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FSC "Heavenly Intercession" helps to get the support of the Higher Powers, returns the user's personal identity, protects from dangers

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

FSC "Heavenly Intercession" helps to get the support of the Higher powers, returns the user's personal identity, protects from dangers

  • It has powerful oncoprotective properties, supports immunity at the proper level
  • Contributes to the improvement of vision in inflammatory diseases, disturbances of accommodation, clarity and clarity
  • Aimed at improving the functional state of the central nervous system, especially with existing disorders of motor functions
  • Helps with headaches and insomnia due to overload of the nervous system
  • Facilitates the general state of health in cerebral palsy: reduces paroxysms (seizures) that occur against the background of cerebral organic damage due to the spontaneous activity of local neural structures, helps to increase the intellectual level, restores the integrity of the human field structure (matrix), taking into account the permissibility of individual karma< /li>
  • It has a beneficial effect on a person, is aimed at cleansing the Soul from the oppression of negative emotions, thoughts, fills the Soul and thoughts with crystal purity and blessed silence
  • Fills a person with bewitching Divine power and energy, bestows a blessing
  • Activates a harmonious level of relationships in the family, promotes the establishment of mutual understanding, harmony, peace, joy, tranquility
  • Opens the level of the 6th and 7th energy centers for the user, awakens the spiritual principle, establishes a connection with the Source
  • Connects the user's spiritual and material, body, Spirit and Soul
  • Starts the processes of successful resolution of life situations and improves them, accelerates the onset of insight and, as a marker, identifies disturbing situations, helps to understand and eliminate mistakes, false beliefs, destructive self-criticism
  • Helps in choosing a true, correct life path so that the user can move with understanding and in a state of awareness, without filters
  • Returns the user's personal identity, eliminates the "settlers" of the subtle plan (possession of any form), disconnects the will and mind of the user from the external controlling populated force
  • Preserves and protects the user from dangers, enemies and troubles, supports and helps on the road

At the FSC "HEAVY INTERCEPTION", the polarization of the water of the source of the Holy Foot of the Mother of God, the oldest shrine of the Pochaev Lavra (Ternopil region, Ukraine), is registered..


  • Creates a unique tandem with the FSC "RENAISSANCE" to create a space for success, receive blessings, support and intercession from the Higher Powers, increase the level of mastery in the chosen professional path
  • It is recommended to start working with FSC, especially at the first contact, with thanksgiving to your mother, mother Earth, to all mothers of the world to receive powerful maternal energy of understanding, acceptance, unconditional love
  • Use to alleviate the condition and support the body with oncological diagnoses, along with prescribed medications and "OXYchlorophyll" - drink structured water, do pumping, lotions and applications, take a shower
  • For eye diseases at any age, it is recommended to structure eye drops, ointments, make lotions
  • It alleviates the condition and is actively used in work with cerebral palsy - pumping, drinking structured water
  • Use in prayers and meditations, appeals to the Higher powers with requests for healing, forgiveness, acceptance, remission, for spiritual insight, inner repentance of the Soul
  • To purify the subtle plan, it is necessary to do complex pumping with FSC No. 20 "CLEANSING" and No. 23 "RELEASE"
  • For everyone who got lost in life and does not understand: what to do, how to be, where to go, where is the truth
  • Provides support to the user and nourishes the strict, but truly warm energy of maternal love at all levels (including if the mother is no longer there)
  • It helps in family relations to remove the claims of different generations to each other, to accept another person as an independent person who is in the field of the family
  • In family conflict situations "mother - child", both parties need to have this FSC, which will allow them to hear each other, to meet halfway, to establish mutual understanding
  • Drivers and travelers are assisted on the road, showing the best way

The time of water structuring at the FSC "HEAVY INTERCEPTION" is 8 hours.

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