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Salvator is your step towards inner harmony, balance and perfection. It releases the enormous potential of the human brain, which is inherent in it by evolution. Salvator helps the mind to form the desired informational characteristics of natural objects.

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This is a new way of developing the creative (cognitive) capabilities of the human brain, fine-tuning the consciousness and the human body with the help of a special technology implemented through strategies for the perception of symbolic information and mental activity.

SALVATOR is a symbiosis of science, art and philosophical thought, an artifact of optimizing your individual reality. This is a new dimension of the evolutionary doctrine of the development of human consciousness and the regulation of life processes through the molecular biology of the brain responsible for memory and neural activity.

The SALVATOR Artifact is a physical object containing the Core and made of a special metal that is in contact with the user's body and consciousness. In the process of implementing the technology through the Syntactic Protocol SALVATOR, the user performs a “reset” on the given object of destructive programs for interpreting reality that come from outside, or initiated by the user himself.

The symbolism of the SALVATOR Artifact Form is borrowed from the imperial attribute of power and the image of celestial signs of K.G. Jung.

SALVATOR turns a person to the most powerful images of the Ocean, the Biosphere and Cosmic phenomena, transforming them into intellectual counterparts, Knowledge Images. These Knowledge Images unite the processes of the cognitive (creative) consciousness of a person into the Ocean - Man - Universe connection, directing a person to a new orbit of his possibilities.

SALVATOR is beyond physics and chemistry, because it is based on the properties of human consciousness as the highest function of the human brain, directly related to speech and having the ability to creatively model reality. SALVATOR carries only the energy of Meaning and your Consciousness.

SALVATOR stimulates and organizes constant self-renewal, metabolism, energy and information in the human body and in the space and time surrounding it. SALVATOR gives your life the precision and harmony of the slender movements of heavenly bodies and ocean currents..

What does SALVATOR do

  • Performs a positive adjustment of the central nervous system through the fundamental properties of language as a natural object built into our brain by evolution;
  • It forms images in the mind that stimulate the memory of the body and optimize the perception of the memory of the environment and the noosphere by a person;
  • Refers to man to the colossal experience of various ways of exchanging energy with the environment and combating the entropy of billions of living beings that precede man in the evolutionary development of the Biosphere;
  • Releases human consciousness from destructive reality interpretation programs generated by uncertainty (entropy);
  • Expands the boundaries of human consciousness and its possibilities in the psychophysical interpretation of the picture of the world;
  • Helps the human mind to form special informational properties of phenomena and objects that accompany life;
  • Develops the user's cognitive logic and "the mechanism of advancing reality formation";
  • Promotes optimal human interaction with planetary and cosmic phenomena;
  • Forms "quick thinking", stimulating the adoption of the right decisions;
  • At the expense of auxiliary means, it enhances the electrophysiological activity of the brain;
  • Optimizes the integration and interaction of human consciousness with its biological system.

SALVATOR forms for a person special semantic quanta of stability at all levels of his individual consciousness and biological system.

The information strategy of SALVATOR lies in non-violence against human thought. In SALVATOR, each user realizes himself in his own way, adequate to his nature, with the help of universal algorithms and symbols.

SALVATOR consists of text messages called: SALVATOR Syntax Protocol and a special physical object called: SALVATOR Artifact.

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