"OXY chlorophyll" - an innovative line of products from "Planet of Regions"

Every person at any age is concerned about the issues of maintaining health, increasing efficiency and activity. On this path, we have to face many obstacles: environmental, economic and social stresses, the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, oxygen starvation (hypoxia) - all this does not have the best effect on the work of our body.
Is it possible to reduce the risk of an aggressive environment affecting the body? How to improve well-being and avoid tedious trips to clinics and pharmacies? A scientifically based answer gives a new direction in medicine - endoecology - the science of the purity of our internal environment.
The means to achieve this goal is "OXYchlorophyll" - an innovative line of products of the "Planet of Regions" Company with a water-soluble chlorophyll element (WEC).

The OXYchlorophyll line of the Planet of Regions Company is presented in the following forms:

The Planet of Regions company presents the OXYchlorophyll line with an active water-soluble chlorophyll element. These are cellular healers of natural origin, which open up a new direction in the healing and rejuvenation of the human body. Chlorophyll tends to accumulate only in pathologically altered cells (PIC), stimulates apoptosis, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is not a synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic.

In the OXYchlorophyll line, several directions have been implemented for systemic effects on the body for the purposes of healing, correction and prevention:

  • Tissue oxygenation
  • Restoring acid-base balance
  • Removal of toxic substances from the body
  • Activation of immunocompetent cells

The action of "OXYchlorophyll" is aimed at prevention, auxiliary therapy, support within the physiological boundaries of the functional activity of a number of organs and systems, strengthening the adaptive capabilities of the body.

The main active ingredient is released water-soluble chlorophyll in the form of chlorophyllin sodium salt. "OXYchlorophyll" contains as an active principle a soluble form of chlorophyll obtained from the alfalfa plant using an exclusive innovative technology. Alfalfa is a leguminous plant that contains in significant quantities almost all the main minerals and chemical elements that make up the human body. Alfalfa extracts some rare elements from the soil thanks to a very deep (10-30 meters) root system. This most valuable plant contains a whole complex of various vitamins (A, B1, B2, B12, E, K) and minerals (Ca, Fe, Mg, P, Si), chlorophyll, complete protein, octacosanol, lecithin, saponins, coumarins, sterols, alkaloids, etc.

"OXYchlorophyll" has a targeted effect on all systems and organs of the human body. The action of each product in this line is aimed at increasing the body's own protective properties with the help of oxygen and beneficial additives, which ultimately leads to the restoration and strengthening of health..

  • In terms of its structure and composition, OXYchlorophyll is close to human blood hemoglobin, which allows it to be "its own" in the body and successfully cope with the tasks of restoring and maintaining health
  • “OXYchlorophyll” is completely non-toxic, natural, non-addictive, compatible with all medications and procedures
  • The line of products "OXYchlorophyll" restores the natural balance of "oxidants-antioxidants", saturates the blood with additional oxygen, as a result, the energy and defenses of the body increase, and the process of rejuvenation as a whole takes place!
  • OXYchlorophyll is perfectly combined with all the Company's products, it can be used in comprehensive health improvement and prevention programs

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for using the products of the OXYchlorophyll line in order to use them as efficiently as possible, taking into account the characteristics and needs of your body.

Recommendations for the use of products of the OXYchlorophyll line

1. Water consumption

  • Drinks and capsules "OXYchlorophyll" should be washed down with plenty of water (1.5-2 glasses) in several doses, preferably warm alkaline mineral water (with a sulfate content of 800-1000 units)
  • You can also drink OXYchlorophyll products with water structured on any Functional State Corrector. FSC should be selected based on personal goals and health objectives
  • It is not recommended to consume citrus fruits, sour juices, fruit drinks, tea with lemon within 5 hours after taking products with VEC, since all acids act destructively on the active component of "OXYchlorophyll"

2. Diet and hygiene

  • In the morning, after taking "OXYchlorophyll", a protein and dairy food is recommended, which promotes the promotion of VEH to the intestines
  • You can eat any food during the day, increasing your fiber intake to improve the evacuation of toxins from the intestines
  • After 18 hours, protein foods are recommended: meat, eggs, nuts
  • Shower - 2 times a day, sauna, bath, salt bath - 1 time per week, plus the use of a hard washcloth

3. Benefits of sunlight

  • Solar insolation is best done in the morning and evening hours, one hour a day..
  • At least 8-10 hours a week, be sure to be outdoors!
  • When the sun is bright outside, it is necessary to protect the retina with sunglasses
  • In winter and in the absence of the sun, you can use red LED lamps with a wavelength of 662-665 nm - 20-30 minutes a day (for complex diseases, you can increase the lamp use time to 1.5 hours a day)

4. Cleansing the lymphatic system and physical activity

  • In order to help the body and to enhance the effect of removing PIK and toxic substances, the following are shown: physical activity, general, underwater and honey massages, lymphatic drainage procedures, visiting saunas and baths
  • For the movement of lymph and additional purification of the lymphatic system, you can use various materials and methods for the use of FSC developed by the Planet of Regions Company: materials of scientific and practical conferences, methods and developments of lecturers, practitioners from different regions
  • The necessary conditions for pumping lymph are the waning moon and the second half of the day. The waning moon happens for 14-15 days monthly

5. Removal of toxins

  • The strengthening of immunity that occurs as a result of taking OXYchlorophyll products leads to the rapid death of helminths present in the body. In order to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body, it is necessary to use sorbents, choleretic, diuretic and laxatives, preferably of plant origin
  • It is recommended to take warm water structured at FSC No. 2 "DETOX", "PEARL OF SERBIA", "ZHIVA"

6. The benefits of positive emotions

  • Engage in self-improvement, relationship psychology, spiritual practices, etc.
  • To harmonize the state, you can use FSCs: "INDI", "SACRED CAVE", "Light of the Rings", "Grace" (also in the form of a FSC bracelet).

All types of OXYchlorophyll products are compatible with all medications that you take as prescribed by your doctor. Gradually, the doctor can reduce the dosage of drugs after appropriate studies confirming a stable improvement in the condition.

When undergoing chemotherapy and complex treatment of neoplasms, it is recommended to take products of the OXYchlorophyll line before and after treatment..At the first stages in increased dosages: simultaneously 3-4 capsules, liquid form 1 tablespoon 2 times a day, suppositories daily, depending on the type, stage and prevalence of the process. Duration of admission - until recovery. Efficiency control - not earlier than 12 weeks after the start of the intake.

In case of a possible exacerbation of diseases, we recommend that you stop taking "OXYchlorophyll" for several days so that the body removes the flow of sick and foreign cells that have entered the blood and lymph, while drinking plenty of water and working with the lymphatic drainage system (FSC No. 2 "DETOX "). After rest, you need to continue taking "OXYchlorophyll" with the same dosage.

It is very important, while cleaning your body, to involve in this process close people with whom you constantly contact and communicate closely - parents, spouses, children. And do not forget about pets, which can also be the source and cause of various human diseases. Animals can be advised to take 1 drop (if the animals are large - use dosages according to the recommendations for children) of any kind of chlorophyll drink "OXYchlorophyll" daily. And your pet will always be healthy, active and cheerful.

To achieve the best results in prevention and recovery, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of specialists and use the OXYchlorophyll line in combination with FSC and other products of the Planet of Regions Company.