Protetion №3 Healthy Liver

PROTETION No. 3 is a peptide complex that helps normalize the function of the liver and biliary tract.

Ingredients: glutathione, organ-specific peptide complex (glucamine, aspartic acid, leucine), standardized extracts: green tea, oats, blackcurrant, melon, celery, orange, soy lecithin, lipoic acid, vitamin B9, apple pectin, potassium sorbate .

Glutathione - determines the redox status of the intracellular environment, has a powerful antioxidant effect. Removes toxins, toxins, free radicals from the body. Restores other antioxidants. Peptide complex - starts the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation of liver and biliary tract cells, significantly prolonging the duration and activity of the life of the cells themselves. Improves metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Green tea extract - a source of catechins, vitamins: C, B1, B2, PP, K, amino acids and trace elements, has a hepatoprotective effect, prevents structural changes in tissues and organs, their growth.

Soy lecithin - protects the liver from the effects of preservatives, insecticides, toxins, drugs, hormones, etc. It is necessary for the formation and stabilization of the biological structure and regeneration of liver cell membranes.

Lipoic acid - protects the liver, restores the integrity of liver cells. Prevents fatty degeneration of the liver and removes excess fat from the liver. Reduces consumption of glutathione.

Oat extract is a source of amino acids and vitamins: B1, B2, B6, K, carotene. Contains: magnesium, potassium, chromium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, nickel, iodine, fluorine and zinc, sulfur. Helps cleanse the liver. It has anti-allergic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, and a slight laxative effect.

Blackcurrant extract - contains vitamins: C, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, K, P, A, D, pectins, carotenoids, phosphorus, iron and potassium salts. It has an auxiliary, anti-inflammatory effect. Helps dissolve stones in the gallbladder.

Melon extract - contains potassium, vitamins PP, B, C, carotene, phosphorus, copper, silicon, magnesium, calcium, organic acids, carbohydrates. Helps restore liver function, promotes the dissolution of gallstones.

Celery extract - contains proteins, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Provides stability to body cells and slows down the aging process. Reduces the deposition of fat in the liver..Orange extract - has a choleretic effect.

Vitamins B4, B9 - prevent fatty liver, help restore liver tissue damaged by toxic drugs, viruses, alcohol and drugs.

Apple pectin - stabilizes metabolism, lowers cholesterol in the body, improves peripheral circulation. It cleanses the body of harmful substances without disturbing the bacteriological balance of the body.

PROTETION Action #3:

  • Helps restore the functioning of the liver and biliary tract, increases the production of bile and prevents its stagnation in biliary dyskinesia, helps dissolve stones in the gallbladder;
  • Has a hepatoprotective property;
  • It has anti-allergic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, mild laxative effect;
  • Normalizes bilirubin metabolism and cholesterol levels in the body.

How to use: 2-3 pressures under the tongue, 2 times a day 30-40 minutes before meals. Dissolve 1-2 minutes. Do not drink!

Shake the bottle before each use.

Duration of admission: 7 - 8 weeks.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, lactation, acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage.

Store in a place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature of 0 + 8°C.