The world around us is changing, and the company is changing along with it, improving, developing and implementing today the technologies of the future, which is why the products offered are ahead of time in their relevance, always arouse great interest, increase respect and help

In 2008, everyone started with the first major CFSs "blue" series. New great rіven correctors of functional state of different series is being produced:

  • "blue" "basic", "green" "places of power", "lilac" "cosmic energy", "gold" "cosmic theurgy" Maya"
  • exclusive, collectible, elite
  • fc-bracelets
  • phone protection

These small additions - the functional camp of buyers - may be true respect and absolute trust of users all over the world since 2008

An endless number of positive results in human improvement, studies of doctors and specialists in the field of health and ealthy lifestyle clearly show and continue to confirm daily the effectiveness, indispensability, importance of CFS for everyone ho mental and spiritual health And number of such people growing exponentially from year to year

The banning of all people to our infamous addition is inexcusable, without high good deeds in parts of our loving souls and hearts, active actions and deeds

It is quite natural that a huge number of people in the world understand and realized this fact and therefore, having "Koltsov plates" for personal use is not luxury, no whim, but a necesty and an urgent need of a human. A lot of koristuvachіv can create impresive personal collections of CFS for rocks, that's why diversity, їх corrector є effectively unique and cannot be replaced

In 2015, the company was created by CFS with 5 elements! It was an incredible breakthrough! Thanks to the fifth element, the power of the energy impact of the new generation FSC has increased 64 times compared to the FSC with 4 elements

Legitimate trival term obstezhennia and farbuvannya robot for robots VKoltsov, see the results of practical application, like a good, like a great deal, to secure and create a great product for you in the quest for something new, naturally led to the creation and vikonannya of functional articles correctors with 8 elements!

New to structuring liquid media, to achieve a splash effect, so 20 times less time! The new format "FSC with 8 elements", the most advanced technologies for improving the efficiency of the effect and increasing the flexibility of subscribers

However, the CFS victorious methods are becoming obsolete - structural drivers, energy vantage transportation, services and show business, structural products for outdoor victoria, etc.

New grandiose project "fc 8 elements" є forgive the future!

FSC with 8 elements in your hands will help to grow our world more soft, successful, clean, healthy, loving, beautiful and harmonious!

The persha 8-element "swallows" - proofreaders of elite series "New Time" and "Awakening of the Soul"

Such a stench was created at the hour of the company's authentication - Gruden 9-25, 2021 and will be, as always, in the edition

Create the best, strive for the new, improve for the good!