Proofreader Koltsov "Solar". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Solar" gives impetus to decisive action, accelerates the materialization of thoughts, opens the cash flow

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The water polarization is registered on the FSC on the day of 03/22/2022, when there was a triple holiday: the day of the vernal equinox, the day of the Goddess Vesta, the primordial Russian Maslenitsa.

Water structuring time - 25 minutes.

  • Sets the rhythm for harmonious interaction with the external space
  • With awareness and energy readiness of the user, it increases its frequency range through the information codes of the Sun, i.e..a person begins to sound in unison with the higher vibrations of the Sun and Light
  • Restores inner balance in a person, balance yin-yang, creates and maintains a single stream of integrity of the user's personality for implementation in life
  • It gives impetus to decisive action, the start of important undertakings and plans, it starts the processes of promoting new projects and ideas aimed exclusively at the good (with a negative connotation, on the contrary, it slows down and stops)
  • Reveals the "sprouts" of plans built by a person earlier, a year ago
  • Activates the energies of confidence, gives everything that has been started a powerful penetrating power, strong-willed pressure and eliminates everything unnecessary and obsolete, unites the mind and heart into a single whole ("fire of transformation")
  • Expands and strengthens the energy field of the user, accelerates the materialization of thoughts, opens the cash flow
  • Harmonizes the work of both hemispheres of the brain, enhances the emotional and intellectual potential
  • Activates the energies of cheerfulness, leadership, sincerity, purposefulness and independence in a person, promotes the manifestation of internal, previously hidden, creative reserves of the user
  • Fills the space and the user with spiritually pure energies and transforms the negative into positive, creates an individual living space without fears and doubts
  • When creating an intent by the user, it helps trigger a positive correction of life events
  • Grants the acquisition of the ancient wisdom of the Goddess Vesta (knows the word approved by the Gods)
  • Gives support to the user in spiritual and physical strength, activates the energy potential, fills with a feeling of joy and happiness
  • It helps to create a warm friendly atmosphere in the family, team, improves relations between a man and a woman, attracts conscious people to implement plans and projects
  • Ennobles everything that the user's hand touches: beautiful space, relationships, atmosphere, original ideas for business and creativity come

  • Follow high spiritual values ​​and ideals, believe in the righteousness of your cause
  • Think healthy with the power of the Spirit
  • Listen to your heart and look for creative ways
  • Clear your thoughts of evil and negativity, control your own emotions and think only about positive things
  • Having taken the FSC in your hands, before using it, it is advisable to say: “Hello, Solar!” (Sun). Before creating an intention, first thank through Solar Life for everything that you already have in the present and for the fact that you will find what you truly desire
  • Perform pumping with one FSC "SOLAR" through the energy centers (chakras) - a powerful replenishment of the energy status
  • Creates a unique tandem with FSC "TRANSFORMATION". It is recommended to pump with these 2 FSCs (“TRANSFORMATION” and “SOLAR”) for a powerful process of purification with the energy of Fire (Sun), filling with new power of ongoing transformational changes in order to correspond to new energy-information flows (vibrations)
  • Pumping to activate the right hemisphere (sensory perception systems, intuition, creativity, creativity, inspiration): drink 150-200 ml of water structured on any of the 2 Correctors ("TRANSFORMATION", No. 18 "SYNCHRONIZATION") and hold in left hand (several minutes), put it aside, then take FSC "SOLAR" in your left hand, close your eyes and breathe measuredly, listening to your feelings. Then put FSC "SOLAR" on the level of the 4th energy center (chakra)
  • By analogy, do it for the left hemisphere (logic, rationality, thoughtfulness, decision-making, goal setting, consistent processing of information), supplementing the pumping of the FSC "TRANSFORMATION", "EMERALD TABLET", No. 18 "SYNCHRONIZATION" (at the beginning), then take the FSC "SOLAR" in your right hand
  • It is necessary for everyone who is connected with business and any kind of creativity, for creative communities, creative teams to search and form new facets of what is already known (ideas, projects, ways)
  • Compatible with all previously released FSCs

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