Proofreader Koltsov "The Triumph of Life". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Triumph of Being" very powerfully expands the biofield, gives the user the energy to fulfill their intentions, when the concept of "enough" becomes the norm of life

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

FSC "THE TRIUMPH OF BEING" helps to implement plans, projects and events, gives strength, stability, resilience, endows with the frequencies of Life.

  • Promotes "grounding", return from illusory "flights in the clouds" to implement plans, projects and events of one's own life, i.e. descends a person to Earth to the earthly maternal energy, gives support and foundation, gives protection, stability, strength and the ability to firmly, confidently stand on Earth, thereby creating the foundation for life achievements in the "here and now" mode
  • It awakens in a person the degrees of divine symmetry lost during the technocratic development of civilization, while transmitting this high degree of symmetry into space, positively structures it and creates conditions for harmonizing the field matrix of a person, awakens reasonable Divine qualities in him
  • It contributes to the activation of frequencies and rhythms in a person corresponding to the "golden section", gives the frequencies of Life, has a powerful effect on the physical level, leads a person along the path of recovery, disclosure of creative abilities, creation of the right thoughts at the right time
  • Transforms negative emanations in a person (negative psychic energy emitted by a person into the surrounding space, both at the level of consciousness and in an unconscious state) through purification and transformation of emotions, thoughts
  • Starts the process of "clusting" in the aquatic environment of the body, renewing and regenerating the body at the cellular level, making it a more energetic and healthy structure, while the human frequency range gradually begins to correspond to the frequency ranges of virgin nature
  • Reunites a person with a biocenosis, with a thinking biosphere built according to the laws of higher symmetry, activates the inner beauty of the soul through the aspiration for truth
  • Very powerfully expands the biofield, gives the user energy to fulfill their intentions, when the concept of "enough" becomes the norm of life (money, personal energy, desires, high-quality positive communication, etc..)
  • Awakens the generic and cellular memory in a person, activates the subconscious level, removes "hooks" for the material world, which makes it possible to remember how to live long and healthy, remaining young and beautiful, entering into resonance with the primordial Nature
  • Promotes rethinking of life, basic values, discovery of the internal qualitative depth of the user, gives impetus for the transition from a contemplative position to active action
  • Fills and harmonizes the biofield, conducts energy through the body from the bottom up, transforming from a smooth unhurried flow to a "fiery" state, which is usually concentrated in the palms
  • Activates and harmonizes the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, removes fears and fills with calmness, confidence
  • Helps to eliminate circulatory problems, especially in the lower extremities, normalizes lymph flow, relieves edema
  • It has a preventive anti-inflammatory effect in diseases of the urinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc.), including helping the body adapt to temperature changes, hypothermia
  • Promotes a detox effect on the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses toxins, increases peristalsis
  • A good addition to therapy in a comprehensive approach for age-related diseases (dementia, Alzheimer's disease)

The FSC "THE TRIUMPH OF BEING" registered the polarization of water from the lake of the crater of the Ngorongoro volcano (Tanzania).


  • Drink FSC structured water. Hold the plate in your hands, you may feel “fire”, then apply it to the problem (sore) place on the body for 5-10 minutes, create an intention and voice a request for healing, listening to your feelings. It is also possible to hold the FSC in the left hand after the sensation of “fire” appears, placing the right hand on the projection of the diseased organ
  • During the acquaintance and initial work with the FSC "THE TRIUMPH OF BEING" it is not necessary to keep other Correctors on the body, it is necessary to get used to new powerful energies
  • Creates a unique tandem with the FSC "ENERGY OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS", because when interacting these FSCs balance, harmonize the upper and lower energy centers (chakras), and also multiply the mutual positive effect
  • Maximum effective harmonious interaction (especially for the signs of the Element of Fire) when working together with the FSC "SPRING OF LIFE", "GUARDIAN OF LIFE", "ALTAR MOUNTAIN. PORTALS OF SIRIUS AND ORION”, “HOLY CAVE”, “LIGHT OF RINGS”
  • Compatible with all previously released FSCs of different series, for example: "TALISMAN", "GOBI CODE", "GOBI GOLD", "LHASA", "INDI", "INCA", "WONDERWORKER", "THREE SAINTS", " THE POWER OF LADA”, “RELOAD. CLEANING", "REBOOT. FILLING»
  • Recommended for systemic work with such an unpleasant disease as cystitis. During the 21st day, drink water, apply to the 1st, 2nd energy centers, do sitz baths
  • Perfect for conducting deep meditations - connecting with the family, working through past incarnations
  • Necessary in work and for personal use by people involved in various types of healing, energy practices
  • It is not recommended to put it under the pillow during sleep - the powerful energy of the Element of Fire will not allow you to sleep and rest, it is better to use it during the active time of the day to fill with energies, relieve fatigue

The time of water structuring at the FSC "TRIUMPH OF BEING" is 7 hours.

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