Proofreader Koltsov "The Fifth Dimension". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "The Fifth Dimension" in its maximum aspect activates the energies of multidimensional development, lays the foundation for creation, works as a "lie detector"

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of the energy portal, which opened on the “mirror” date of February 22, 2022, is registered on the FSC

Water structuring time - 45 minutes.

  • Activates the flow of energy, eliminating everything that has become obsolete both in the external and internal worlds of the user, i.e. launches a global farewell and parting with everything old, obsolete, preventing moving forward
  • Performs multidimensional work in the processes of balanced acceptance and bestowal at the highest level (energy, thoughts), aimed at unification, unity, unity, integrity, peace, balance, universal harmony
  • Allows and helps to launch a change in the polarity of consciousness, activates energies for the transition to another level of development - from the duality of separation to Binah unity (Bin is the connection of two principles in infinity)
  • Erases all kinds of restrictions in the human mind, helps to clear 3D-matrices from imposed, destructive programs, lays the foundation for creation for the future
  • Helps the user to "wake up" for real life, works as a "lie detector", teaches to identify, see and dissipate various induced programs, lies, falsehood in the global process of the world order, imposed false values, beliefs, negative distortions of history, substitution of the concepts of good and evil, light and darkness; the onset of “forced” (unconscious) insight is possible through the elimination of self-deception
  • Removes limiting "anchors" that prevent getting a positive experience on the way to achieving goals, the necessary thoughts and ideas will come to implement them, helps to get rid of despondency, doubts and fears
  • It helps to remove attachments to "sick" karmic relationships, frees from toxic emotions and feelings, allows you to get out of codependency in any partnership (family, work, friends, mentors, etc.)..), cleanses the consciousness of destructive attachments and programs of various kinds (exit from the matrix), centers and helps to come to the integrity of the Higher Self, activates the creative energies of joy and love
  • In the maximum aspect, it activates the necessary energies for spiritual insight and the all-round multidimensional development of the Soul; updates, transfers the user to a new stage in the evolution of consciousness, gives the blessing of the Higher Forces of Light
  • Teaches you to take responsibility for your life, helps to restore the integral structure of your personality
  • Restores and balances the structure of the biofield, the true manifestations of the energies of the male and female principles in each
  • It gives you the opportunity to feel - what is softness, love and understanding; fills with universal compassion in the highest manifestation of love and acceptance; like a beacon, it gives light and direction for further movement in life in any circumstances
  • Gives the user the ability to notice and take advantage of opportunities in life, opens a portal of abundance

  • Creates with FSC "LAKE HOLY" a unique tandem of the "Earth-Space" level, necessary for everyone
  • The corrector turns on quickly, powerfully, carefully, with great universal love for the user
  • It is very important to start working with the help of this FSC with your negative attitudes and messages (to the world, to another person, nation, state, planet or directed against yourself) from the 6th energy center, then proceed to work with the heart center (4- and energy center). And then proceed to work with the 1st, 2nd energy centers (sit on the FSC), then you can pump other energy centers (chakras)
  • Works with the conscious and subconscious: in physics - as a filler of energy, and on the subtle planes it evens out the emotional background in the future tense (that is, it helps to correct already formed events)
  • It is especially important to be careful and careful in actions and words, because karmic debts can increase or decrease, even fleeting thoughts / intentions or an accidentally spoken word can come true in reality - everything is in your hands and heads, learn to control yourself
  • As a help to people to quickly make the right decisions, but on the condition that the user is ready to see the reality that he created for himself with his thoughts and actions (maybe even a painful awareness of the state of affairs). And then you can already consciously work with the plate to adjust your life
  • You can write notes in the format “I am getting rid of old negative programs”, conduct meditations on cleansing and liberation from addictions, negative emotions, remove aggression in an environmentally friendly way

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