Proofreader Koltsov "Happiness". Elite series "Planet of Regions"

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FSC "Happiness" promotes connection to the energy of happiness and activates the emotion of joy from happiness

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The polarization of the cosmic energy channel of the god Yarila is registered on the FSC "HAPPINESS".

  • It contributes to the activation and harmonization of the element of Fire in a person and transforms all the troubles and negative manifestations of life into a positive outcome
  • It gives a person the ability to feel within himself boundless strength and happiness, to live in love and harmony with the whole world
  • Contributes to the awakening of awareness, understanding the clarity of goals in life
  • Gives a person youth and joy, makes it possible through dreams and the space of options to create and create for oneself the desired good reality
  • Eliminates the state of anxiety, emotional involvement in experiences, moral depression, despondency, apathy
  • Promotes health, longevity and activates a person's ability to communicate with the Subtle Worlds (as the spiritual potential and personal intention grow)
  • Returns to a person the ancestral memory for the realization of previously accumulated life experience
  • Enables a person to feel with his soul and feel himself an inseparable important part of the single ocean of the Universe
  • Helps a person to build a harmonious relationship with the Divine power, with his inner world, with the surrounding people and nature, to become truly happy

The use of the FSC "HAPPINESS" in life will give you the opportunity to constantly be in a state of joy and happiness (the energy of the god Yarila), to be in unity, love and harmony with the whole world and experience the divine state of joy long forgotten by mankind from the emotion of happiness of the god Yarila " Fury.

The time of water structuring at FSC "Happiness" is 6 hours.

Recommendations for the use of the FSC "HAPPINESS"

  • The structuring of water or food with the help of FSC "HAPPINESS" can be carried out at any time. Additional information: special time for energy practices, meditations, prayers with the help of this FSC at 21 o'clock
  • It is possible to fix the emotion of Divine happiness in yourself in the following way: take the FSC “HAPPINESS” in your right hand, tighten your neck a little and touch the hand with the FSC to the right carotid artery. We also do it with the left hand with the FSC “HAPPINESS” and touch the left carotid artery
  • In the complex application of FSC and jasper crystal, the effect and energy state of happiness are potentiated (intensified)
  • FSC "Happiness" gives strength and energy through the intake of the following food products structured on FSC: brazil nuts, onion, mountain ash, chanterelle mushrooms, oats, calamus
  • Activates the joy of happiness through listening to or playing various musical instruments (including viol and 7-string tonic guitar)
  • Yellow color and jasper crystal together with FSC give strength and energy of the cherished fire of god Yarila
  • Recommended for both independent work and use with other FSCs, for example, "LOVE", "HARMONY", "Svet KOLTSOV", No. 12 "HEALTHY SLEEP", "GOBI CODE", "GOBI GOLD", "HIDDEN LAKE", "ANTICATACLISM".

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