Proofreader Koltsov "Light of KOLTSOV". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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The new collection FSC "Light of Koltsov" helps to maintain the physiological functioning of the main systems of human organs, the overall restoration of the functional state of the whole organism, strengthening the defenses and increasing immunity

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

FSC "Light of KOLTSOV" is necessary for everyone! Who is healthy or has diseases of varying severity; who is a public person or who often has to speak to an audience; businessmen in negotiations; creative people, pupils and students. Adults and young people to identify and develop abilities in various areas of life, maintain psychological health, realize spirituality, maintain and increase life potential. As a means of helping to get rid of bad habits.

FSC Koltsov's plate "Light of KOLTSOV"

  • It contributes to the maintenance of the physiological functioning of the main systems of human organs, the general restoration of the functional state of the whole organism, the strengthening of protective forces and the increase of immunity
  • It is an effective tool and method for the prevention, correction, prevention of diseases, incl. at the stage of their inception and formation
  • Contributes to the coordination of work and the normal functioning of all internal organs and systems
  • Promotes the activation of the processes of production and absorption of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements
  • It has a powerful effect on the harmonization and purification of consciousness, the preservation and maintenance of a state of psychological stability, confidence, stability, a sense of inner strength, goodwill, friendliness, calmness, security and trust in the outside world
  • Promotes the formation of psychological lability (flexibility and speed) for an adequate response to changes in the external conditions of society and the surrounding space, living in a state of "here and now"
  • Helps the psychological birth and manifestation of "one's own Self", the formation of a person's personality in its uniqueness, original and individual manifestation in one's own life and society
  • It helps to fill with creative energy, lightness, joy, the ability to get a balanced sensual pleasure from life, revealing the creative potential of a person, increasing conscious spirituality
  • It helps to eliminate and eradicate bad habits (alcoholism, etc.).) on a psychological level and cleansing the physical body from their consequences
  • Promotes the accumulation of internal energy, maintaining energy balance and stabilizing the human energy shell, developing bodily intuition, the ability and ability to "listen to your body"
  • It is a powerful way to protect against energy-informational influence, forceful information confrontation (in conflict situations, quarrels and disputes), and so on. necessary to maintain and defend one's views and positions in constructive discussions
  • Promotes rejuvenation of the body, harmonious spiritual and physical development, maintaining a balance between the physical and energy body

The FSC "Svet KOLTSOVA" registered the polarization of water from a natural source (water capsule) from a depth of 500 meters, located in the village. Simbukhovo, Mokshansky district, Penza region.

FSC "Light of Koltsov" is shown:

  • Everyone! Who is healthy or has diseases of varying severity
  • Public persons or who often have to speak in front of an audience
  • Businessmen in negotiations
  • To creative people, pupils and students
  • For adults and young people to identify and develop abilities in various areas of life, maintain psychological health, realize spirituality, maintain and increase life potential
  • As a means of helping to get rid of bad habits.

Organ systems: hematopoietic; digestive; bone; nervous; immune; respiratory; muscular; joint joints; sense organs (sight, taste, smell); urinary; lymphatic; endocrine; cardiovascular; connective tissue; sense organs (touch and hearing).

Hematopoietic: restore all blood cells after bleeding; can be used in the treatment of acute leukemia; chemical and radiation lesions of the hematopoietic system (after chemotherapy and radiotherapy in oncology or Chernobyl. Chronic leukemia is worse treated with this FSC, exacerbations are better. Affects through DNA and stem cells; restores the structure of DNA.

Digestive: improves the production and functioning of enzymes from the salivary glands and throughout the digestive tract. Normalizes the production of acid in the stomach, mucus is better produced by goblet cells to protect the mucous membranes. Bile is more liquid, dissolves gallstones of any composition - the onset of action from drinking water is ~3 weeks more..Regeneration of the duodenal mucosa, small and entire intestines - drinking water, abdominal wraps, baths, enemas, baths (treatment of peptic ulcer, erosion, cracks). Relieves spasms and associated pain, increases the activity of liver cells; better detoxification, drainage, bile formation - quality and fluidity.

Encapsulates and destroys echinococci; recovers after treatment of viral infections; treatment of fatty hepatosis - pumping along the edge of the lower rib.

Bone: mineral composition of bones, eliminates senile osteoporosis; will accelerate the fusion of fractures - apply FSC, water only for open wounds. Work in all acute conditions - pain, stress, shock! Normalizes bone growth in adolescents and synchronizes with the growth of other tissues - nerves, muscles, blood vessels.

Nervous: improves the movement of fluid in the brain and spinal cord; dissolves Hammer rings, removing psychosomatic manifestations (helps in the complex treatment of schizophrenia, epileptic syndrome, mental retardation, autism, neonatal hyperkinesis, cerebral palsy and increased tone - relieves spasms of central genesis).

Immune: very good effect, can also correct autoimmune diseases. Balance and stability with the outside world (regarding the immune response - any action of the outside world will cause an equivalent response from the body).

Respiratory: will increase the amount of energy (prana), will help well with chronic non-specific lung diseases - bronchitis, emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia; will also help in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Regenerates the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, drainage - evacuation (cleaning) of all respiratory tract from the alveoli to the larynx.

