Proofreader Koltsov “Kumbi Cave. Zanzibar". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC “Kumbi Cave. Zanzibar" works with manifestations of psychosomatic conditions and diseases caused by stress, trauma, carries out mental transformation

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of water from the Kuumbi cave (Zanzibar island) is registered on the FSC.

Water structuring time - 12 minutes.

  • Helps restore the regulatory function of the pituitary and hypothalamus, indirectly promotes the production of hormones that affect the processes of growth and physical development, metabolism and reproductive function
  • It has a beneficial effect on the state of cerebral vessels, gently helps relieve spasms during overexertion, headaches, changes in external temperatures, thereby reducing the likelihood of stroke conditions
  • It is aimed at maintaining the regulatory function of the nervous system, which is necessary to maintain the functional integrity of the body and the constancy of its internal environment, as well as an effective and adequate response of the body to any changes in the external environment
  • It helps to stabilize the psycho-emotional state, helps to restore the hormonal background, incl. the production of “hormones of happiness” dopamine (the mode of functioning of the heart and nerve cells, body weight and performance depends on its concentration) and serotonin (helps regulate sleep and wake cycles, the internal biological clock of the body, is responsible for mood, motor, cognitive and autonomic functions) < /li>
  • Under the influence of a stressful situation, it contributes to adequate production of hormones (adrenaline, norepinephrine) for stable inclusion in the process
  • Helps relieve or reduce the manifestations of psychosomatic conditions and diseases caused by stress, trauma (slowed speech, stuttering, hearing loss, motor activity (tremor, paresis) of the limbs, etc.
  • Helps regulate metabolic processes, thereby affecting weight loss, maintaining healthy harmony, which corresponds to age characteristics and life cycles
  • Helps relieve tension and spasms of the eye muscles during many hours of work with a computer, smartphone, etc..
  • Heals women's tears (the soul of the Family) from the bitterness of the loss of relatives and friends, endows with age-old wisdom, ancient knowledge and peace of the Earth, helps to hear the "music of the heart" and get the support of women of a large number of genera throughout the Earth for many generations, helps to unite women's hearts in name of peace and love
  • Restores a deep connection with the divine presence of Light, connects the spiritual center of I am with the Higher Self, transfers the user to a higher level of awareness, activates Ancestral Memory
  • Changes consciousness to a calmly neutral perception of the world, carries out mental "disarmament" and the gradual transformation of hatred in the hearts and souls of people into positive components
  • Transforms the user's unconscious negative mental and emotional radiation and negative psychic energy generated as a result of involuntary, wrong actions that could lead to the creation of an undesirable reality in the future
  • Helps remove negative messages and wishes from ill-wishers
  • Help in difficult life situations
  • Promotes protection and protection from negative life situations
  • Turns on the "inner cleansing fire" in a person through the activation of the Fire Element
  • Activates the user's creative consciousness, transforms the external field space of the user's life for the better
  • Forms a prosperous and safe personal reality of the user in the general field of the Earth (ality) of the space of being

  • It forms a unique tandem with FSC “CAVE KUZA CAVE. ZANZIBAR
  • Alternative name - FSC "REALITY FORMATOR"
  • Working with the Corrector through gratitude is more effective, especially when first contacting the gentlest energy of this “place of power”
  • When applying the FSC, it is important to generate light energies through oneself and remember the principle of the Universe “what you radiate is what you receive”
  • Use when praying for peace (without calls for violence against any of the parties) and unity, through the unification of women, the world of men and male energy is changing for the better
  • It is important for every woman to have a plate to stabilize the mental plan, the psyche, so that the earthly energy and the generic wisdom of the female aspect can be connected with the highest manifestations of the strength and wisdom of the inner woman, to get the opportunity to energetically enter the world union of women
  • It is very important for men to have FSC in order to show the energy of balance in actions and deeds aimed at resolving conflicts, clashes, reducing aggression, developing fundamental masculine qualities, showing reliability, strength of mind, support for the planet's feminine energy
  • May be part of complex therapy for microstrokes and their consequences, incl. minor speech disorders
  • To work with children and adults who have acquired ailments (for example, stuttering due to shock or fright)
  • Comprehensive weight loss programs for diabetes
  • FSC effectively combines with all previously released plates, for example: "FORTUNA", "ANTICATACLISM", "LIGHT OF KOLTSOV", "LOVE", "HARMONY", "WOMEN'S CHARM", "MAN'S CHARM", "PEACE", " ALLY”, “HEAVENLY INTERCEPTION”, FSC-bracelets “CHARM”, “AMULET”. With FSC “RELOAD. CLEANING" and "REBOOT. FILLING» it is recommended to do pumping through the birth canal

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