Reviews of CFS users from different countries

Functional state correctors are known and in demand not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in countries near and far abroad. Reviews of consumers using the unique products of the Planet of Regions Company are sincere stories of gaining health, filled with positive emotions and words of gratitude.

Clare, France

“The results are really wonderful! I have been using FSC for only 3 months, during which time 4 knots in the chest area have almost disappeared, I am full of energy again, sleep well and start eating well! Against the background of visible positive results, the psychological state has stabilized, I can safely call this state a kind of rebirth. Many thanks to Mr. Koltsov for his great invention! I start talking about FSC to my family and my friends.”

Christophe, France

“I appreciated the soft work of the Correctors, especially FSC #1 and #2, which I always wear with me, alternating them during the day. I was surprised how quickly FSC №2 relieves pain. FSCs of the “golden” series (I purchased FSCs No. 18, 22 and 23) require serious work with the conscious and subconscious. I use FSC #22 all the time when working with my patients. I am very pleased that I purchased these amazing devices.”

Clare, France

“Last July, I was scheduled for a biopsy and medical examination because I had fluid in my lungs. After these examinations, I was in severe pain. The fluid solidified and knots formed, despite this, I made the decision not to return to the clinic for treatment again, as it was very difficult for me, and I knew that the results would be temporary. Therefore, I decided to look for other, non-traditional methods of treatment. It was then that fate brought me together with the Proofreaders of Mr. Koltsov. I originally purchased FSC №1,
No. 2 and "DANILOVO LAKE", used them for 3 months. Then I added three other Correctors to them - No. 5, No. 20 and AMARANTH to restore immunity and cellular regeneration. Initially, I felt unbearable pain, such that no medicine could relieve it. I am very tired of this state and can hardly stand on my feet. Proofreaders acted progressively. The pain gradually decreased, the nodes began to slowly shrink. After the work of the FSC, they are almost invisible. The plates worked very deep. Today I feel great, my appetite has recovered and my sleep has returned to normal..I am full of vitality and in great shape! The correctors relieved my pain and gave me the opportunity to start a truly new life. I really want to share these results and my experience with the Correctors with others and eventually become a therapist to relieve the pain of others.”

Paoulette, France

“My son injured his right arm in the area of ​​the elbow and hand during a physical education lesson at school, having made an unsuccessful gymnastic trick. I called our osteopath, but the next appointment was offered only after 3 months! It was very long! Since I bought several FSCs for myself, I decided to try them out on my own. I applied FSC #2 to my son's elbow to initially relieve the pain during the day. Next, I made a bandage and attached the Corrector to my arm so that it would work all night. The next day, the son reported that the pain had decreased, but was still in the area of ​​the fingers, which he had difficulty moving. On Sunday my son was at home, and we decided to try to work with FSC №20 of the "golden" series. This Corrector has greatly relieved the pain in the fingers. Then we continued treatment with FSC No. 16 throughout the evening. In the end, the work with hand injuries lasted 5 nights and a full day. A week later, the son returned without any problems to the physical education lesson and even to the gym to continue his training. I can safely say that Correctors are real healers! Thanks to Mr. Koltsov and his team!”

Key, 53, France

“With the help of organic massage oil structured on FSC “AMARANT”, we cured red spots on the arm of my 72-year-old neighbor in just 3 sessions. After hormonal and radiation therapy, round red spots appeared on the hands of my neighbor. The dermatologist said that they are age-related, and prescribed an ointment, the use of which did not give any effect. After the neighbor showed me his hands, I suggested that he try to remove the stains with oil structured on FSC “AMARANT”. The neighbor agreed, and we decided to start work from the right hand. A few days later, a neighbor showed me his hand, the skin on it smoothed out, there was not a trace of stains left. Then he did the same procedure with his left hand. The actions of the neighbor were as follows: before going to bed, he actively rubbed the oil over the entire surface of his hands and put FSC No. 2 at night, moving it every night to one hand, then to the other..The results surprised us greatly, because in just 3 sessions (3 days) the neighbor's hands completely healed and got rid of red spots. One addition: before starting to work with oil, my neighbor actively worked for about two weeks with two Correctors - No. 1 and No. 2.
Thanks from the neighbor to Mr. Koltsov and his team for these fantastic inventions.

Carmen, 83, France

“I have been using FSC No. 2 for only 3 days and I already feel an improvement in my condition! During the day the Corrector is with me everywhere, and last night I decided to put it under my pillow. It's a miracle! I slept like a baby! After 2 weeks of using FSC No. 2: mental clarity has improved, which allows me to better understand my reaction to some actions of others and make the right decisions in unforeseen situations. I also have a very good result in FSC #10. I have suffered from back pain for many years. After pumping the spine with FSC #10 and FSC #2, the pain subsided almost immediately. I repeated this pumping for 2 days in the morning and in the evening, and the pain was completely gone! I'm very happy as I didn't have to use my usual pain pills. I also still work with FSC #2 and #1.”

