Proofreader Koltsov "The Gates of Infinity". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Gates of Infinity" charges with the active energy of success, starts the synthesis of the strongest energies for "pumping" all spheres of life

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The water polarization is registered on the FSC on 08/08/2022 - the peak of a powerful energy period, which is called the "Lion's Gate".

Water structuring time - 15 minutes..

  • Renews energies for the user through cosmic loading, saturates with the energies of the Earth, creates a link between the spiritual and material worlds, grounds, gives support, strength, good mood
  • Charges the user with the active energy of success, aims everyone at his unique, individual future without stereotypes and patterns, activates intense energies that change the dogmatic views on himself, on the world, thereby allowing the user to manifest powerful positive changes
  • Works with subtle bodies, helps eliminate the energy imbalance in the user's biofield, reveals one's own energy-information "assembly point", allows one to make a quantum leap (evolution) in expanding one's consciousness, initiates the accelerated development of the user's personality
  • Opens a "window" in a person's Soul and builds an energy bridge in life that helps to accelerate the growth of the Soul so that a person can grow and move his evolution forward
  • It helps to structure consciousness, focus on a certain area of ​​life, realize your needs and the direction of your development, formulate goals for the manifestation and obligatory translation of dreams into reality
  • Contributes to the flow of new codes of Light through the user and activates the body of Light of all who raise their awareness to higher spirals of evolution
  • Gives a unique chance to start following your spiritual goals, start living "from the Soul", step into your best qualities and manifestations
  • Works with the emotional background, the heart center, fills with calmness, relieves emotional pain, increases the user's level of consciousness
  • Gives a synthesis of the strongest yang (male) and yin (female) energies, helps to improve relationships in a couple, gives an understanding of the essence and meaning of relationships (helps to work out conflict situations, heal bitterness and misunderstanding, saturate with energy to reach a new level of harmony in a couple )
  • Removes the destructive energies of pity, clears numerous 3D programs from low energies and blocks, fills them with positive good energies of compassion, empathy
  • Charges powerful creative energy through transformative streams of light, enables the user to move into new energy streams, showing illumination with new ideas
  • Sets the user to open new channels of perception of information, helps to restart the person's personal "database", updates outdated "files" in the head
  • Helps stabilize the nervous system
  • Activates blood circulation in the cervical spine, helps to remove spasms and clamps
  • It is aimed at cleansing the vessels of the brain, relieving ischemic manifestations, improves blood circulation in tissues, therefore, there is a prevention of strokes, support for the body in case of serious diseases in conjunction with drug therapy (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, age-related dementia, autism spectrum, etc.)..p.)
  • Helps with various diseases of the organs of vision (cataract, glaucoma, vasospasm, myopia of varying degrees, accommodation disorders, etc.)
  • Increases and helps develop sensitive abilities (clear-knowledge, -hearing, -vision), information can come through sleep
  • Gives energy rejuvenation, cheerfulness, activity, lightness, a state of flirting and teaches you to enjoy life regardless of external factors
  • It helps to remove the feeling of age from the subconscious - the very energy "anchors" of fatigue, decrepitude, pushes the age boundaries of youth

  • Creates a unique tandem with the FSC "STAR OF THE SOUL" to reach a new level of personal development, to find one's destiny, to integrate into the evolutionary processes of higher energies and adapt to them more quickly
  • It is necessary to introduce FSC into practice gradually, carefully, as it carries very powerful energies, a strong pulsation occurs in the palms
  • If there is high blood pressure, pronounced atherosclerosis, then it is best to start with the use of structured water
  • Necessary for everyone and everyone for daily training-adaptation of the physical body to new energies
  • Important for harmonious relationships in a couple
  • Necessary for specialists and parents to work with children on the autism spectrum, introverts, psychologically traumatized people
  • Structify your beauty products, take a shower, pump, be sure to drink enough structured water to keep your physical body young (externally, internally)
  • Astrologers call this date the Portal of Abundance, so with the help of FSC, do any techniques and practices to improve all areas of life at a convenient time for you
  • Paired with FSC "MIGRENON" works with the topic of headaches and profile diseases, as well as in complex therapy with drugs

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