Lotion "OXYoko" - an innovative product based on chlorophyll

More than 80% of all information about the world around us we receive with the help of the organs of vision. No other sense organ is under as much stress as the eyes, and in most cases this happens not only during the performance of professional duties, but also in free time, when using a smartphone and when watching TV.

In our computerized world, the state of vision, the load on the eyes and the general well-being and performance associated with them, as well as the responsibility for maintaining one's health, is one of the most relevant topics.

The constant use of computers and smartphones, prolonged and intense visual work often lead to problems not only with vision, but also with the condition of the skin around the eyes - a delicate area that needs special care. There is practically no subcutaneous fat under the skin of the eyelids, the upper layer of the dermis is very thin and sensitive to irritation, so an overly aggressive composition of cosmetic preparations can lead to allergies or inflammation. And the choice of a suitable product for the care of the area around the eyes should be approached as carefully as possible.

Is it possible to effectively moisturize the skin around the eyes, improve the process of skin regeneration, relieve the feeling of heaviness and tension in the eyes with the help of cosmetics? Yes it is possible! The Planet of Regions company offers OXYoko Lotion for impregnation of napkins..

Lotion "OXYoko" is designed to care for the area around the eyes:

  • An excellent prophylactic and hygienic treatment for eyelid skin
  • Soothes, moisturizes the skin around the eyes, including the mobile eyelid, relieves the feeling of heaviness after intense makeup
  • It has an antibacterial effect in inflammatory processes of the organs of vision
  • Relieves eye fatigue
  • Improves skin regeneration processes in the eyelid area, as well as in the area of ​​mimic wrinkles
  • Gives freshness, helps to restore blood microcirculation in the vessels of the eyeball and eyelid skin
  • Reduces eye strain after computer work and prolonged eye strain while driving, using gadgets and watching TV
  • Reduces tearing and pain in the eyes under adverse weather conditions, including in autumn and winter, from dust
  • Provides support for vision functions in age-related farsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts and other ophthalmic diseases
  • Suitable for regular use by both women and men
  • The main active ingredient of OXYOKO lotion is water-soluble active chlorophyll. It is an extract of chlorophyll obtained from alfalfa. The active water-soluble substance has the properties of a natural antibiotic, i.e. inhibits the growth of any infections and bacteria. It is used as an adjunct in the treatment of various eye diseases. Cleans blood vessels and capillaries from toxins.

Ingredients: purified water, bisabolol, water-soluble jojoba oil, green tea extract, chlorophyll, glutathione, potassium sorbate, aromatic composition.

How to use: after washing, close your eyes and evenly spray the spray on the eye area, including the moving eyelid. Or soak a cotton pad with lotion and apply to closed eyes. Hold for 20-30 minutes, during which time the excess lotion will be absorbed into the skin. Apply strictly at night.

Cosmetics line "OXYchlorophyll" - turn back the clock!