Proofreader Koltsov "Transformation". Elite series

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FSC "Transformation" gives an opportunity and helps to show courage, activity for positive transformations within oneself

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

At the FSC "TRANSFORMATION" the polarization of water from the well (Holy Spring) of the Holy Island of St.

  • Aimed at cleansing all the user's energy bodies from negativity, any induced programs of various origins and the expected strength of the impact
  • Cleanses the heart and soul, starts the process of healing the body through the healing of the soul from injuries on the subtle plane
  • Activates the entire energy system and nourishes the energy centers (chakras), restores the integrity of the biofield structure, transforms anger into kindness, envy into benevolence, anger into mercy
  • Starts the process of a global spiritual reboot of a person in accordance with the dictates of new energies
  • Contributes to filling all the user's bodies with pure, light energy
  • It helps to gently, without pressure, get out of the state of emotional "pit" - depression, apathy, passivity in life, feelings of deep despondency and loneliness
  • Gives hope, courage, activity for positive transformations within oneself in order to move successfully through life with new thoughts, ideas in a state of integrity and joy
  • It helps to turn on and connect higher levels of consciousness, to get the information that is relevant at the moment
  • It awakens selflessness in a person and fills the heart with love, gives inner clues about the true path of life, imbues the user with spiritual wisdom and opens the casket of innermost knowledge of the soul
  • It contributes to the harmonization of the cerebral hemispheres, the manifestation of creativity, creativity of thinking, the emergence of a new angle of view on life and current events
  • Aimed at connecting a man and a woman: creating and maintaining relationships, harmonizing in a couple, enjoying communication, feeling a partner through the acceptance of close relationships
  • It helps to unite people at the level of consciousness and at the level of souls
  • Aimed at connecting with the Higher qualities of the Soul - light, knowledge, truth
  • Helps to solve health issues by restoring the functioning of the male and female reproductive systems (gynecology, urology, hormonal levels)
  • Promotes the inclusion and activation of the "youth gene", prolonging the age of active longevity

  • Creates a unique tandem with the FSC "LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE", like Mars and Venus create space for the birth and manifestation of true love
  • It is recommended to be used by parents for daily blessing and parting words to their children. Hold the FSC in your hands and verbally or mentally wish a successful day
  • For active work for those who have lost hope, are in a state of despair to enter new energies of life
  • It helps women to show their true nature, to find the inner state of a queen confident in their feminine energies and manifestations, to become a "magnet of charm", which allows men to take a fresh look at a long-familiar woman (wife, companion)
  • Recommended for use in protracted or severe illnesses as an additional remedy for help and healing
  • Compatible with all previously released FSCs, especially with: "SPRING OF LIFE", "FEMALE GUARD", "MALE GUARD", "WINNER", "EMERALD TABLET", "LOVE FORMULA. YIN", "FORMAULA OF LOVE. YANG", "LHASA", "BLACK MOUNTAIN", FSC-bracelet "CHARM", "MAGNATE"

The time of water structuring at FSC "TRANSFORMATION" is 8 hours.

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