Proofreader Koltsov "Mshenskoye Miracle". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Mshenskoye Miracle" helps to live in physical health, achieve harmony, maintain balance in relationships

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of the water of healing springs with pure spring water from the village of. Mshentsy of the Bologovsky district of the Tver region near the temple of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa.

Water structuring time - 20 minutes..

  • It helps to open the Higher Spiritual Heart, to rethink and consciously get rid of outdated, rigid attitudes and models (thinking, behavior, views) - everything that does not correspond to the new energies of our time and does not allow developing "in the flow"
  • Feeds the user with the energy of the Elements Water and Earth, helps to "ground" on the physical and mental levels while cleansing the emotional body in order to maintain a balance between the material and spiritual, earthly and cosmic, to achieve harmony inside and out
  • Through the activation of the 1st energy center, it is aimed at restoring and strengthening its connection with the material world and roots, living in the current moment of life with clear thinking, confidence, timely implementation of ideas and plans
  • Activates the "triple heater meridian" energy structure in the user's body, which coordinates the interaction and is responsible for the harmonious operation of all internal organs and systems, provides metabolic and energy processes, "cuts off" the blocks of past diseases and prevents the emergence of new ones
  • Charges the user with energies of lightness, cheerfulness, emotions of joy, warmth, increases the energy status of the user
  • Promotes the realization and achievement of one's tasks and goals in various areas of life, the acquisition of the Highest Grace and inner harmony
  • Raises the Spirit and gives peace to the Soul for development in harmony, gives health to the Spirit and the body, helps to cleanse and free the biofield from the burden of past suffering, trials
  • It helps to pump the energies of the channels of the past and the future, it works as a "memory card" of past incarnations to harmonize the personality in the present
  • It helps to realize and understand one's life priorities, to place accents taking into account the predominance of one's own interests, to get out of the game of "victim-rescuer-aggressor", helps to harmonize and improve the quality of relationships
  • Sets gently and gradually for parting, liberation from bonds and ties associated with any kind of physical, emotional or intellectual violence, exclusion from the social circle of abusers, as well as persons who impede the development of the user's personality and spiritual growth
  • Works with the 5th energy center (chakra), teaches you to recognize, accept, express your emotions and environmentally broadcast them to society
  • Promotes the prevention and correction of eye diseases (blepharitis, conjunctivitis, early stages of cataracts)
  • Works to help with infertility, incl..hours with psychosomatic blocks
  • Has a positive effect on the organs of the genitourinary system
  • Works with the 3rd energy center (chakra), activates and, if necessary, balances the energy status of the pancreas, spleen
  • Helps support immunity, incl. during seasonal diseases and epidemics
  • Prevents and prevents the occurrence of neoplasms, is a means of complex therapy and recovery protocols, if any, after surgery

  • Universal Concealer that works both with the physical body and with the spiritual component of the user
  • It is best to put this FSC into operation from pumping the 1st energy center (chakra) – sit on the plate for several minutes
  • The strong, powerful, but slow energy of the Corrector is turned on and an individual flow is created for each user, no one can join, adjust, “stick” to this flow
  • You can and should express a clearly articulated intention to work through something (healing, relationships, achievements, liberation, etc.), i.e. approach consciously to the solution of pressing issues
  • If you realize that you are in a difficult relationship, incl. with violence (emotional, physical), consciously work with this FSC in all aspects (water, pumping, psychologist, meditation, etc.) to part with the abuser
  • Structure eye drops, ointments, shower
  • If a person is sick or weak, be sure to drink FSC-structured water
  • Can be placed under your pillow while you sleep to trigger multiple interaction factors: vivid dreams, physical healing, peace of mind

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