In the first year, we may trust your respect CFS with 8 elements Elite series

  • New Time
  • Soul Awakening

FSC with 8 elements - the result of follow-up and the results of many practical application of functional state correctors, as a good thing, as a great stability to perfection and creation of a better product for you in productivity for some new ones!


In the new FSC format with 8 elements, modern technologies will be victorious to increase the efficiency of the game and increase the productivity of the core.

cfs "new time"

The creation of new energies for balance and synchronization, the acquisition of opportunities for new updates, patronizes family well-being.

Polarization of the water in the jarі Great Martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, sho raztashovaniya in the forest between Lakes Muzha and Zaverduzhye, near the village Syabero, Voloshovsky jurisprudence (Luga district, Leningrad region) in the region.

Water structuring time - 15 minutes.


It helps to return to the real world of live human communication, fills you with energy of optimism, joy, happiness without internal state of anxiety.

The polarization of water of the healing spring from the cave of God's Mountain near the village of. Velyki Berezhtsі (Kremenets region, Ternopil region, Ukraine).

Water structuring time - 15 minutes.

FSC with 8 elements "New Hour" and "Turn to the Soul" are significant and significant in our different time of high speed and richness of life processes, so they will play an important role in order to take care of:

  • tune in to feeling of stability, confidence, understanding what is the path, how important are the processes of life, and not the end of the journey of soul
  • to Open numeros opportunities to new ways, directions of movement, see meaning in life
  • Change national anxiety, confusion, anxiety and uncertainty of situations, events, pass any life tests with positive mood
  • forever to the real world of living human communication, in which the skin can be tim, which is established, accepted, by the underground background
  • turn on high frequencies (kindness, selflessness, love, morality, spiritual purity)

FSC with 8 elements "New Hour" and "Turn to Soul" blocked:

  • Exclusively chest pull 12/9-25/2021
  • Only 1000 pieces of each item!