Muscular: striated muscles normalizes tone, improves blood circulation, nutrient inflow and outflow of cell waste products. Increases endurance during long-term monotonous physical exertion (marathon runners, movers).

Joint connection: improves cartilage smoothness, fluid movement; relieves autoimmune and metabolic inflammation (gout; rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis; juvenile arthritis, bursitis). Topical treatment with water or drugs structured on this FSC.

Sense organs (vision, taste, smell): everything improves due to the action through the central nervous system - the removal of edema, the normalization of the movement of intraocular fluid (treatment of glaucoma)..

Urinary: treatment of secondary infertility in men and women. Here, rather, blocks are removed on a specific person or generic curses; removes the "crown of celibacy". Infertility, when the doctors fully examined, everything is fine, there is no pathology, the husband is also healthy, and does not become pregnant! Treatment after radiation, exposure to poisons and toxins on the reproductive organs - will help restore function. Dissolves kidney stones (any in chemical composition) and removes sand; disbands cysts, improves blood circulation and nutrition of the kidneys; eliminates prostate adenoma (benign and malignant neoplasms); removes "stone in stone" from the prostate gland. Eliminates urinary incontinence in women, strengthening the sphincter and urogenital diaphragm. Increases erectile abilities, improving blood circulation, but does not lead to hypersexuality; drives change from homosexuality to heterosexuality. Promotes normal sexual orientation during puberty, relieves teenage hypersexuality.

Lymphatic: significantly improves drainage and movement of lymph throughout the body; better fluidity, operation of valves and assemblies. The interstitial fluid moves more easily, improving the outflow of waste products from the cells to the lymphatic vessels (there is a need to drink clean water during FSC pumping, especially lymphatic pumping! otherwise there will be intoxication (poisoning with one’s own toxins)!!! Lymphatic pumping: right popliteal fossa - inguinal fold - buttock - kidney - then the same points on the left side - abdominal lymphatic duct, this is between the 3rd and 2nd chakra -
- elbow bend - axillary fossa - lateral surface of the neck on the right side, then on the left and finish on the thoracic duct - this is between the 4th and 5th chakras of the letter at the FSC towards the body with the head to the periphery (on the thoracic duct, the head of the letters down) 2 each ' each point, the minimum amount of water before the procedure is 1.0 liters (better to drink 2.0 liters). During pumping, you can interrupt to visit the toilet.

Endocrine: influence on the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, pancreas (a-b-cells, islets of Langerhans); the cortical layer of the adrenal glands, the testicles and ovaries are the sex glands. Normalizes and harmonizes, improving basal metabolism, catabolism - weight loss, activity, cheerfulness, stress resistance; normalizes insulin production and lymph fluidity..

Cardiovascular: works better with arteries, improves the condition of the inner lining - disbands atherosclerotic plaques, provides flexibility and lability of blood vessels; regulates blood pressure, normalizes the rhythm of the heart, affecting the pacemaker - any violations, except for atrial fibrillation.

Connective tissue: improves wound healing after injuries and operations with the formation of cosmetic scars.

Sense organs (touch, hearing): improves skin sensitivity. Prevents senile hearing loss.


​Water structurization time at FSC "Svet Koltsov" is about 8 hours.

Reception of water, structured on FSC "Light of Koltsov", has a mild cleansing effect on the body (i.e. water becomes a natural sorbent). To achieve a pronounced effect of rejuvenation, in addition to taking water structured with FSC, it is recommended to structure cosmetic products (creams, serums, tonics, etc.)

FSC "Light of KOLTSOV" is a very powerful corrector, works on 5 planes, cleans deeply. Opens 4-5-6-7-8 chakras. When structuring water, information goes in jumps - the main one takes 4 hours, the final one takes 8 hours. Gives a lot of energy and water, and the FSC itself. Encourages action on the physical plane; clears the astral and mental planes of negativity.

After stopping the use of FSC and water, the effect gradually weakens and stops after three weeks. The water is self-charging, 1/10 of the structured water is enough for the volume of a fresh portion. When next to a can of water on another FSC, the structure will not change.

Removes blocks in the 12-13-14 meridians. The feeling of vivacity and high efficiency changed for the operator to a feeling of peace and indifference, there were no thoughts, a headache appeared, which, when FSC is applied, is replaced by a feeling of emptiness, attracts and dissolves something, heaviness in the area of ​​the 6th chakra, the operator feels the entire nose. There was a need to pump the head!

FSC horizontally on the middle of the forehead with letters to the body - vertically on the nose - under the right eye (maxillary sinus) - under the left eye (horizontally) - occipital protuberance (horizontally) - right temple - left temple (from the edge of the eye above the ear horizontally) - 7th chakra (on the crown) in the anterior-posterior direction length.

It is good to wear on oneself, pumped with one FSC, works powerfully in the ring (with FSC №20, 21, 23, 15, 16; "HEPAVITA", "NORMAL LIFE-1,2", "BALANCE", "OLGIR" , "BEREGINIA")

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