Jean-Marc, 58, France

“At the time I got the Correctors, I had a constant aching pain in my stomach. From the very beginning of using FSC No. 1 and No. 2, I saw the effectiveness of their work, the pain in the abdomen gradually decreased, but in its place a kind of knot began to be felt. I continued to drink water and wear Correctors. The knot gradually relaxed over the next 15 days and ended in a process of severe diarrhea. I felt a great release with the release of these toxins that had accumulated in my body for many years. As a result, my stomach shrunk, I lost 1.5 kg in weight, I have eaten less since then, and I also had small kidney stones 3 times in a row. There was a very important process of releasing mucus from the throat. Thanks to the Correctors, I have become less sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, internally much more calm to stressful situations, my sleep quality has improved and now I wake up in great shape. Many thanks to the Russian scientists and Mr. Koltsov!”

Gwendoline, France

“I have suffered from insomnia since childhood, now I am 55 years old, all these years I have been looking for a natural, effective solution to this problem. I heard about FSC from friends and decided to try this device in action..The pendulum showed that FSC No. 8 would suit me, which I purchased. I am very pleased with the results, now every night I put it under my pillow to sleep peacefully, it is so nice! Thank you for a wonderful invention!”

Jean-Marc, France

“For many years, before going to bed, and especially at night, I had a constant aching pain in my right leg, which then went to the heel. The pain in the heel was so strong that it can be compared with pain during sciatica, it was incredibly painful for me to stand on my foot and especially on my heel. Something had to be done to somehow alleviate the situation. Intuitively, I decided that FSC №21 could help me. Having received the Corrector, I opened the channels and immediately put the FSC under my right leg, for about ten minutes. This action was carried out for two days in a row, until he noted that the tension and pain in the heel and in the whole leg completely disappeared. Brilliant, since then the pain has not returned! Every year this pain continued for several months with more or less intensity and gave me a lot of trouble. Excellent result! Thanks to Russian scientists!”

Sergey, 8 years old, Kazakhstan

He often experienced pain in the area of ​​​​appendicitis and prolonged headaches, sometimes blood flowed from the nose, it happened that the child lost consciousness. As a result of diagnostics in the clinic, parasites - worms were detected. After using FSC No. 1 and No. 2 (they gave the boy water to drink and wore it on himself), literally in a week the body was cleared of parasites. The child has gone through all the pain, feels completely healthy.

Natalia, 56, Russia

For 15 years was diagnosed with psoriasis. Diagnostics (aurogram) showed: pumping out of energy, a breakdown in the biofield along the third chakra, the liver, gallbladder and intestines work with overload. It was recommended to use FSC No. 23 and No. 1, 2, 5 according to the following method: structure the children's cream on FSC No. 2 for one hour and lubricate the lesions; take baths at FSC №2; on an empty stomach drink water structured on FSC No. 2 - 200 ml; up to 4 p.m. apply FSC No. 1 (drink water and wear on yourself); after 16:00 – FSC №2; at 23:00 - after drinking water structured on FSC No. 5, apply the Corrector on the right hypochondrium (for 10 minutes, gradually adding 5 minutes every week).

After two weeks, pustules appeared on the skin, a cream structured on FSC No. 2 and applying a towel soaked in structured water helped with severe itching..Then everything went away, the skin began to restore its original appearance. The children and all the friends were surprised, many could not even believe their own eyes, they became interested in how FSCs work.

Ivan, 75, Ukraine

In 2014, the left kidney was removed. After the operation, the man complained of pain in the chest, lungs, intestines, constant weakness, lack of appetite. I walked with difficulty, mostly lying down.

We started working with FSC with prone pumps. Used: FSC №1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 15.

Then we made a sitting house from FSC "blue" series; standing house from FSC No. 10, 15 and 21; a path from "blue" FSCs. Every day I drank 1.5 liters of water, structured on the FSC "HIDDEN LAKE" and "DANILOVO LAKE".

After 4 days, the man began to walk easily. A clear improvement became visible after a week of such intensive work: he performed the exercises very cheerfully, his appetite improved, he began to take care of himself (hygienic procedures).

A month later: he eats well, reads books, goes for walks on his own, does physical exercises. The dose of chemotherapy was reduced (before starting work with FSC, he underwent three cycles of chemotherapy). Increased consumption of structured water up to 2 liters. The man remarked with optimism: “Our health depends on our thoughts and our words!”.