Proofreader Koltsov "Holy Lake". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Sacred Lake" helps to form a unique space of joy, launches the discovery of new opportunities, takes you to a new level of physical health

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of the water of Lake Svyatoe (near the village of Apano-Klyuchi, Abansky district, Krasnoyarsk Territory) is registered on the FSC.

Water structuring time - 12 minutes..

  • Changes the worldview and moral aspect of the user in a positive direction, which is a necessary condition for living in new energies
  • Connects to the immune system of the New World, built on a high spatial level
  • Enlightens the Soul, emotions and thoughts of the user, imbues a person with healing energies, gives a surge of strength
  • Helps the user to form his own unique field (space) of joy and inspiration, allows you to notice all the pluses in what is happening around and soak up the positive energies of all moments of life, as well as broadcast your state to society and transform the energy field of the space of being around you
  • Stimulates a powerful expansion of the user's energy and triggers the discovery of new opportunities, probably unusual or not previously used, which gives an expansion of the horizon and range of achievements in different areas of life
  • Establishes a connection with the Family, restores the connection of generations (both in the present and with those who are no longer in the physical world), gives the user strength, support, protection, help from the centuries-old tribal system
  • Gives Earth support, can energetically "hide" the user, create a conditionally invisible space (when they are not disturbed by calls, messages), to give the opportunity to be alone with yourself, with nature, for meditation, relieve fatigue from the abundance of information, people, cities , as well as purify and balance thoughts, breathe and transform the negative
  • Starts the process of reconstruction of the user's emotional background, burns negative programs of low vibrations, emotional pain of the memory of the past and present, helps to get rid of the energy trail of tragedies in life, teaches and helps to weed out harmful emotions
  • Works with grievances, blocks fixed in the 4th energy center (heart chakra), formed in relation to oneself, aimed at a partner, close and just acquaintances, helps to connect with one's inner strength
  • Strengthens the user's immune status and improves overall health
  • Prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the body, improves cellular metabolism and blood circulation in vessels, organs and tissues
  • It helps to improve the functioning of the bone, cardiovascular systems, gynecological and urological organs
  • It has a beneficial effect on the bronchopulmonary system in respiratory and colds (with tracheitis, laryngitis, SARS, acute respiratory infections)
  • Helps to improve the user's condition in case of skin diseases (furunculosis, dermatitis, eczema)
  • Moves the user's physical state to a new level of health

  • Creates with the FSC "THE FIFTH DIMENSION" a unique tandem "Earth-Space", necessary for every person
  • FSC is included in the work with the diagnosis of the user's physical field, starting from the 2nd energy center (chakra) and then goes up from the back. It makes an arc over the 7th energy center (by analogy, like the upper part of the Key of Life / Egyptian Cross) and the flow descends in front to the 1st energy center. It scrolls several times, accelerating around the body until the 6th, 7th energy centers are filled to the maximum and then forms a field (ring) around the head. It turns out that in one field 2 rings rotating in different directions around the body (above the head and in the legs) are created - the open figure 8 in the space where the user is in the middle
  • Helps children and adults adapt to new energies
  • You may experience a sensation of "blood boiling", entering a state of euphoria

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