"Resveratrol 100 VIDI" - "Excellent vision"

Ingredients: resveratrol - 90 mg, red wine extract 30% - 100 mg, zeaxanthin, lutein, taurine, chitosan, spinach extract.

The organs of vision are constantly working and in tension. We work at the computer, watch TV, read books. Add to the list the bright sun, ultraviolet radiation, glare on the waves, 3D movies ... It can be annoying when you can’t clearly see all the delights of a healthy and happy life, when it’s difficult to look at the world with wide eyes. Has it started to fail your eyesight? Do your eyes need protection, support and help?

Resveratrol 100 VIDI is your indispensable assistant:

  • Prevention of age-related pathology of the organs of vision;
  • Restoration of visual functions after illness;
  • Prevention of vision loss;
  • Protects eye tissues from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Prevention of cataract development, improves visual acuity and improves tolerance to bright light;
  • Prevents the development of hypertension, strengthens blood vessels, quickly relieves inflammation.

The 100% natural product protects the eyes from harsh UV rays, helps them relax in the busy pace of modern life, improves visual acuity and tolerance to bright light. Our medical experts recommend the use of the drug to prevent vision loss after diseases and age-related pathology of the organs of vision.

Boldly look into the future with a clear eye!

How to use Resveratrol correctly?

  • Take 1 capsule daily after meals with water.
  • Minimum course 4 months (2 vials).
  • Can be taken continuously.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, lactation, acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage.