MARBAX - Molecular food nano-complexes

For more than three years, the Planet of Regions company has been presenting MARBAX-1 and MARBAX-2 products, which have proven themselves as a means of preventing health and treating various diseases. This is evidenced by a large number of positive results, including in the most difficult health cases.

MARBAX 1 and MARBAX 2 cleanse the body at the intracellular level, increase resistance, develop long-term resistance to diseases and harmful effects. The logic of MARBAX is this: "Everything that interferes with life must go, and everything that helps it must develop."
MARBAX is based on the results of fundamental research. Its main task is to help the body "repair and build" itself from the inside.

The CENTER REGION company presents a new line of MARBAX products - MARBAX-JET. It includes two products named according to their functional properties: MARBAX-JET-Restoration and MARBAX-JET-Revival.

The difference between the new products and MARBAX 1 and MARBAX 2 is an increased concentration of active ingredients in the solution, new transport, complexing properties and a reduced volume (200 ml). This effect is achieved through the "Sea Vortex" technology, developed specifically for MARBAX-JET products.

Recall that these products have a single basis: relic sea water plus a multicomponent biomolecular system (MBS) from the soft tissues of marine mollusks. Each of the products has its own specifics and purpose. But all of them are designed for a complex effect on the human body and effective help for ailments.

People tormented by diseases turn to doctors of various profiles: a general practitioner, a surgeon, a neuropathologist... Thus, the body seems to be divided into parts, and each part receives treatment. But we all know: we treat one thing - we cripple another. MARBAX, on the other hand, acts on the body in a complex way, healing it as a whole.

Main functions of MARBAX complexes

One of the main functions of the combined MARBAX complexes is to stimulate the synthesis of proteins that ensure the stability and viability of the body. MARBAX, working at the molecular level, supplies the cell with substances that stimulate the synthesis and work of BAX, or protein X, a protein of the gene family. It controls the most important biological process (regulated by the body itself) - the self-destruction of defective (damaged, infected, mutated) cells. It is clear that life expectancy depends on this. In addition, MARBAX regulates cellular activity and stimulates mitochondrial activity.

MARBAX enhances activity in tumor processes and prevents them. It stimulates the production of anti-oncoproteins, eliminating the tumor transformation of cells in time. Also, the CVC ensures the conduction of biopulses from the central and peripheral nervous system at the level of intracellular structures.

Thus, MARBAX products contribute to the regular supply of substances to microsystems that form protein structures that perform "building" and regulatory functions. The MARBAX 1 and MARBAX 2 products for intracellular purification of the body organically fit into the line. They help to move into a state of non-specific increased resistance (SNPS), which develops long-term resistance of the body to diseases, stress and harmful influences.

All MARBAX complexes are safe. They contain only natural substances and correctly affect the body. There are no allergic reactions when using MARBAX. On the contrary, allergy symptoms can be suppressed.

However, the deep and complex nature of the biological events that MARBAX initiates can often lead to temporary exacerbations. Moreover, the symptoms of precisely those pathological processes that MARBAX affects are mainly exacerbated and manifest.

During exacerbations, MARBAX "switches" the body's systems to recognize pathological processes at the receptor and biochemical levels and "registers" these states in memory. Recognized pathological processes (foci of inflammation and infection, defective cells) become areas of special attention in the body.

From experience, we can say that there may be short-term attacks of diarrhea or constipation, nausea, abdominal discomfort, very rarely - a slight rash on the skin, etc..Often, symptoms of old, chronic healed diseases also appear - for example, joints begin to hurt, etc.

There is no need to be afraid of these temporary unpleasant phenomena and stop taking MARBAX. If the reaction is too acute, you can reduce the concentration of the drug (dilute it) according to the instructions.

Exacerbations indicate that MARBAX gives the body the substances and energy necessary to completely rid itself of substances that infect and clog it, dead cells, inflammation products, toxins, etc. And diseased organs or parts of the body respond to the drug in the first place. And this is normal, especially at the first stage of using MARBAX 1, when the body is cleansed at the cellular level. It must be remembered that a real healing effect cannot be achieved without effort. Trust MARBAX, and your efforts and inconvenience will be rewarded in full.

