Company "Planet of Regions". “Developing ourselves, we improve the world!”

The project called "Planet of Regions" began its development in 2007. August 8, 2008 is the official birthday of the Company.

All these years we have not only taken care of your health, but also helped to gain confidence in the future.

The exclusive, high-quality, surprisingly effective products of the Planet of Regions Company open the door both to your own harmonious state and well-being, and to your business and financial well-being.

Representation of the "Planet of Regions" Company in Ukraine

In our office you can get acquainted with the products of the Planet of Regions company. Our office was opened in 2009 and sold Koltsov plates (KFS) in the Zaporozhye region. The office successfully used the healing properties of the plates and received a huge amount of positive feedback on the use of Koltsov's FSC plates in the treatment of various diseases. You can watch one of our videos, in which we asked our client to talk about the results they got when using FSC plates. The video is located in the "Reviews and results" section and tells about the real results obtained in our office in 2010 (Video title: "Results of the use of plates in the Zaporozhye region", "Results of the use of plates in our office. Zaporozhye 2010.) In the beginning In 2011, we expanded the boundaries of sales and our customers were able to receive Planet of Regions products throughout Ukraine through well-known and reliable delivery companies: Autolux, Gunsel, Night Express, In-Time, Novaya mail", "Delivery", "", "Ukrposhta". It is also possible to send to other countries of the world.

All together we worked and continue to work "For the Common Good". It was under this motto that 10 years of the Company's life passed. We want everyone who has joined our large family not to stand still, but to move forward and up. I developed, learned new things, found reliable friends, learned to listen and hear, boldly dreamed and achieved my goals.

That's why our new motto is: "Developing ourselves, we improve the world!" It most fully reveals the meaning of our Company's activity..Agree, the more healthy, happy, successful, realized people living in harmony with themselves and the surrounding space, the more perfect the world.

Many scientific discoveries are made for the benefit of mankind. Scientists and doctors are constantly working on the discovery of new technologies, the creation of new products, both energy-informational and effective dietary supplements - biologically active additives that can maintain health, improve the quality of life and extend the life of people. "Planet of Regions" is proud to contribute to such an important cause - the improvement of the nation.

We have combined the unique latest developments of Russian scientists with the invaluable wisdom of nature! We use the experience and developments of foreign scientists, among whom there are Nobel Prize winners. This allows us to successfully solve the difficult task of maintaining health, youth and activity for many years.

All developments are protected by a number of patents, passed certification tests, have permits.

The effectiveness of our products is scientifically based, proven and time-tested, which is why we so boldly declare that we bring real benefits.

Of course, the goal of any business project is to build a strong, reliable, respected company that can make a profit. But there are different ways to make money. The Planet of Regions company has combined business and benefits for humanity in general and for everyone in particular.

“To be human is to feel responsible. Realize that by laying your brick, you are helping to build the world.” These words belong to the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Each person who has connected his life with the Planet of Regions Company treats our common cause with great responsibility.

By promoting exclusive products with the help of unique business tools, you will open up new prospects for developing your own business. True, there are several secrets of success. We are ready to share them. You have to BELIEVE in yourself, in the Company, in the product and WORK hard.