Body milk - an innovative formula for preserving youth

Often, women, carefully caring for their skin, forget that the body needs the same gentle care. Only attention to your beauty and the right choice of body care products will help restore and maintain skin elasticity, promote rejuvenation, self-confidence and a great mood.

Moisturizing body milk restores the balance of moisture in the skin. Due to the unique formula based on natural ingredients, the product works on three levels of the skin. Keeps moisture inside and promotes microcirculation of moisture between cells.

Ingredients: Soybean oil (soy glycine), shea butter, passionflower (passion fruit) oil, vegetable glycerin, albizia lankaran (silk tree), cotton extract, almond seed extract, bisabolol.

Usage: Use in the morning and/or evening. After the cleansing procedure, apply a small amount of the product to the body. Spread over the surface with light massage movements. Ideal as an after-sun treatment.