November 4, 2021 - November 18, 2021

A unique tandem of 2 new elite CFS series: "Heavenly Intercession" and "Renaissance".

FSC "Invisible Interest" gives you the opportunity to lift the high tension, reinforce your individuality, protect the appearance of people. At FSC "Nevіdomy Intercession", the polarization of the shrine of the Great Mother God's foot, oldest shrine of Pochaev Lavra (Ternopil region, Ukraine), registered. Water structuring time - 8 hours.

FSC "Renaissance" is responsible for the development of important individual work, the achievement of projects, the advent of spiritual harmony and true faith. water polarization of Mikhail Klopsky's spring (Staroye Rakomo, Novgorod region) registered at the Renaissance CFS. Water structuring time - 6 hours.

FSC "Nevidomy Interes" and "Renaissance" create a unique tandem with others and є perfect for those who want:

  • improve your physical health
  • to create space for success, to increase the level of illumination in the course of professional practice, to relieve and unravel great tensions
  • establish family relationships and establish contact between different generations
  • visiting the best solutions in life's diet
  • find an opportunity to increase material costs
  • fill your soul and thoughts with crystal purity and blessed silence

Only 1,000 pieces of each item are worn and inclusive during the rental period, the stench will not be prepared by holding the rest.