MARBAX-2 - the second stage of recovery. Improves blood counts

MARBAX-2 is a food product for functional nutrition. Molecular food nano-complex of animal and vegetable raw materials of marine and terrestrial origin with a high concentration of biologically valuable substances that have a beneficial effect on key life processes

MARBAX-2 task

  • The supply of vital substances to the body, as well as the movement of these substances in the bloodstream and their distribution to cell structures and organs.
  • Provides processes associated with the intensive formation of whole complexes of useful compounds of substances responsible for protecting and ridding the body of negative programs.

MARBAX-2 action

  • Provides the body with a state of increased resistance to extreme factors, such as poor ecology, physical and nervous stress, radiation, antibiotics, chemotherapy, infections, injuries, etc.
  • Stimulation of the body's hematopoietic functions;
  • Promotes the induction of blood interferon.
  • By stimulating the full and proper production of blood interferons, MARBAX-2 prevents the penetration into the body and the development of a huge number of harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, and, importantly, spores of various fungi.

This function of "MARBAX-2" protects our body from infectious diseases of various kinds, makes our body more resistant to food poisoning, spontaneous inflammatory processes and protects our internal useful "working" microflora from the negative influence of foreign and harmful bacteria .

A, stimulating antiviral resistance in healthy cells and enhancing their internal metabolic processes, MARBAX-2 also prevents various mutations leading to oncology, which is cancer prevention.

“Tuning” and regulation of specific blood functions.

It stimulates the deletion of information about body breakdowns from the immune memory through the action of complex metal compounds and macromolecular compounds on blood erythrocytes.

This effect generates biological events that lead to the renewal of the body and a significant increase in human functionality. When the body is sick, each of its cells, and especially blood, erythrocytes accumulate and spread information about this disease and condition throughout the body more and more, and the person gets sick more and more..

Taking "MARBAX-2", through fast (blood flows quickly) and ubiquitous (flows everywhere) erythrocytes, this disease-bearing and disease-causing information is erased, and, instead, healthy information begins to be transmitted, and the body gradually begins to get rid of even from the most severe ailments.

Energetic protective functions, increased energy of mitochondria. Under the influence of MARBAX 2 on the body's defense systems, the level of cortisol protein in the blood serum increases.

The main effect of cortisol is to preserve the energy resources of the body. Normalization of adrenal function, blood pressure.

In MARBAX 2, amino acids are contained in a ready, "active-transport" state and purposefully enter the bloodstream, and from there "addressed" to the cells of the adrenal glands. Under the influence of stress, vasospasm occurs and the activity of heart contractions increases, as well as a spasm of the vessels of the kidneys, and, consequently, the adrenal glands, which produce hormones in our body that are responsible for the regulation of water-salt metabolism.

By normalizing the production of hormones responsible for the water-salt balance, the blood pressure balance is regulated. Increases the permeability of electrical impulses for the Central Nervous System - and biofeedback signals

Various disorders and diseases also cause disturbances in the distribution of liquid media in the body (solutions), and fluid media of the body itself. Consequently, the diffusion of dissolved substances and electrolytic properties are disturbed. And the purer and more homogeneous these solutions, the better electrical impulses are conducted. MARBAX-2 cleanses the blood and other body fluids. It makes the blood more fluid, and other fluids get rid of dense formations and thickenings, as a result, biocontrol impulses are not distorted. The body works better and more reliably in all its manifestations.

In addition, the thought process, memory and reaction improves. Helps the body to recognize substances and states of physical tension of organs and tissues - transmit signals to the Central Nervous System, respond to changes in a timely and correct manner. The body becomes less dependent on external factors, such as weather and geomagnetic phenomena, as it quickly adapts to them..

His metabolism increases, he clears faster, reacts faster to various diseases and finds a way to resist them faster and more effectively, minimizing the consumption of drugs.

Improves blood circulation in the body. Blood pressure normalizesQuality improves and accelerates the supply of nutrients and protective substances, as well as oxygen carried by the blood, organs and tissues of the body.

In this case, the body effectively rejuvenates, as the blood becomes "thinner" and more mobile, the supply improves and the metabolism accelerates. Blood pressure normalizes, weight gradually normalizes.

Spasms of blood vessels, headaches, migraines, convulsions, etc. stop. The general condition is normalized. Carcinostatic action. Neutralization and removal from the body of carcinogenic substances - poisonous and contributing to oncogenesis.

Ingredients: "MARBAX-2"

Bacteriologically pure ancient sea water. The ancient sea water used in MARBAX contains at least 72 of the 92 naturally occurring chemical elements.

Multicomponent bio-molecular system from the soft tissues of marine mollusks (MBS) MBS includes a complex of 252 biologically active components, many of which are capable of exerting a therapeutic effect even at ultra-low concentrations.

Plant compositions: Blend of 3 natural hypoallergenic types of high mountain honey; natural spices; Natural spice extracts obtained at temperatures of 30-40°C without additional solvents and impurities; Potassium sorbate Folic acid in stable form Metalloenzymes