Corrector Koltsov in the form of a bracelet "Amulet"

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Bracelet "Amulet" is aimed at protecting against negative energy intrusions, being in the "light" vibrational range, general healing of the body

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". FSC-Bracelets

The themes of the pendant "ENERGY OF LIFE" are written on the FSC bracelet "OBEREG": polarization of water from the upper reaches of the Bashkaus, Katun, rivers and springs at the foot of Mount Belukha (Kukuya, Ursul, Koksa, Holy Key, Golden Key), streams in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye (Achilman - a guarding stream, Kulerge - a blue stream); as well as general themes of the FSC of the Elite Series - "ENERGIES OF HEALTH", "TREASURE OF SPAIN", "ORLOV POLESIE".

  • It contributes to the rapid restoration of the biofield and helps to build a system to protect the user from negative energy intrusions, attempts at external manipulations and imposed third-party control of the personality's energy structure
  • Supports the energy background and harmonizes its fluctuations in the "light" vibrational range
  • Gives a surge of strength and clean energy, helps the unhindered passage of energy through all organs and systems, including the chakra
  • It is aimed at preserving and maintaining the functioning of the immune system, ensuring an adequate reaction and resistance of the body to the impact of various external and internal factors
  • Contributes to the prevention, healing of the body, is used in the complex therapy of a wide range of chronic diseases of various etiologies for more effective and faster healing of various systems and organs: musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, digestive, nervous, lymphatic, endocrine< /li>
  • Promotes the processes of tissue regeneration, healing of injuries, external rejuvenation of the skin
  • Creates and maintains a sense of security, personal security, blessed peace and inner harmony
  • It helps to speed up the processes of working with generic programs, working out karmic tasks and unraveling the "knots" of the past
  • Contributes to building protection against the effects of electromagnetic radiation from modern devices and gadgets
  • It can be an important part of a comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery program after injuries, operations, past diseases of a different nature: inflammatory, bacterial, viral (including after pneumonia, SARS, COVID-19, etc.)< /li>

  1. FSC bracelets can be worn on the wrist or around the ankles (depending on the type of bracelet) constantly or as needed, depending on the solution of certain tasks.
  2. Women are advised to wear the FSC bracelet on their left arm/right leg, and men on their right arm/left leg. FSC bracelets can be worn alternately on both arms/legs.
  3. It is allowed to wear different bracelets on different arms/legs at the same time in any combination. At the same time, it is recommended to monitor the body's reaction to the effect of the applied combination of FSC bracelets.
  4. It is recommended to remove bracelets at night (especially “FITNESS”).
  5. Using FSC bracelets, you can structure water and other liquids by placing a glass of water in a closed bracelet.

The time of water structuring on the FSC bracelet "OBEREG" is 4.5 hours.

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