Proofreader Koltsov "Wheel of Fate". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Wheel of Fate" protects, protects, helps to understand oneself, starts the process of positive transformation, awakens strength and desire to live

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The water polarization is registered on the FSC on the day of May 20, 2022 - the holiday of Kupavnitsa (Kupalnitsa) according to the ancient folk calendar.

Water structuring time - 25 minutes.

  • Works with temporary structures and frames, incl. with Rod (up to the 8th knee), helps close karmic funnels, resolve karmic situations and untie karmic knots, thereby healing the structures of the Family, removes strong dependence in any relationship and stops a powerful outflow of energy
  • It contributes to the correction of birth programs, the prevention of hereditary diseases and problems transmitted through the birth system from generation to generation
  • Frees the Soul from negative experiences, cleanses it and the body from negative energies, accumulated energy "dirt", manifests the purity of the Soul, creates the integrity of the biofield and a sense of the value of Life
  • It helps to connect with the Knowledge and Consciousness of the past, with the wisdom of ancestors, helps to understand oneself, fills the heart center with high-frequency plasma energy
  • Awakens the strength and desire to live, create, love, give joy and inspiration to other people, makes it easier to live in the energies of today, energetically helps to raise vibrations and tune in to the new energies of the Universe
  • It helps to establish an energetically safe distance between the user and the interlocutor, to create equal and equivalent relationships (family, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.)..), does not allow to throw or hang on the user the problems and difficulties of other people with a lower vibrational level
  • Works to realize the value of Life in all its manifestations, helps to rethink events and processes, accept negative manifestations for their subsequent easy transformation into positive, joy, understanding, acceptance
  • Helps to form and realize personal responsibility for one's life, words and deeds - "what you sow, so shall you reap"
  • It has a miraculous healing power, gives a person good health for a whole year, strengthens the immune system and protects against diseases
  • Activates the energies of longevity and good health, increases the potential for strength, endurance, gives vigor
  • Gives the user the energy of friendliness
  • Promotes the protection of the user, protects against evil, negativity, subtle entities and any filth
  • Contributes to the cleansing of space from "evil spirits" and negative energies
  • Indicates the path to a successful future through sleep and helps resolve psychological problems recorded in the subconscious
  • Gives the user an awareness of their true goals, removes doubts and starts the process of positive transformation
  • Improves financial well-being in a person's life
  • Increases strength and stamina in animals, helps heal them

  • It is necessary to start work with the intake of structured water in order to feel and prepare the physical body for this high-frequency and powerful energy
  • FSC turns on gently, but strongly, especially through the 1st and 2nd energy centers (chakras), it is recommended to sit on the plate while pumping, then apply intuitively to different places on the body
  • A conscious approach is important when interacting with this Corrector, you can start practicing by holding the plate between your palms, saying "thank you for ..." and then "I accept any best solution to my question (request)"
  • Interacts with any FSC that works with Gender and physical ailments (see Guide to the FSC world)
  • Carry out daily washing with water (attach FSC to a tap, for example), structure creams to preserve the beauty and youth of the face and body. It will be effective to freeze structured water and then wipe your face with ice cubes in the morning
  • It is useful to do wet cleaning in the apartment with FSC structured water, irrigate the space (especially after guests to restore and preserve the energy of the hearth)
  • You can put the FSC under the pillow at night, because a dream can be prophetic
  • In a trio with the FSC “GREEN TARA. KAILAS", "TRANSFORMATION" deals with the development of negative generic scenarios in generic structures (purifies, helps to remove negativity, including from descendants)
  • It is recommended to keep the FSC in any space - home, office, as well as during "heartfelt" conversations, when others complain about life, other people, etc. to you. (use you as a place to drain their negativity)
  • Recommended for prayers, meditations, practices of transformation and purification, for working with the subconscious, helps to enter a state of deep immersion
  • Compatible with all previously released FSCs
  • Does not expire

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