This is explained by the fact that we most often trigger diseases, do not treat them, treat them incorrectly, or generally tolerate them and do not pay attention to them. The body is forced to adapt to this in order to reduce harm or reduce the reaction to stimuli. The pain subsides. The body gets tired of constant stress due to pain, pressure, etc., the sensitivity of the receptors decreases, it adapts to the pathological condition that we stop noticing. But regardless of this, the pathology gradually or rapidly develops. MARBAX reduces the forced adaptation and makes the pathological state apparent, while simultaneously mobilizing the body to suppress it. Of course, this primarily concerns chronic and inflammatory conditions.

Why seafood

Sea water, the natural habitat of many living beings, has the richest mineral composition. The marine fauna and flora contain a huge number of combinations of nutrients that are not found in terrestrial species. And the vast and constantly renewed food base in the marine environment creates almost ideal conditions for evolution.

Marine organisms, especially bottom molluscs, are capable of accumulating useful substances in tissues at concentrations ten times higher than their content in the external environment. Added to this is the amazing ability of the world's oceans to cleanse itself of pollution.

Animals and plants of the Black and Mediterranean Seas are an inexhaustible pantry of the most important biologically active and mineral substances and unique biogenic microelements..

MARBAX Composition

The living heart of the MARBAX project is a multicomponent biomolecular system (MBS) made from the soft tissues of marine molluscs.

A multicomponent biomolecular system (MBS) is produced by deep cleavage of protein molecules of the soft tissues of mollusks: rapana (lat. Rapana venosa, Rapana thomasiana) and Black Sea mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis).

A feature of the MBS production method is the industrial imitation of complex biochemical processes that occur in highly organized living systems, with the following differences:

1) multiple times enhanced biological effect;

2) the use of environmentally friendly marine raw materials, unique in value.

MBS includes 252 biologically active components, many of which are capable of healing even at ultra-low concentrations.

Rapana is a living factory for the production of biogenic stimulants. It feeds on mussels and other types of bivalve mollusks (oysters, miyami, cardiums, venerids, etc.). The composition of the food of mussels is also diverse: these are planktonic, unicellular organisms and small invertebrates. All this makes the soft tissues of rapana and mussels carriers of the most valuable natural substances. After deep breakdown of the protein molecules of shellfish, these substances become overactive.

MBS is the object of numerous studies that have received a number of diplomas at reputable international conferences on spa and restorative medicine. For more than 12 years, MBS has been successfully helping adults and children to restore their health in the Black Sea health resorts. It is effectively used in the complex treatment of serious chronic diseases (infertility, liver disease, impotence, metabolic disorders, oncological diseases, infectious and inflammatory processes), in recovery after surgery, etc.

In 2005, MBS was included in the federal program "Health". It is mined in the ecologically clean water area of ​​the natural marine reserve near the Bolshoi Utrish peninsula (Anapa resort).

Water of the ancient sea.

MARBAX uses bacteriologically pure water of the ancient sea that has retained relict sterility. It is extracted from underground lakes hidden at depths of up to 1000 meters.

The extremely complex composition, structure and architectural relationships of water have been formed for hundreds of millions of years under the influence of rich ancient flora and fauna..The rivers and geological processes that flowed into the sea concentrated mineral and organic substances in the water for many years.

All the experience of nature and biological evolution has been accumulated over long geological epochs in the most complex structures of relict sea water and minerals, which record in ionic bonds and mineral complexes information about all forms of biological life, their methods of adaptation, regeneration and energy transfer.

The ancient sea water in MARBAX contains at least 72 of the 92 naturally occurring chemical elements. It is enriched with bromine and concentrated iodine compounds. This is an active living environment that carries an energy charge and special ions involved in the construction of complex components when interacting with other substances and the human body. Therefore, the water of the ancient sea in MARBAX enhances the action of other active substances, ensuring their organic interaction with the systems and environments of the body. It powerfully stimulates the body's internal and external receptors, tuning and regulating biological processes and interaction with the external environment.

Apple cider vinegar syrup. Natural apple cider vinegar of branded MARBAX syrups is produced in the Kuban from sweet varieties of apples, so it does not contain acetic acid dangerous for cells, but contains a large amount of pectin and malic acid, which has a lot of valuable properties.

Apple cider vinegar stimulates the synthesis of digestive enzymes and the secretion of gastric juice, normalizes the acid-base balance in the body. It is especially useful in combination with seafood. This combination in diet therapy with fat restriction gives a good effect in the treatment of obesity.

