Recommendations for the use of Koltsov's FSC plates

Each person who cares about his health and the well-being of loved ones, who wants to prolong youth and active years of his life for a long time can use Koltsov's FSC!

As practice shows, not all people who bought FSC clearly understand how to use them. Therefore, let us dwell on this point in more detail.

Drinking structured water

The structuring of drinking water is perhaps the main way to use FSC. It is recommended to structure literally everything that you put in your mouth on the FSC: drinks, food (and not only liquid, foods that we consider solid contain some moisture), medicines, rinses, and so on. You can simply put a glass, a cup, a decanter on the FSC, and then pour water into it, you can stir it with a spoon, shake it additionally, lightly tap on the edge of the glass. Mechanical shaking helps water associates rearrange themselves in accordance with the new predetermined order. The material and volume of dishes do not matter. You can additionally hold the dishes with water on the corrector for 3-5 minutes. If the water is already poured, just put it on the corrector and keep it on for several minutes, you can lightly knock - mechanical shaking helps to rebuild the water associates. A larger volume is desirable to hold longer. The longer the water stays on the FSC, the deeper the structuring, if possible, leave the carafe with drinking water standing on the FSC all night. Yes, water is structured instantly, but at the same time, the longer water stays on the corrector, the more low-frequency components of the spectrum it perceives, hence the recommendation to hold it.

The recommended daily water intake is 30 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. Gradually, you need to reach this volume. "Tea, coffee and other colonial goods" are more likely to cause subsequent dehydration. They even say this: they drank a cup of coffee - at least they should drink the same amount of pure water in addition to the daily norm. Drink structured water with the whole family, give to pets.

FSC action is localized to the nearest volume of liquid. Structuring occurs only in the vessel that is placed on the FSC, the vessels standing next to it are not structured..If the functional state corrector is placed in the middle between several vessels with liquid, then everything is structured, but for a longer time, approximately 5 minutes per glass or 25 minutes per liter can be calculated. Open the lids on containers of water that you are structuring. When using Collection FSCs, see the description for the water structuring time.

Boiling and freezing erase information in water. The microwave is killing everything. That is, if you use hot water, tea, etc. structure the already heated water, the FSC body can withstand 100 degrees, you can safely put a teapot on the FSC. There is no "top" and "bottom" of the FSC, both surfaces are equal. To preserve the appearance, I put the FSCs in small plastic bags.

If you use a microwave, place the FSC on top of the oven body, the food will remain alive.

Just defrosted water has a valuable energy characteristic - a negative redox potential, but it is informationally insane. The defrosting of water on the FSC has a very good effect: defrosting gives the body the necessary negative ORP, the FSC imposes its own positive information. Let the defrosted water warm up to room temperature.

Water procedures with FSC

As you know, our body also absorbs water through the skin. It is very good to cleanse the energy of the body, take a shower or bath with structured water. With the help of a rubber band, you can conveniently temporarily fix the FSC on a shower hose, on a pipe or on a faucet, all passing water will be structured, the material of the pipe does not matter. This procedure effectively brings down the temperature and discomfort with flu and colds, repeat after 2 hours during the day.

If water gets on the FSC, just wipe it with a towel. If there is a fear that water could get inside the case, then it is better to open the case - the outer plastic case opens easily, and pour out the water that got inside, dry the inner FSC plate. The FSC functions until the inner plate is physically destroyed. It can become unstuck when wet, so do not put the FSC device in water, check the pockets of your clothes before washing and do not swim with the plate..The plate cannot be demagnetized, over the 10 years that have passed since the creation of the first prototypes, not a single case of loss of FSC performance has been recorded, but it is still necessary to protect it from mechanical destruction.

Contact use of proofreaders

The action of all functional state correctors is localized in the area of ​​the body next to which they are located. Put the FSC on a problematic place, you can make a pocket of fabric, so that it would be convenient to wear it on the part of the body that you want to influence. Contact use is effective for pain relief (No. 2), for injuries - sprains and fractures (fasten No. 7 or whatever is at hand over the bandage), when working with problematic organs.

It is possible to fix the FSC overnight on the area of ​​the liver (No. 5), on the area of ​​the kidneys (1 and 2 alternately), etc. In case of prolapse of the internal organs, fix the FSC No. 7 just above the projection of the problem organ to restore the ligaments. When working with organs, it is recommended to take into account the daily cycle of meridian activity - to influence the organ during its maximum activity. Additionally, you can act during the period of least activity in order to additionally support the problem organ.

If there is such an opportunity, then when working with organs, it is better to alternate correctors every 10-15 minutes, for example, on the liver 1-2-5-1-2-, on the kidneys it is the same - shift 1 and 2, constantly change them places. The body "gets used" to the information impact, such work will be more efficient.

IT IS STRICTLY UNACCEPTABLE TO USE FSC ON THE BODY IN THE AREA OF THE HEART FOR PATIENTS IN WHICH IMPLANTED A PACEMAKER - FSC discharges the battery. If there are several FSCs on the body, each works on the area on which it lies. If this is some kind of problem affecting a significant area of ​​​​the skin, then use a structured cream or wrap.


The method was proposed at the second medical conference by the doctor of rehabilitation medicine Marasanova Irina Vasilyevna, she organized a sanatorium for weakened people and the disabled, she treated patients with wrapping who could simply not withstand pharmaceutical treatment.

