Filter and cartridge "Zircon Classic" from the company "Planet of Regions"

The basis of all life on Earth is water. The basis of human health is clean water. It is water that daily delivers nutrients necessary for life to every cell of the body. Also, water is needed to cleanse the cells of toxins and toxins. Metabolism is impossible without the participation of water, and ultimately our well-being depends on its purity.

The metabolism is impossible without the participation of water, and ultimately our well-being and health will depend on its purity. Today it is no longer necessary to prove to people how important the quality of the water they consume is to them. Long gone are the days when you could drink water straight from the tap. Today, almost no one does this anymore, at the same time, many people continue to use untreated tap water for cooking.

Many people think that boiling can, if not completely purify water, then at least disinfect it. In fact, when boiled, some pathogenic bacteria remain in the water, which can withstand heating up to 100 ° C for 10 minutes or more. In addition, boiling does not free water from heavy metals and harmful toxic compounds. On the contrary, substances contained in water can enter into a chemical reaction when heated, interacting with residual chlorine. For example, when cooking, tea, carcinogenic substances are formed - dioxins. The use of chlorine (water chlorination) in water intakes is the main problem of today's cities.

Harmful substances contained in untreated tap water can provoke the development of serious diseases. For example, barium has an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system, and an excess of manganese leads to diseases of the skeletal system.

Where can I get clean water? Buying bottled is expensive and inconvenient. A spring with fresh water can beat right at your home! You just need to install a good filter.