Proofreader Koltsov "Star of the Soul". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Star of the Soul" awakens the spiritual and adds physical strength, helps in learning, gaining knowledge, "unload" from an excess of unnecessary information

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

At the FSC, the polarization of water is registered on 08/12/2022 - the day of gaining strength. According to the folk calendar, this is the day of John the Warrior, Siluyan, Silin day.

Water structuring time - 15 minutes.

  • It awakens spiritual and physical forces in a person, makes it possible to confidently declare oneself, one's potential in society (work, relationships, etc.), to show the best human qualities
  • In a constant mode, it protects the user's energy from social vampirism, restores the integrity of the biofield, forms a strong energy cocoon, and the more often you use the Corrector, the larger the diameter and the higher the power of sealing protection
  • Adds yang strength and energy to men, giving them the opportunity to collect "strong strength", affects potency
  • It activates the “power of harmony” in women, the spiritual beginning of the family, helps to tune in and enter a state of deep inner calm, goodness, warmth, removes nervousness, fussiness, loudness from the “anchor”, so that harmony and peace reign in the family
  • Adjusts to connect with the information field of the Earth ("Universal Akashic Chronicles"), Higher teachers, helps to obtain the necessary knowledge
  • Awakens the Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, helps to easily tune in and enter a safe flow to receive the information the user needs (channeling)
  • Fills with a state of endless eternal inviolability of Life, the Universe, helps to even out the emotional background, "unload" from an excess of unnecessary information
  • Contributes to the removal from a person of negative introduced energies, the burden of unnecessary responsibility
  • Contributes to good undertakings in business and difficult work, helps to relieve excessive tension and nervousness
  • Helps in learning, gaining knowledge, incl. about new techniques, methods, methods of research
  • Helps to manifest talents, wisdom in full force
  • Promotes well-being on the go, when moving and changing jobs
  • It helps to improve the functioning of the large intestine, regulate lymph flow, and relieve spasms
  • Helps to improve venous circulation in case of congestion in the lower extremities, inguinal region (varicose veins, hemorrhoids)
  • Contributes to the recovery of the body of a woman after childbirth on the physical and emotional levels, helps to reduce the manifestations of postpartum depression
  • Increases the power potential of animals and plants through the energies of the Earth

  • Creates a unique tandem with the FSC "GATE OF INFINITY" to reach a new level of personal development, to find one's destiny, to integrate into the evolutionary processes of energies of a higher order and adapt to them more quickly
  • Best to use in the afternoon, especially when tired
  • Recommended for women in the postpartum period, for all women in the food preparation area
  • Recommended for heavy physical work (loaders, farmers, etc.), high loads, active movement on the legs (waiters, postmen, couriers, etc.), sports (especially power sports), sitting put life and work on a chair or chair (drivers, office workers, beauticians, schoolchildren and students)
  • Works in tandem with FSC "MAXIMUS" to enhance male sexual function
  • Women are encouraged to work together with FSC "POWER LADA", "BEREGINIA"
  • To remove the negative introduced energies, it is necessary to soak an aspen broom for 5 minutes in water structured on FSC and use it in a bath for soaring, and also attach it to a shower head
  • For transformational meditations, channeling, for healing the Soul and the physical body, revealing one's potential, you can write specific requests, programs
  • Through FSC you can address St. John (a warrior of the 4th century):
  1. for intercession from enemies and foes
  2. to help the grieving, offended and innocently convicted
  3. about the return of stolen goods
  4. finding the missing, release from captivity

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