Cartridge "Zircon Classic" - an innovative solution in water purification

The quality of water purification by any filter largely depends on the cartridge used.

The Zircon Classic universal cartridge is based on new generation filter materials and innovative design and technological solutions. The Zircon Classic cartridge contains a unique combination of 9 filter materials (unlike water purifiers available on the Russian and foreign markets, which have from 1 to 5 levels of protection), and has a number of other advantages:

  • 100% chlorine free
  • Purifies water from heavy metals and radionuclides
  • Decreases the value of the redox potential, i.e. The ORP of purified water becomes closer to the ORP value of the internal environment of the human body
  • Reduces water hardness to physiological levels

The uniqueness of the Zircon Classic cartridge is also that it fits most water filters with SlimLine and BigBlue housings or as a final filter in a multi-flask cleaning system installed in any convenient place - on a table, on wall or under the sink.

Do not forget that the basis of all life on earth is water. Pure water should be the basis of human health. And the health or not the health of a person will directly depend on the quality and quantity of water, as well as how much a person understands how important water is for his health and quality of life.

The layout of the layers of filter materials in the "ZIRCON CLASSIC" cartridge

Layer 1 At the inlet to the filter element (in the lid of the canister), a fibrous pre-filter that traps mechanical impurities entering the water from the original reservoir - rivers, lakes, etc. and from worn pipelines.

Layer 2 Unique chelated ion-exchange fiber "mion" in its properties. The use in the filter, along with granular ion-exchange resins, of fibrous ion-exchange materials in the form of a web, for the first time made it possible to remove ionic contamination faster and therefore more efficiently.

Layer 3 Activated silver-containing carbon. Most often, water is purified from organic contaminants using activated carbon. This is due to the fact that activated carbon is able to cope with the task of almost complete removal of chlorine from water and reduce the concentration of organic contaminants by several times..In the ZIRCON CLASSIC cartridge, for the first time, coal was used not with some additive, usually 20%, but all coal, all 100% contain disinfectant particles of nanosilver.

Layer 4 The innovation and advantage of the "ZIRCON CLASSIC" cartridges is that after activated carbon in the form of particulates is installed, a dual-activation carbon non-woven material, significantly superior in properties to granular activated carbon. Thanks to this material, the highest possible removal rate of organic impurities.The fibrous structure of the layers of the material provides a low hydraulic resistance of the sorbent layer.This leads to effective filtration, starting from low water pressure, up to gravity.The use of high quality activated carbon made it possible to 100% purify water from chlorine.

Layer 5,6,7 Another innovation. Materials capable of removing heavy metals, in particular lead, copper, zinc, iron, cadmium. Experience has shown that the introduction of ion-exchange materials into ZIRCON CLASSIC made it possible to reduce the lead content in Moscow water by 6 times, and even higher sorption rates for iron, copper, cadmium.

Layer 8 "Police" layer of silver-containing activated carbon, which ensures the retention of organic contaminants accidentally slipping through the barrier of the main layer of coal.

Layer 9 Fibrous post-filter, fixed at the base of the canister, prevents the penetration of fiber fragments and granules into the purified water and completes the water purification process. The uniqueness of the ZIRCON CLASSIC Cartridge is also that it fits any standard single-flask water purifier, or as a final filter in a multi-flask cleaning system installed in any convenient place - on a table, on a wall or under a sink. Such versatility makes it possible to adapt the water purification system to water parameters in any region, simply by replacing one standard cartridge with a ZIRCON CLASSIC cartridge. The easiest and most convenient way to use ZIRCON CLASSIC cartridges is to insert it into the ZIRCON CLASSIC single-flask filter holder.