Proofreader Koltsov "Herald of the Sun". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Herald of the Sun" balances matter, energy and consciousness, improves cognitive functions, promotes making the right important decisions

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

Water polarization was recorded on the FSC on December 21, 2022, on the day of the winter solstice.

Water structuring time - 20 minutes

  • The ancient, fundamental, all-encompassing energy does not start working at the current level of the user, but immediately, having “scanned” his state, begins to transfer to the next, higher level of development
  • Activates the energies of transition to a new space-time continuum and enables the user to manifest the Higher mission of the Soul in new energies
  • The main energy messages for the user's personality are impartiality, severity and justice, but not cruelty. “Observe the Laws of the Universe (God, the World, etc.) and you will automatically get what you deserve. If you don’t comply, no one will scold you, you just get what you deserve anyway. Thus, showing that the Highest Love is impersonal, but at the same time all-embracing
  • Balances the user's matter, energy and consciousness
  • Immersion in oneself, contemplation of one's inner world will fill the user with a feeling of love and care for oneself, especially after a mistake/misconduct, it helps to forgive oneself, feeling unity with the entire Universe
  • Gives a prayerful state of "talking with God", a deep personal confession of the user, which reveals his true spiritual quest, aspirations, intentions, and also gives the opportunity to connect with his inner time
  • Gives a feeling of connection with the Supreme from the position of an Adult child on the Earth of his Heavenly parent, makes it possible to realize and correct life mistakes
  • Activates questions within the user for the process of finding answers to them through awareness: who am I now? What are my true needs, desires? What is my plan of action, harmonious for me? And from the answers of a person depends on what his future path will be. There may be a feeling that you need to pass some kind of exam, make a spiritual offering, perform austerity, make obligations, pass the test, get a powerful inner strength and the Highest support for the further path of life
  • Contributes to making the right important decisions and the successful completion of the work begun, does not allow alien and harmful energies, programs into the user's energy space
  • It imbues the user with new energies and opportunities to achieve goals, helps to increase financial income, allows, through balancing and harmonizing a person, to change the configuration of the flow of circumstances that goes from the outside world to the inner world of a person
  • Increases the energy status and triggers mechanisms for changing all chemical and biological processes in the physical body at the cell level
  • Activates the process of expanding consciousness, promotes the formation of new neural networks, launches dormant capabilities and abilities of the user's physical body, improves cognitive functions (memory, thought processes, etc.)
  • Promotes the formation of new nerve fibers that are able to hold and transmit dozens of times more light through the physical body, helps regulate "anger", internal aggression
  • Starts the process of purification and synchronization of the human energy system, prevents physical ailments (especially inflammatory processes), does not allow alien and harmful energies and programs into the user's energy space
  • Fills with a sense of humility, where humility means "in peace", a feeling of self-love at its best, self-confidence, self-worth
  • Contributes to a favorable change in the energy of space to attract happiness and mutual love
  • He oversees, like a talisman, the birth of everything new - energies, ideas, projects, states, children. Carefully cuts off unnecessary situations and events, forms the next level of development of the new World
  • It is also aimed at helping women for psychological preparation to become a mother, to bear a child
  • Works for healing with various organs and systems - with blood vessels, liver

  • Creates a unique tandem with FSC "RAY OF HOPE"
  • It is recommended to start working with FSC by taking structured water in the recommended amounts (30 ml per day per 1 kg of body weight)
  • The corrector turns on by time individually for each person. First, the energies “look”: what level of energy (vibrational) development the user is in front of them, his fullness, and then turn on, not adjusting, but pushing the person to the next level
  • Form requests, write goals, put the FSC on the 5th energy center (Soul) and say out loud what you want. Do this practice regularly
  • Use together with the FSC "SACRED LOVE", "LOVE" in the practice of emotional reboots, letting go of the superfluous, painful, release for joy, light
  • When applying for a new job, it is recommended to take this FSC with you
  • Required for anyone who:
    • Looking for ways to develop himself, his personality, spiritual potential
    • Going through the processes of learning, job search, the meaning of life
    • Confused in life, relationships, wants to understand himself
    • Wants to deal with the burden of the past and be free for the new
    • Wants to start over with a clean slate: life, project, moving forward
    • Life crises of different ages pass (for example, 30 years old or a “midlife crisis” of 42-45 years old, when a person rethinks himself and his life, etc.)
  • To cleanse the space from negative emotional and mental energy, it is necessary to structure a saline solution on the FSC and use it for wet cleaning
  • Together with profile FSCs, it works for cleansing and improving the vascular system and liver

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