Proofreader Koltsov "Secrets of the Universe". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Secrets of the Universe" activates the dormant information centers of a person, connecting him with the Higher Consciousness, promotes a powerful connection with the Higher Energies, opens access to obtaining Knowledge for the preservation of civilization

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

FSC "SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" must be available to all users, especially those whose purpose is to serve people. These are mentors of any profile and direction: teachers, doctors, spiritual teachers, psychologists, trainers, social workers, specialists in the field of health improvement, communication, sports, fitness, meditation techniques and practices. They are able to accept, nourish and fill with energy themselves, as well as become conductors of energy and information for other people with whom they communicate and come into contact in life..


  • Activates all the elements of the Universe in a person: Earth, Water, Time (Tree), Fire, Air (Star), Ether (Heaven), Sound (God), Light (Moon), Eternity and Infinity (Sun)
  • Adjusts a person to realize the multidimensionality of the reality of being
  • Helps the structures of the brain to rebuild under the energies of the new time
  • Activates the dormant information centers of a person, connecting him with the Higher consciousness, promotes a powerful connection with the Higher energies, opens access to obtaining Knowledge for the preservation of civilization
  • Aimed at the global cleansing of the human energy system, the elimination of destruction programs, the formation of new positive programs aimed at entering a state of abundance in which a person can give / transmit this benevolent energy for the benefit of others
  • Promotes a powerful filling with the energy of unconditional love and the maximum possible expansion of the biofield
  • Gives flashes of insight and activates creative impulses
  • It helps to activate the energies of balance, balance and harmony of the inner world of a person with the outer surrounding space and the energy of the Earth
  • Helps a person create a better life for himself in creative prosperity and happiness
  • Increases intuition, helps a person to avoid dangers, get out of crisis situations
  • Helps you get out of the most difficult and confusing situations, find an alternative solution to breaking up in a problematic and toxic relationship, or tell you how to make the inevitable breakup less painful
  • Dissolves the creative limitations that bind a person
  • Works to improve the main areas of human life development: marriage, work, business
  • It helps in the realization of a person's good intentions, for this it is necessary to positively emotionally highlight at the level of consciousness what a person wants to attract into his life

The date 12022021 is a mirror date. When replicating the FSC, water memorized the program for 7 days. To date, this is the highest-frequency and "long-playing" Corrector of all previously released.
The use of the FSC "SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" in your life will give you a "magic energy kick" to gain a state of inner harmony and balance, adapted to the higher positive energies of the surrounding space and the Earth as a whole..

The FSC "SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" shows the polarization of the energy portal, which opened on the "mirror" date 12.02.2021


  • Inclusion of the FSC "SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" into your life should be gradual, dosed, first you need to interact with it for 10-15 minutes. If you feel a large flow of energy and information, put the Corrector aside for several hours until the next contact, drink water structured on the Corrector
  • Preliminary interaction with the FSC "SPRING OF LIFE"
  • This energy-high-frequency Corrector shows its individual effect for each user, depending on the level of development of the consciousness of his Soul
  • Important! When applying this FSC, it is obligatory for a person to stay in a positive emotional state, not to wish anything bad to anyone. When you are in low-frequency vibrations (anger, anger, resentment, etc.), it is better not to take it in your hands so as not to receive a similar negative response
  • Thanks to the power of this Corrector, a person will receive help and support “from where they didn’t expect it”, it can also be a cleansing crisis that changes the situation for the better
  • Health problems will be a thing of the past, but this requires the preparation of the physical body. Be sure to use the basic Correctors of the "blue", "green" and "lilac" series to adapt the physical condition to new energies
  • This FSC cannot be imposed on anyone for use, you can only share information so that a person realizes it and wants to work with it
  • FSC is essential for users in every corner of the Earth

The time for water structuring at the FSC "SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE" is 14 hours.

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