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FSC "Immunum" - a universal adaptogen and general tonic, optimizes the mechanisms of the body's immune defense

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". Series "Arcanum"

CFS prescribed polarization of 20 different thematic preparations of classical medicine with a proven effect, Ayurvedic herbal and mineral complexes, trans- and parapharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, turmeric, spirulina, vitamins (C in liposomal form, A, D3, group B) , mushrooms (cordyceps, lingzhi, shiitake, chaga, red fly agaric), 12 herbs (sagan-daily, alfalfa, astragalus, echinacea, monarda, eucalyptus, terminalia chebula, chamomile, sage, ginger, oregano, Japanese kelp), trace elements (magnesium , zinc, iron, selenium, potassium, calcium), royal jelly, amino acid L-lysine, fulvic and humic acids.

Water structuring time - 20 minutes..

  • It helps to activate and optimize the mechanisms of all parts of the body's immune defense (nonspecific and specific immunity), increases the body's adaptive capabilities, which is important for the prevention of seasonal diseases and the occurrence of neoplasms
  • Aimed at restoring anatomical structures containing lymphoid tissue and participating in the formation of cells that carry out a protective reaction of the body, creating immunity
  • Aimed at manifesting the effect of resistance to infections, activating nonspecific factors of immune defense, forming an adequate immune response, restoring the disturbed interaction between immunocompetent cells, accelerating recovery and reducing the risk of complications after diseases
  • It contributes to the manifestation of antiviral, antibacterial, fungicidal effects on various organ systems, therefore it is necessary as a general tonic during and after infectious, fungal or viral diseases, as well as for their effective prevention
  • Promotes anti-inflammatory action, the manifestation of a mild antipyretic effect, acting on pathogenic microflora, helps prevent the transition of the disease to a chronic form
  • Prevents the development of immune deficiency in the body
  • Helps the body recognize a wide range of pathogens (pathogens) and distinguish them from its own healthy tissues
  • Helps the body cope with various allergens, develop immunological memory, resulting in an enhanced immune response to any pathogen
  • Activates the CNS defense systems, autonomic nervous system, neurohumoral regulation, prevents the development of stress and its possible negative effects on the body
  • Helps to increase remission periods in chronic diseases, restore the body's natural defenses
  • It helps to increase gas exchange in the lungs, increase the oxygen capacity of the blood, and increase oxygen consumption by tissues
  • Aimed at activating trophic (nutritional) processes in tissues and organs, improving blood supply and increasing lymph flow
  • Necessary for the regulation of metabolism: it supports physiological processes in a healthy body and restores metabolic processes when their violations are detected, in case of mismatches at the energy-information level (i.e..e. manifestation of various diseases at the physical level)
  • Helps create optimal conditions for neutralizing free radicals, regulating apoptosis, autophagy (genetically programmed cell death and replacement with new, healthy cells) for timely protection of the body and reducing susceptibility to diseases
  • Activates energy metabolism and oxidative processes in tissues, aimed at increasing the activity of the body's own antioxidant enzymes, protecting cells from oxidative stress.
  • Aimed at accelerating the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation of cells, preventing premature aging of the body as a whole
  • Structured, informatized water has a high degree of bioavailability, while, unlike dosage forms, it does not have a negative effect on the body, does not affect healthy cells, does not cause excessive immune activity

  • Use as a stand-alone prophylactic, in complex therapy programs that include medicines and procedures recommended by doctors.
  • Effective both in the early stages of the disease, forming the body's immune response and preventing the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, and with a protracted course of the disease, a long recovery.
  • Use in tandem with FSC "RELAXIUM" to eliminate stress as the root cause of many diseases, incl. disorders of the immune system.
  • Drink pure water, structured on FSC, according to WHO recommendations: 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day. Consider the characteristics of your region of residence: in hot climates, be sure to increase your water consumption.
  • Do general health pumping* 1-2 times a day, use in combination with this FSC other Correctors in this area**
  • Supplement prevention and correction with products from the OXYchlorophyll and Resveratrol FORTE lines.
  • Supplement FSC with aromatherapy. Essential oils help relieve symptoms. Various applications are possible: aroma lamps, pendants, diffusers, massage with essential oils (anise, bergamot, vetiver, oregano, carnation, geranium, grapefruit, ginger, hyssop, cypress, laurel, incense, juniper, naioli, fir, rosemary, sandalwood, pine, thyme, citronella, tea tree, sage, eucalyptus) structured on this FSC. For detailed rules for the use of essential oils, read the annotation to the product

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