Proofreader Koltsov "Petrovochka". Elite series

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FSC "Petrovochka" works for the restoration of systems and organs, harmonizes the space, grants peace of mind

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The water polarization of the Petrovochka spring (Tula region) is registered on the FSC.

  • Works to restore the functioning of the bronchopulmonary system: improves bronchial patency and sputum discharge, restores the epithelium of the bronchi, and also erases the information component of diseases of the bronchopulmonary system during pandemics, seasonal attacks of viruses
  • Aimed at harmonizing the activity of the nervous system, eliminating stress, panic attacks, depressive conditions and their consequences for the physical state of the body
  • Contributes to the stabilization of arterial and intracranial pressure (due to constant stress, release of adrenaline), improves the condition of the prefrontal cortex of the brain, increases concentration and improves memory
  • Can act as an osmotic diuretic, remove excess water from tissues, help reduce edema, help to gently reduce blood pressure
  • It has a gastroprotective property, helps to start the process of regeneration of the mucous membrane of the entire gastrointestinal tract, and prevents the formation of ulcers
  • It helps to improve the functional state of the spleen, gently eliminates congestion, improves blood formation and improves immunity
  • Helps to remove internal conflicts and tensions of a person, parental attitudes, establishes a balance between “I want” and “I can’t”, leads to reconciliation, agreement of the dictates of the Soul and desires of the heart (emotional impulses)
  • Harmonizes the space, sets in a benevolent mood, smooths out conflict situations, gently helps to remove negative programs from the subconscious - fears, resentments, claims, blocks
  • Gives wisdom, peace, peace of mind, gaining integrity, maturity, helps to form one's own life position and views on all events taking place in the world
  • Prepares the user for the transition to a new energy and vibrational level following the previous one, accumulating all the knowledge and valuable experience experienced

Water structuring time - 18 minutes.

  • It forms a unique tandem with FSC "TRANSFORMATION"
  • Works smoothly, friendly, you can interact actively from the first contact
  • Starts from the 6th energy center (chakra)
  • Required for overwork and severe stress in an integrated approach to stabilize the neuropsychic state
  • To restore the body at the cellular level after suffering various diseases
  • Structures the water to a state of "alive"
  • Efficiently combines with all previously released FSCs, incl. "NEUROVITA", "NORM OF LIFE-1", "NORM OF LIFE-2", "KEY OF HEALTH", "KEY OF HEALTH-2", "ALIVE", "HEALTH", No. 2 "DETOX", "HEALTHY LUNGS", " BACHALAR. CENOTES OF YUCATAN", "SPRING OF LIFE"

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