Water wraps have been known since ancient times, relatively recently (in the second half of the 17th century) this technique was revived in Europe by the German priest Sebastian Kneipp..He developed and successfully applied a whole system of hydrotherapy, which included many procedures. For example, this is how S. Kneipp recommended doing eye baths. Immerse your face in cold water and open your eyes for 15 seconds. Repeat how many times.

He applied wraps, compresses - on the back, on the torso, on the stomach. Foot baths - especially for paralysis. Half-baths, baths for individual parts of the body, up to head and eye baths! If it was cold baths - then for 1 - 4 minutes. Warm - 15 minutes. For body wraps, Kneipp used a blanket soaked in water, covered the patient with a blanket over it, and kept it for 45 minutes.

Obviously, in those days, hydrotherapy centers were located at springs, and living water, which had natural positive information, was used. Irina Vasilyevna started using body wraps even before the appearance of FSC, and therefore she confidently and reasonably asserted that with FSC, the duration of procedures can be halved with the same effect.

A basin, a small container is placed on the FSC, cool water is poured into it. Natural fabric is soaked in this water and then the wet fabric is applied to the desired area of ​​the body, the compress is covered from above with a woolen blanket or blanket. No cellophane! Procedure time 20-25 minutes. The use of one or another FSC number depends on the problem. If you don't know, use number 2 - you won't go wrong. Or alternate - one procedure using FSC No. 1, following with No. 2. For inflammatory processes - one. For joints, you can use No. 7.

For bedridden patients, do rubbing with FSC-structured water. This will help to avoid the formation of bedsores, support energy.

Cleaning the premises, harmonizing the atmosphere

One of the simplest methods for cleaning rooms is to put the FSC on the electrical panel, above the supply wire, if this is not possible, then fix it on the outlet. For these purposes
fit FSC No. 1 and 2, "Love", "Harmony", 9 (it has channels of Divine love), 14, 16.

Put the FSC on the electrical panel, open all the doors, all the wall cabinets and turn on the lights everywhere for half an hour. Purification and harmonization will occur through a change in the polarization of light. If there is such an opportunity, do it with FSC No. 2 the first evening, and with No. 1 the next..The principle is clear: first cleaning, then harmonization, you can use 16 for cleaning, it works harder, for harmonization - "Love", "Harmony", 9. Additionally, the FSC on the counter protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. If you put a lilac FSC on the counter, you can open the channel by saying a suitable affirmation, so the channel will work when you turn on the light. Affirmation can be not only about protection or harmonization, but also about healing, rejuvenation, spiritual growth of all the inhabitants of the house. V. Koltsov recommends keeping a golden FSC on the electrical panel.

This is the method of cleaning the room given by Zaporozhets Marina Alexandrovna: Put the FSC No. 16 on the electrical panel, turn on the lights everywhere, activate the program “thank you for the cleared space”, “thank you for the protection during the cleaning procedure”, this action is carried out for 20 minutes. The next 20 minutes are the consecration of the room - filling it with positive programs, say 3-4 affirmations according to the example: “Thank you for filling the room with Divine Love \ Divine power \ Divine light \ Harmony. Consecrate the room for good, love, health, well-being. Use "high categories", the rest will follow.

Vladimir Grigoryevich Bozhko's method: Light a church candle, put it on FSC No. 16. Give thanks for opening the channels for cleaning the house. Look at the fire, at the halo. Mentally enlarge the halo to the size of an apartment. This plasma ball cleans the apartment. You read “Our Father” three times, then the following prayer seven times: “God’s Fire, burn and destroy in my house, in me, in my husband, in my children (list all those who live in your apartment) all black, evil, sick energy, and transform it into happiness, health, kindness and love. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Another method of space harmonization: charge water on the FSC and spray the room with a spray bottle. Go around the room clockwise. In the same way: first cleaning, then harmonization. You can structure the water that is used for mopping, wet cleaning.

When conducting lectures, when working behind the counter, you can put a 16 corrector in such a way that the narrow end is directed to the hall / to the visitors. People who came to play pranks will just get up and leave..

Violent neighbors - direct FSC No. 16 with a narrow end in the right direction. There is a recommendation to attach FSC No. 2 to a water heating battery, a 16-storey building calmed down in a week.

Use of FSC with physiotherapy devices

All existing physiotherapy devices ignore the influence of external fields, work according to the principle: "let's influence some physical factor, and then we will look there or not there." Physiotherapy introduces a certain energy effect into the body without setting the direction of the effect - for good or for bad. It's good that when you get a shake-up, the body's self-regulation systems more often work "for". Any FSC gives any physiotherapeutic effect a “for” direction.

Functional State Correctors are recommended to be used in conjunction with all therapeutic devices. Attach or hold the FSC near the emitter of the laser therapy device. Use together with devices "Deta", "Denas". Put the FSC on the device, the effect will become more effective. Works well in conjunction with a laser - attach the FSC to the emitting head, if this is not possible - to the wire suitable for it. Connecting physiotherapy with FSC significantly accelerates the healing of fractures.

On the contrary, if you are undergoing computer diagnostics, remove the FSC away from the body and away from the diagnostic device. You can get corrupted data.