Plates FSC Koltsov Company "Planet of Regions" answers to questions

1. How is the liquid charged?
- FSC creates a vortex electromagnetic field around itself in the form of nested tori. If the object crosses the border of any of the tori, then the processing from the FSC will take place. In the region up to 11 cm, there are quite a lot of active tori boundaries. Then less and less. There are exactly at the following distances: 22cm, 160cm, 800cm. Therefore, you can charge next to the FSC at the specified distances, or you can put the object on the FSC.

2. How long does the liquid take to charge?
- Guaranteed time for structuring liquid media is about 6 minutes, but often 1.5 minutes is enough

3. How to charge water for tea, coffee?
- Water that will boil is pointless to charge. It makes sense to process already brewed tea or coffee.

4. Does fluid temperature matter?
- This issue has not been specifically investigated.

5. Does the structure of charged cold water change when boiled?
- Some of the information may be lost when boiling.

6. Can soups, side dishes, vegetable salads, juices, fruits, meat and fish dishes be charged?
- Salads and fruits do not charge. Otherwise, you can just put it under the plate.

7. Where, on what parts of the body should the plate be located, how is it attached to the body and for how long?
- It is not recommended to wear FSC in the area of ​​the heart. Otherwise, on any part of the body. Fat burners are best worn in cloth pockets in the abdomen (on the mesenteric region, this is two fingers below the navel). You need to shoot at least at night, although many do not.

8. How far does the plate act?
- A very big one. The FSC reworks the Hartman grid within a radius of more than 150 meters, but it must be remembered that the spectrum of tori is discrete and at a large distance you can get between the boundaries of the force tori, then there may be no impact at all.

9. If the plate is in a plastic bag, does it have the same properties?
- Plastic has no noticeable effect. FSC also works through metal or fabric.

10. If FSC gets into water, will it go bad?
- These plates were bathed in the sea and in the washing machine. The FSC will work normally if the internal structure does not stick.

11. How long can the plate be used?
- Is there a break, and for how long? It is recommended to take it off at least at night so that the body adapts itself.

12..Does FSC have a direct effect on a person?
- Yes. FSC has a direct effect of electromagnetic waves in the form of a torus or tornado.

13. Is this the impact of the information plan?
- Informational in the sense of exposure to images, not amplitudes and frequencies, although the choice of the latter is important, especially the millimeter range.

14. How long does the recording of information on the water last?
- The recorded information is saved for several days accurately.

15. What is the daily amount of water recommended for a positive result?
- The recommended amount of water is approximately 30 ml per kg of body weight.

16. Are there any contraindications for using FSC? If there is, which ones?
- A contraindication is what is called individual intolerance, or dynamic incompatibility with the polarization of certain plants grown in the south.

17. Can the plate be applied directly to the body?
- It is possible, but it is better through the fabric, so as not to provoke allergic reactions.