in the refrigerator.

"EVOchlorophyll" helps to increase the absolute number of immune cells by 30-40%, significantly increasing their activity. With its help, our immune system self-repairs and begins to fight chronic diseases on its own, directing the body's immunocompetent cells to their intended purpose: T-killers for tumor cells, leukocytes for inflammatory processes, macrophages for clearing PIC (pathologically altered cells), etc.< /p>

As a result of course intake of EVOchlorophyll products in capsules, solution and suppositories, there is an improvement in the properties of blood rheology, microcirculation, and a decrease in aggregation of erythrocytes and platelets.

Due to the special properties of VEC, the products are effective in combating atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents, and diabetes mellitus. During the reception, the energy of the body increases, the normal activity of organs and tissues is restored, and the process of rejuvenation as a whole takes place.