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FSC "Energy of Accomplishments" contributes to the activation of the energy of accomplishments to achieve the desired through the righteous (correct) path in life

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". "Elite" series

The use of the FSC "ENERGY OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS" in your life will give you the opportunity to constantly be in a state of joy from achieving what you want in your life, following the path of truthfulness, love and faith, Spiritually evolve and experience the emotion of the Goddess of Justice - "Truthfulness" the joy of accomplishments.< /p>

  • Activates energies in a person to achieve Divine accomplishments
  • Guides a person through life in the way of truth, righteousness, goodness, faith and wisdom
  • Opens the perfect path of evolution for man
  • He directs the Soul of a person to his sacred path through the world of Rule
  • Instills in a person faith in the greatness of the Spirit
  • Activates the energies of righteousness, health and perfection and points out the right path of development
  • It helps to attract the right creative thoughts into the human mind, which contributes to the creation of positive thought forms
  • Helps to solve complicated life situations and find a way out of the negative labyrinth of life
  • Enables a person to walk a righteous, hearty path of life, being in faith, love, hope, and then a person achieves what he wants, receiving energy for this
  • Activates the ability of a person to independently and correctly manage his own destiny
  • It makes it possible to fulfill what "The Soul asked and realize the understanding that our strength is in truth"

On the FSC "ENERGY OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS" the polarization of the cosmic energy channel of the Goddess of Rule is registered.

  • The structuring of water or food with the help of FSC "ENERGY OF ACHIEVEMENTS" can be carried out at any time. Additional information: special time for energy practices, meditations, prayers with the help of this Corrector at 01:00
  • It is possible to fix the emotion of accomplishment energy in yourself in the following way: take the FSC in your right hand, tighten your neck a little and touch the right carotid artery with the FSC for 1 beat of your heart. Do the same with the left hand with the FSC and touch the left carotid
  • You can activate the energies of accomplishments by listening to or playing any musical instruments
  • The scarlet color and the carnelian crystal, together with the use of FSC, give the power of the Goddess of Rule
  • Creates a unique tandem with the FSC "THE TRIUMPH OF BEING", because when interacting these FSCs balance and harmonize the upper and lower energy centers (chakras), and also multiply the mutual positive effect
  • Recommended for both independent work and use with other previously released FSCs of different series, for example, "SUCCESS", "FORTUNA", "HAPPINESS", "PEACE", "GOLDEN SAND", FSC bracelet "MAGNAT"< /li>

The time of water structuring at the FSC "ENERGY OF ACHIEVEMENTS" is 6 hours.

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