Proofreader Koltsov "Transformation". Elite series

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FSC "Transformation" helps to adapt to new energies, helps to accelerate the implementation of the desired series of events

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of the energy portal, which opened on December 21, 2021, is registered on the FSC

  • Enables adaptation to new quantum energies that determine our further development
  • Opens powerful waves of light energies, replaces quantum currents for the user to accept a new range of frequencies, is a concentrator, amplifier and conductor of subtle new energies, knowledge and information
  • Helps to get rid of harmful illusions, works with consciousness and subconsciousness - helps to remove the veil of "haze" from the eyes and start to see everything in its true form (events, people), correctly understand what is happening in space and society, eliminates restrictions and attitudes, and consciousness moves to a new, higher level
  • Gives new opportunities to the user to realize the true values ​​of life, awaken the true spiritual heart, opens the way to oneself, to a new blissful reality
  • Increases the speed of thought, awakens the Divine seed of Light and gives enlightenment to the Soul through flashes of spiritual insight and forms an intuitive desire for spiritual growth
  • Performs preference and assistance to the processes of internal “re-uploading” of the user from egoism to altruism, helps to disband and return negative messages made by ill-wishers or envious people
  • Activates heartfelt feelings and Spiritual discipline in a person, allows the user to follow the dictates of their destiny
  • Contributes to the restructuring and reaching the best level of any form of relationship
  • Encourages going beyond time cycles, attuning and synchronizing the user to the high energies and vibrations of the Earth
  • Designed to work with complex autoimmune diseases that are present in a person at birth and are transmitted genetically from parents, as well as due to exposure to environmental factors (smoking, alcohol, unhealthy food, etc.)..)
  • Helps the user adapt to the new energies of time, "anchor" on the earth plane and fixate in a point in space without sending thoughts to the past or shaping the future
  • It helps to accelerate the implementation of the desired series of events, removes the hooks of past events and thought forms, especially negative ones, works with fears
  • It helps to collect the integrity of the Higher Self of the user's personality in a harmonious manifestation on the physical and spiritual level, gives protection, a sense of care and sincerity of the outside world on the path of life, helps to choose the best clean path for the realization of a good plan
  • Helps the correct, healthy field structure of the fetus (healthy DNA genetic code) to emerge and form
  • It is aimed at adapting the spatial characteristics of the user's energy, centers it in the current period of life, helps to work through the traumatic experience of past events

Water structuring time - 25 minutes.

  • Creates unique tandems with FSC "PETROVOCHKA", "AWAKENING THE SOUL"
  • Required for everyone who uses the FSC with 8 elements as an adapter (adapter) to a new level from the current energy-information state of the biofield and subtle bodies
  • It is recommended to do pumping: put the FSC and sit with the 1st energy center (chakra) for 20 minutes, then move it to the head on the 7th energy center (chakra) for 5-10 minutes, and then put it on the thymus (thymus gland, in the middle between the 4th and 5th energy centers ) for 20 minutes. You can adjust the duration individually according to your feelings
  • It is important for women to regularly use FSC before pregnancy approximately 1-1.5 years in advance to minimize the risks of transmitting genetic diseases to the fetus at the informational (field) level. As soon as I thought about wanting to have a baby
  • Helps to call on spiritual parents and teachers to get answers to important non-material spiritual questions
  • Important for transformational work during meditation, spiritual practices, austerities, self-improvement processes of the soul and body
  • Helps in the birth of children - during childbirth, you can write a note "my child is born easily, in love, in light"
  • Compatible with all previously released FSCs

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