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FSC “Seidozero. Arctida" launches a health recovery system, can serve as an alternative "fuel" for the human energy system

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of the Seydozero water is registered on the FSC (the state natural complex reserve Seidyavvr (Seidyavr), Lovozero tundra, Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region)

  • It helps to intuitively feel the danger, reveals intrigues and lies, reveals a bad atmosphere around a person in society
  • Activates and enhances subtle vision and feeling, adjusts them as new, very necessary and permanent parameters of the Soul
  • According to the level of the user's spiritual development and permissibility from the subtle plane, it makes it possible to look into your future, you can see "slides of life about yourself"
  • Can serve as an alternative energy "fuel" for powerful support of energy status in any life situations: fatigue, illness, long trips, competitions, stress
  • Contributes to "slowing down" the development of viral clusters, creates conditions for their deactivation
  • Interacts with a person as an integral structure and a complex unique system, effectively works with all organs and systems, creates a holistic approach to health, starts recovery processes
  • Helps activate dormant structures of the brain, especially the right hemisphere (intuition, connection with the Higher Forces)
  • Removes alien negative programs, returns the feeling of youth "I'm young, I can do anything"
  • Pumps the yin (female) and yang (male) potential of the user, harmonizing and balancing according to gender identity
  • Bright as a powerful spotlight, it illuminates the user's personality, highlights their physical problems, helps to identify the root cause of ailments - where it all began - and get out of the most confusing health situations
  • Develops, increases, expands the spiritual and energy potential of the user, creates a stable connection with the Earth, helps the user to create their own philosophy of life

Water structuring time - 18 minutes.

  • The very powerful energies that the FSC gives dictate a slow and gradual introduction of the plate into practice, dosed daily treatment; intensive application the user should apply according to his state and feelings
  • Structures water to a state of energy "alive"
  • Works with the soft parts of the body: muscles and ligaments, helps to relieve inflammation, relieve pain after illness or training, restores the functioning of the musculoskeletal system through the use of structured products: medical and cosmetic products, creams, ointments, gels, etc. revitalizes cells and tissues, helps to restore a healthy level of organs at the energy level
  • When FSC is applied to the back of the hand, the 6th energy center or any concave part of the body, while simultaneously contemplating the photo of the sacred Seydozero and seids (“living” stones), informational individual messages (including figurative ones) of the ancient civilizations of Hyperborea
  • FSC "SEIDOZERO. ARCTIDA" is recommended to have in every family as a universal home doctor's assistant
  • When looking for ways out of difficult situations, you can ask the Higher Forces “Let the fog around me dissipate”, while holding the FSC in your hands, then put it under the pillow
  • With sufficient frequency range (with a certain measure and tolerance level), the user can open two portal systems to other dimensions and a portal connecting to the center of the Earth

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