Proofreader Koltsov "Sacred Love". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Sacred Love" fills with the energies of love and forgiveness, helps to "warm" relationships, brings joy and light to the space

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The water polarization of the energy flow on May 2, 2022 is registered on the FSC

Water structuring time - 15 minutes.

  • Fills with the fertile energy of unconditional love of the Higher Consciousness, gives the opportunity to accept and feel all the power and strength of this energy, to be nourished and live in high-level energies
  • Aimed at improving the moral, moral and spiritual qualities in the user's character (honesty, determination, generosity, mercy, endurance, disinterestedness, caring, humanism, conscientiousness, sincerity, responsibility, respect for elders, love for one's neighbor)
  • Opens a powerful flow of energy, activates a direct source of strength and creativity of the user through strengthening the connection with the Creator
  • Activates the energy of acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness in the user and makes it possible to sincerely forgive, including oneself for committed / imperfect actions, mistakes, spoken words, to transform guilt into true forgiveness, order to avoid the manifestation of psychosomatic diseases
  • Strengthens the will and purifies the Soul and heart, renews the piety of a person and his devotion to his faith, leads the user to true divine order, unity with God, unity with other religions at the level of the spiritual heart
  • Helps the user to discover/find the path of life and go on his personal path, comprehend the essence of life, awaken the truth and sincerity of actions and thoughts
  • Aimed at de-energizing the negative programs and attitudes of society, liberation from false illusions and everything related to untruth, lies, moral perversions and distortions of reality
  • Adjusts to the biorhythms of space, brings joy and light there, eliminates the energies of chaos, teaches you to dominate your emotions, feelings, thoughts, needs, returns the user the concept of "owning himself"
  • Restores Spiritual strength and recharges the user's energy level, very correctly and carefully leads to the Divine light, to the temple of his soul for spiritual awakening
  • Helps to improve relationships in the family and society, "warm up" relationships, reconcile
  • Harmonizes the reference male and female energies in a single stream, fills with the feeling and warmth of fatherly care - strict, but without suppression and aggression (male energy), pristine purity, purity, lightness, tenderness (female energy)
  • It helps to find mutual understanding between people of different religions, to reach a higher spiritual level in relationships without enmity and quarrels on the topic of faith, God
  • Contributes to the activation of family ties
  • Contributes to strengthening the body's dynamic resistance to diseases and ailments
  • Starts rejuvenation processes in the user's body

  • It is necessary for every person, regardless of his religion, "my religion is love!"
  • The filling energy of the Corrector causes a powerful expansion of the biofield, works with the user in the healing energies of higher Love on a conscious and unconscious level
  • FSC almost always starts working with a user with the activation of the heart center
  • An excellent tool for working through the energy phantoms of "self-digging" (mental self-torture) in order to forgive oneself and reconcile with oneself. This can take place in practices, austerities, meditations, in psychological trainings, it can be a tool for psychologists
  • In families (collectives) with representatives of different religions, it is recommended to drink FSC-structured water from one jug to create an atmosphere of community, unity, acceptance, respect
  • Take a shower, wash, treat wounds and skin lesions, apply to the body to the projections of organs (soak a cloth in structured water and apply for 20-30 minutes)
  • In families where there are often conflicts, this FSC should be placed (on furniture, for example) to stop quarrels
  • The corrector works well alone, it is self-sufficient, and if necessary or an inner desire, it can enhance the effect of any FSC, especially the spiritual aspect, during pumping

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