Corrector Koltsov in the form of a bracelet "Power of Light"

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FSC-bracelet "Strength of Light" contributes to the diagnosis and destruction of the energy-information impact of different levels on people, objects, clothes and premises

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Producer: LLC "Planet of Regions". FSC-Bracelets

A biofield is what a person brings to the Universe, his lifestyle, emotions and feelings. From a scientific point of view, a biofield is understood as a set of physical rays, including electromagnetic radiation. Due to the influence of negative environmental factors, destructive thoughts and influences, it can be damaged, its structure is disturbed, an imbalance is observed. This can harm a person and start a chain of health problems and failures in all areas of life. You can protect yourself and loved ones from negativity with the help of the FSC bracelet "Power of Light" - a reliable shield against unauthorized intrusions into the human energy field. This is an opportunity to be free to make your own decisions and implement your life plan.

The themes of the following FSCs are written on the FSC bracelet for legs "Power of Light": No. 20 "Purification", No. 23 "Liberation", No. 24 "Insight", "Barbarian Key".

FSC bracelet "Power of Light" action:

  • Contributes to the diagnosis and destruction of the energy-information impact of different levels on people, objects, clothing and premises
  • Helps to eliminate the impact of various methods of withdrawing vital energy (directed impact of foreign persons and objects; actions and thoughts directed against oneself)
  • Aimed at the destruction of negative energy bindings and "anchors" of any origin
  • Contributes to the leveling of any unauthorized energy-informational influences, setting up a protective energy shell around the biofield
  • It has a mirror effect "point of return", aimed at returning to the original source of its negative impact, unfriendly thoughts
  • It has a general anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, contributes to the prevention and correction of various diseases of organs and systems
  • Contributes to strengthening and maintaining immunity, faster recovery from diseases and recovery from surgical interventions
  • Aimed at rejuvenation and reduction of biological age

FSC bracelet "Power of Light" is a guardian, friend and protector from any evil thoughts! With a bracelet, you will be confident in your desires, thoughts, actions and will be personally responsible for your life without any interference!

  1. FSC bracelets can be worn on the wrist or around the ankles (depending on the type of bracelet) constantly or as needed, depending on the solution of certain tasks.
  2. Women are advised to wear the FSC bracelet on their left arm/right leg, and men on their right arm/left leg. FSC bracelets can be worn alternately on both arms/legs.
  3. It is allowed to wear different bracelets on different arms/legs at the same time in any combination. At the same time, it is recommended to monitor the body's reaction to the effect of the applied combination of FSC bracelets.
  4. It is recommended to remove bracelets at night (especially “FITNESS”).
  5. Using FSC bracelets, you can structure water and other liquids by placing a glass of water in a closed bracelet.


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