Apple cider vinegar is especially needed for people with insufficient gastric secretion and metabolic disorders (that is, almost everyone). Also, as a result of the action of malic acid, glycogen is formed in the body, which increases efficiency. Apple cider vinegar reduces appetite, stimulates metabolism and promotes the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, the removal of toxins from the body. Apple cider vinegar also contains flavonoids and folic acid.

Flavonoids protect the body from oncological diseases and enhance metabolic processes, and folic acid is necessary to restore defects and damage in the human genetic material (DNA and RNA)..In addition, apple cider vinegar improves immunity, blood clotting and improves blood circulation; getting into the intestines, it destroys fungi and bacteria, creating good conditions for the development of beneficial microflora.

Balsamic vinegar.

The recipe for balsamic vinegar is about a thousand years old, and in ancient times it was considered exclusively a medicinal product. From antiquity to the present, the highest quality balsamic vinegar has been produced in the vicinity of the Italian city of Modena. It is Modena vinegar that is used in MARBAX. Balsamic vinegar contains polyphenols that can resist diseases of the heart muscle, cancer. Vinegar components also effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic microflora.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is necessary for the body to create, grow and develop constantly replacing cells. Its importance for hematopoiesis, as well as the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems, is especially noticeable. Vitamin B9 affects the bone marrow that produces red blood cells. Folic acid protects red blood cells and promotes the formation of amino acids, the building blocks of body proteins. In addition, it helps the body protect against breast and colon cancer.

Magnesium is involved in the biosynthesis of proteins and nucleic acids responsible for the storage and transmission of correct genetic information. Participates in the regulation of enzymatic systems of carbohydrate and energy metabolism, in the transport of necessary substances through the cell membrane.

Potassium as the main intracellular cation is related to the synthesis of proteins, enzyme systems and glucose metabolism. Regulates metabolism.

Sodium is involved in the formation of blood plasma.

Chlorine in the form of compounds appears in the earth's crust as a result of water migration of the oceans. In the form of an ion, Cl– is found in the ocean (1.93%), underground brines and salt lakes.

It enters the body in the form of sodium and potassium chlorides.

In the body, chlorine is the main osmotically active substance in blood plasma, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid and some tissues. Its concentration plays an important role in water-salt metabolism. By changing the distribution of chlorine between the blood and other tissues, the acid-base balance in the tissues is regulated.

Bromine helps to restore the correct ratio of excitation and inhibition in the brain. Under stress, the amount of bromine in the blood and brain decreases..

Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the basic functions of the body, protecting it from viruses and microbes. Participating in metabolism and relieving nervous tension, iodine is able to activate oxidative reactions and hematopoiesis. It lowers the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, cleanses the blood vessels, increases the activity of leukocytes and the content of red blood cells. Improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

Boric acid is an effective antiseptic, protects the gastrointestinal tract from putrefactive processes and fungal infections.

Potassium sorbate is a salt of sorbic acid. Responsible for the safety of products, preventing bacteria and fungi from multiplying. Provides disinfection of MARBAX preparations.

High-mountain polyfloral honey has strong antibacterial properties and is recommended in diabetic nutrition (does not require the presence of insulin). Useful for liver diseases, atherosclerosis, as well as a sedative for nervous diseases and insomnia, is used for increased thyroid function.

The juice of the Abkhaz zoned lemon varieties contains more vitamins than Turkish and other lemons, since this is the northernmost lemon, it is produced without intensive cultivation technologies and long-term storage. Useful for metabolic disorders, beriberi, diseases of the genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract, hypertension. Recommended for rheumatism, gout, liver disease, jaundice, swelling of the extremities. Juice and syrup have a pronounced antihelminthic effect.

Concentrated pomegranate juice is recommended for malnutrition, anemia, atherosclerosis, acute respiratory infections, radiation exposure, bronchial asthma. In combination with natural honey, it restores and maintains the composition of the blood, restores strength after stress, strengthens the immune system, and alleviates a serious condition in case of kidney diseases.

Hydrogen sulfide in micromolar concentrations used in MARBAX is involved in signal transmission between cells, stimulates the protective properties of the cell membrane, prevents necrosis and regulates apoptosis. Hydrogen sulfide has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In MARBAX products, it was possible to combine marine and terrestrial components in optimal proportions for humans, which are ideally combined, reinforce each other and perform a number of important functions in the body.